39th Memorial Murphy Cup Regatta

  • Hosted By: Temple University Rowing


  • GPS Directions - Temple Boathouse, 2400 Kelly Drive, Philadelphia PA 19131
  • Kelly Drive will be limited to regattta traffic only - printed parking passes will be required for access.  
  • Kelly Drive will be one-way traffic - southbound - for the duration of the regatta
  • Entry to Kelly Drive: Take I-76 to the Kelly Drive Exit (Exit 340A) - follow signs for Kelly Drive - the ramp will spiral down in a counter clockwise direction and merge you onto Kelly Drive. Continue approximately 1.5 miles to the regatta entrance barricades. Stay in the right lane for access.  
  • Parking passes will be available online [link to be posted race week] - to print. 
  • Do not park on the grass - tickets will be issued.
  • Do not move cones or park in areas restricted for officials, staff or handicapped vehicles.
  • Absolutely no spectator parking will be allowed in the main trailer parking lot.
  • Additional parking is located up in Fairmount Park and along the river. 
  • There will be a marked drop zone located outside the trailer lot on Saturday morning to unload - vehicles may not be left unattended.


Spectator & team tents may be put up along the river, downstream from the trailer parking lot. No tents may be erected inside the trailer parking lot as they cannot be staked down.

There will be a marked DROP ZONE located outside the trailer lot on Saturday morning to unload. Vehicles may not be left unattended.