British Columbia Mid-Summer Regatta at Burnaby

  • Jul 24, 2021 To Jul 25, 2021
  • sprint
  • Burnaby Lake
  • Burnaby, BC (CAN)
  • Hosted By: University of British Columbia
  • Sanctioned by RCA and Rowing BC (2021)

General Instructions:

There will be no weighing of coxes, rowers or boats. We are trusting in you and your coaches to tell the truth. Please tell the regatta results team ONLY if you are not in the correct weight category. It will not affect your placement in the time trial, or the finals.

Before you take your boat to control, check that your bow ball is firmly affixed to the boat and that your heel tie restraints do not allow the heel of your show to lift more than 7 cm. If your boat does not comply with this when it is checked, you may have to go to the back of the line before we will check it again.

You must have a functional bow number clip firmly affixed to the boat.

Bring your boats bow first down the concrete ramp through control.

If someone is helping your bring oars or boats, they should exit the dock using the west side dock back to the parking lot.

Do not cross the finish line on your way to the start while competitors are finishing (i.e. when they are within 50 metres of the finish line).

On the way to the start for either the time trial or the finals, do not cross into oncoming lanes 1 through 6 as this is unsafe and a course violation.

After your race, return to the dock and then carry your boat down the west side of the boat house back to the parking lot. Do not go up the ramp against traffic.


For the time trials:

At control commission: for the time trial, write your bow number on your wrist and give the people at control that number when you get your bow balls and heel restraints checked. The control people will confirm your name and club.

All boats should be launched before the start of the time trials.

While rowing to the start, keep in lane 7, to the north of the 6 racing lanes.

Warming up prior to the time trial can be done in lane 7 if rowing eastbound towards the start 6 or rowing westbound towards the finish in lane 5. Lane 6 is a dead lane for safety.

10 minutes prior to the start of the time trial, boats are to be lined up in boat number order at the start you will be directed by a marshal at the final stages prior to your race.

The lane assignments for the time trial will be in Lane 2 for even numbered boats, and Lane 3 for odd numbered boats.

The directions you should hear will be boat number X, on the paddle followed by boat number X: approaching and finallyon indicating that timing has begun.

While rowing in the time trial, If you are going to be passed you are obliged to move away from the centre of the course into the next lane so that the faster competitor can row through. You may stay in that lane, or return to your original lane.

  • an even numbered boat in lane 2 that needs to move out of the way will move to lane 1
  • an odd numbered boat in lane 3 that needs to move out of the way will move to lane 4.

If you flip your boat during the time trial, stay with your boat and do your best to move away from the centre of the course. Call out to any approaching crews to let them know you are there. The safety boat will attend to you as quickly as possible.

At the end of your time trial, there will not be a horn: an individual on the dock will indicate with a megaphone when you have finished.


For the sprint finals:

When you report to control commission, please indicate which final you are in, and your lane number. The control people will confirm your name and club and will reconfirm bow ball and heel tie safety compliance.

The schedule indicates 10 minute centres for racing.

The first and second digit of your bow number are used to indicate which flight you are in the third digit indicates your lane number.

If all boats for a given final are in their lanes and early to start that final, the races will be started early if all other conditions allow.

If you are not in your start position 2 minutes prior to the start of your race, you will receive a yellow card.

If you are not in the start area at the posted time of start of a race, you will be considered a no-show and the race will start without you.

All races will be floating starts as there will be no boat holders. Therefore all starts will be using quick starts.

As you prepare for the start of your race, at the 2 minute notice please be several metres back from the start line so that the aligner can bring all boats up together.

The starter will indicate this will be a be a quick start followed by quick start, attention, the race flag will be raised followed by go and the flag being dropped. There is not enough time to remove excess clothing or empty water bottles during this part of the start please do this at or prior to the 2 minute notice.

Racing and timing starts with the starters flag being dropped.

When you are racing: your boat and blades must stay in your own lane: fix your course before you go out of it. The crew is responsible for steering.

If you flip your boat during the finals, stay with your boat and stay in your lane. Call out to any approaching crews to let them know you are there. The safety boat will attend to you as quickly as possible.

There is no cool down area: return to the dock.


Other things to remember:

There is no breakage zone: equipment failure is your responsibility.

Please take all your recycling and garbage home with you for sorting from the regatta.

The lake has been recently weeded. If you encounter weeds and they impact your boat speed, this is a horrible shame and we feel your pain, but this is not a reason for an objection or protest.


Covid-19 Safety Plan for the British Columbia Mid-Summer Regatta at Burnaby

July 24-25, 2021





This plan is based on and is consistent with guidelines from Rowing BC, Rowing Canada Aviron, ViaSport BC, WorkSafe BC and the BC Center for Disease Control (BCCDC).  The plan also complies with Covid-19 guidelines by the City of Burnaby for the regatta venue.


