Schuylkill Navy Regatta

  • Hosted By: Schuylkill Navy of Philadelphia
  • 2021 Registered Regatta


Traffic Pattern: 

For Crews Launching from Gillin Boat Club, Canoe Club, City Dock: 

  • Launching: All boats will proceed upriver thru the bridge, then turn just above the bridge and cross straight to the west side between races, without interfering in a race in progress or about to start. They will then proceed upriver to the marshalling area above the 2000-meter start.
  • Recovery: All boats will return on the west side to above Peter’s Island, then at the direction of the marshal cross to the east side without interfering in a race in progress. From there they must return single file. Staying  close to the east wall and well clear of lane 1.

For Crews Launching from Boathouse Row:

  • Observe standard Schuylkill Navy traffic patterns going upriver along west shore
    • Stay to west shore past the 2000 meter starting line
    • Do not cross the racecourse at any point for any reason
    • Upon arriving at the 2000 meter start the start marshals will direct you upriver to the warm-up area
  • After completing your race, row well beyond the finish line to below Columbia Bridge and proceed to Boathouse Row keeping to the east or port shore.