Poughkeepsie Regatta Head Race

  • Hosted By: Hudson River Rowing Association, Inc.

Regular Registration is now open!  Please join us this October 2nd, and contact the regatta director with any other questions you may have!

Topic: Coaches & Coxswains Meeting Poughkeepsie Regatta
Start Time : Oct 1, 2021 06:47 PM

Meeting Recording:

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Coach/Coxswain Meeting Agenda – ZOOM Meeting

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Poughkeepsie Regatta

 Sponsored by HRRA and MHRA


Introduction of regatta officials

  • Referee(s)
  • Start & Finish line judges
  • Chase/Safety Launches
  • Dockmaster
  • Regatta Director


Site Description

  • Restrooms – Reminder to wear masks
  • Shell Carrier parking:

All trailers and car toppers will park in the parking lot at the south end of the


  • Coach parking: 

Coaches only will park in the marked spaces behind the boathouse.

  • Participant parking:

All participants will park in the grassy area north of the boathouse


Course description

  • Traffic pattern

                           launch north/land north

  • Warm up lane:

Starts after you launch, and continues up to the start, 

Stay close to shore and continue to the start line

  • Start line – Red Buoys at the 3500m mark: 

The start and finish lines will be marked with red buoys. 

The  course & turn arounds at the start & finish will be marked with green buoys.

The shallow area at Fallkill Creek will have a yellow buoy.  

  • Distance markers: 3K, 2K, 1K, 500m
  • Finish line: Red buoys
  • Return lane: green buoys
  • Docking


Spectator sites

  • Kaal Rock Park
  • Waryas Park:  Best riverside viewing area
  • Walkway Bridge
  • Quiet Cove Park


Racing Rules

  • Start Commands: 

Ready,  Ready,  Ready, ROW.  Will be given as you approach the start. 

Start building at the first “Ready”, be at FULL PRESSURE on the third “Ready”. Your race time starts on “ROW”

  • Penalties and Disqualifications: 

no penalties only disqualification for egregious violations.                             

  • Sportsmanship:

Courtesy, respect, and good manners should be displayed by all at all times.

  • Passing:

A crew is deemed to be overtaking when they approach within one boat length of the crew to be passed.   Yield to side approaching crew wants to take. If coming up on port, move over to starboard

  • Launch:

Approximately thirty (30) minutes before event on the Dockmasters orders.

Row with purpose to the start – races will not be held up waiting for late boats.

  • Bow numbers:

Will be distributed at registration and collected on the dock after you race.

  • Medals:  Will only be awarded for first (1st) place finishers.  They will be distributed at

                                         the end of the days racing