The Local Organization Committee (LOC) for this regatta comprises:


  • Mike Pearce, Regatta Chair and Head Mens Rowing Coach, University of British Columbia
  • Craig Pond, Head Womens Rowing Coach, University of British Columbia
  • Vince Amodeo, Thunder Rowing Club Head Coach
  • Peter Klinkow, President, Burnaby Lake Rowing Club

Any regatta participants who do not follow the procedures will be asked to leave the regatta venue.


Goal: To protect the health and safety of Regatta athletes, coaches, coaches, umpires and volunteers (collectively, the regatta participants) and to protect the health of our communities by preventing the spread of COVID-19.


 Communication Plan:

This plan is approved by the Local Operating Committee and shared with the regatta participants. It will be updated if necessary and changes communicated to participants. This plan will be also available on the BLRC websites:,


Foot Traffic Pattern: Parking Area, Staging Area, Field of Play, and Spectator Area:


Parking for umpires and race officials will be reserved in the parking lot adjacent to the pavilion.  Parking for all others will be in the gravel parking lot on Roberts Street. 


A volunteer tent at the gravel parking lot entrance will screen for umpires and race officials and allow them to pass to the pavilion parking lot.  All others will be advised to park at the gravel lot and walk on the trail to the entrance of the pavilion parking lot, at which all individuals will be queried about Covid symptoms, behavior and risky travel.  Spectators will be asked to provide name and telephone number information for contact tracing purposes.  All others will proceed to their respective stations: athletes and coaches to their boats, volunteers to the volunteer greeting table.


The staging area is the section of the parking lot adjacent to the pavilion that is used for trailers and boats on stretchers.  A fire lane will be identified in the centre of the staging area.  Spectators are to remain in the staging area as they walk to the spectator area


The field of play is defined as the concrete pier accessway, the pavilion, the dock, the shell bay, the floating accessway on the west side of the pavilion and the Burnaby Lake racing course.


The pavilion washrooms will be available to all, but the hall area will be limited to officials, volunteers and umpires.


The spectator area is the walkway at the east end of the concrete pier that stretches along the length of the old grandstand area (currently fenced off).


The key components of this plan address:


  • Masks
  • Daily Health Check
  • Contact Tracing
  • Hygiene, Cleaning and Sanitizing
  • Local requirements
  • Water rescues
  • Stay Home if You Are Sick





It is strongly recommended that all regatta participants and spectators wear masks.  Those who are not fully vaccinated (two weeks after the second shot) must always wear masks, except athletes when they are in their boat.




All individuals onsite at the event are required to complete a daily health check.   Those who have not completed the daily health check app must confirm their lack of Covid symptoms or risks when they enter the staging area (at the end of the walkway from the gravel parking lot. 




Officials and volunteers:  the LOC will maintain lists of volunteers and the hours they assume their duties.


Umpires: The Chief Umpire will maintain a list of umpires and hours on their various assignments.


Athletes:  Athlete information will be tracked by the sign-in times recorded at the control commission.


Spectators:  Spectators must provide their names and telephone numbers to the volunteer before they enter the staging area.


Coaches should be prepared to provide a complete list of their athletes in the event contact tracing is needed.


Contact data source data will be retained by the LOC for two weeks after the event.  




Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance way at the foot of the concrete pier, the entrance to the pavilion, the umpire staging area in the pavilion, the control commission and the finish tent.


Frequent hand washing is encouraged.  At a minimum, hands should be washed upon arrival and before departing. 


Hand washing facilities will be available in the washrooms in the pavilion.




The only relevant requirement from the City of Burnaby is to limit attendance in the pavilion to 100 people (50% of capacity). This will be accomplished by limiting use of the hall to umpires, volunteers and officials.




This procedure applies to safety boats and umpire chase boats to the extent they are actively involved in a water rescue. If an athlete in the water wants or needs to enter the rescue or chase boat, all individuals in the boat must immediately mask-up. Masks will be provided by the LOC.  If possible, the athlete should put on a mask provided by the rescuer prior to entering the boat.  If not, the athlete should put on a mask immediately upon entering the boat. The rescuer should ask the athlete if she/he has exhibited any Covid symptoms and in the event the athlete is at risk, both the rescuer and the athlete must leave the venue immediately upon returning to the dock.




All regatta participants are responsible for watching for symptoms of COVID-19. These include, but are not limited to, cough, fever, shortness of breath, sore throat, stuffy nose, loss of sense of smell, headache and/or fatigue. (See for complete list.)  Symptoms can range from very mild to severe.