Lake Merritt Sprints

  • Hosted By: Lake Merritt Rowing Club
  • 2016 Registered Regatta


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lakeside Park, 568 Bellevue Avenue, Oakland, CA 94610



Please join us for a great day of racing at the 2008 Lake Merritt Sprints Rowing Regatta on Sunday, June 15th at Lake Merritt in downtown Oakland!   This year's regatta will be staged from our new, temporary location at the City of Oakland Lakeside Park, Lake Merritt Sailboat House located at 568 Bellevue Avenue.  Enter the venue from Grand Avenue at the Children's Fairyland Park entrance. 


Go to the Lake Merritt Rowing Club (LMRC) web site at for event details!


Races begin at 7:30am and conclude at approximately 4:00pm.  Every effort will be made to maintain the event sequence, however adjustments will be made based on the number of entries received, heats, scratched events, etc.  Races start on 7 minute centers – please leave ample time between events to be on time.  See preliminary race schedule on the web site.  The final regatta web site posting will be updated the week before the event and will include the updated race schedule.   Paper copies of the final schedule will be available at the Registration desk on race day.


Registration is on-line at    Regatta updates will be available by adding LMRC Sprints to your RegattaCentral calendar.  Please contact the Registrar for non-electronic registration.

 *****   REGISTER EARLY!  ENTRIES ARE DUE BY May 30th    *****


A liability waiver form must be completed by every rower participating in this event.  The waiver can be downloaded from:  Or, submit one waiver per year to cover multiple regattas by completing the electronic USRA waiver form at   

Coaches - use RegattaCentral to forward waivers to your crews!  Otherwise, include signed, hard copy waivers with the Lake Merritt Sprints Registration Forms and entry fee for a complete entry packet.  Please write your club affiliation on the hard copy waiver form. 


All races will be 1,000 meters with a seven-lane buoyed course and starting platform.

BOW NUMBERS ARE REQUIRED (Please bring your own – a limited quantity will be available to loan).  Medals will be awarded to the winner of each event and made available as results become official.   


Lightweight rowers must weigh-in 1 hour prior to your first lightweight event.  Teams do not need to weigh-in together.  See venue map for weigh-in location.  There is no weigh-in for coxswains. 


For directions to the racing venue, course map, parking and trailer parking information, please go to the LMRC web site.  There will be on-site security overnight for trailers arriving on Saturday, and parking is available inside the park and on Grand Avenue.  Boat staging is at the Sailboat House parking lot.  Note:  There is a City park entrance fee of $3.00 on weekends.  Please be prepared to pay this fee.   Thanks!


USRA recommendations for safety will be followed:  bow balls and heel tie-downs or quick-release shoes are required.  USRA membership for individual participants is not required.  Please note that all rowing organizations that enter a USRA registered regatta must be a USRA member.  If you have questions about this policy please contact Jody Pope at USRA (1--800-314-4769 - or email  Scullers rowing as Unaffiliated are exempt.


Race Entry Deadline: Friday, May 30, 2008

Late Entry (late fee applies) Deadline:  Friday, June 6, 2008

 Registration is on-line at www.regattacentral.comPlease contact the Registrar for non-electronic entries.

 On-line entries can be paid through credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or by check.  Make checks payable to: LAKE MERRITT ROWING CLUB.  All entries must include payment in full.  Entries are considered complete when the entry form, waiver and payment are received.  Send checks, and correspondence to the Registrar.Entries received after May 30th will be assessed a $20.00 late fee PER BOAT, and event admission will be on a space-available basis.  No entries will be accepted after Friday, June 6, 2008.  No exceptionsNo changes to boat personnel will be accepted after the first race of the day has begun.

 If entering Masters events, indicate each rower's age as of December 31, 2008 and the boat average age. 


Fees Per Event:





Rec'd =< May 30th





Rec'd > May 30th

[reflects $20 late fee]








 MASTERS:                The event will use USRA age groups (AA:21-26, A:27-35, B:36-42, C:43-49, D:50-54, E:55-59, F:60-64, G:65-69, H:70-74, I:75-79, J: 80+).  Ages are as of 12/31/08.  Age groups may be combined based on the entries received.  All Masters races in combined age groups will be handicapped.  In team boats, the average age of the rowers (excluding cox) will determine the age group and handicap.  Average ages will be rounded down.  NOTE- new this year "AA" rowers are allowed to row all categories.   

OPEN:  No age restriction and no handicaps applied.

 COXSWAINS:  May be any gender, age, weight, or level of experience.  There is no coxswain weigh-in.

 LIGHTWEIGHTS:  Men 160 lb. maximum; Women 130 lb. maximum.  Weigh-ins are required.

 MIXED: One half (or more) women rowers

NOVICE:               A sculler whose first race was < 1 year ago (from 7/29/07).  Same applies to sweep rowing. 

OPEN WATER:  Maas Aeros, and other open-water boats less than 22' long.  (Maas 24s prohibited!)

 "SPRINTS INTERMEDIATE": No rower in the boat shall have placed in the top 3 in any national or regional championship event.

 The Lake Merritt Rowing Club strives to make this regatta enjoyable for all competitors, officials, volunteers, and spectators.  Our goal is to maximize racing opportunities for all competitors, start races on time, minimize any confusion over entries and lane assignments, and to post timely and accurate race results. To help facilitate our goal of running a smooth regatta, the following rules apply:  


  •  All entries must be made electronically via RegattaCentral or in writing via mail.  Entries are considered received and complete when the entry form, waiver and appropriate fee is received by the Registrar and are due by Friday, May 30th.   Acceptance into an event is on a space-available basis at the time the entry is received.  Please note, for those paying by check, your entry is considered complete when the fee is received.  
  •   No entries will be accepted after Friday, June 6thNo exceptions!
  •  Scratches requested after June 6th will be charged $15 for each race scratched with no registration fee refund.  If you must scratch, please let the Registrar know as soon as possible.  There is no fee for scratches received by June 6th and your entry fee will be refunded.   
  •  All competitor changes must be submitted in writing or via email to the Registrar prior to the first race of the day on Sunday, June 15th.   NO COMPETITOR CHANGES will be accepted after racing has begun - no exceptions!
  • Any changes to your entry categories will be made on a space-available basis only.  There will be no refunds for changes made after June 6th that we are not able to accommodate.  For example: if a women's 4+ is entered in the 4+ WOLt race, and wants to switch to the 4+ WO race, we will make every effort to accommodate the change.  If we are not able to, and the competitor chooses not to race in the original event, the entry will be considered a 'scratch' and charged as outlined above. 
  • No more than 50% of the competitors entered in a boat may be changed.  For example, if an 8+ is  entered, no more than four competitors may be replaced in the boat.  No substituting allowed in 1X races.
  • After June 6th, if competitor changes effect the average age of the boat, the registrar reserves the right to scratch the entry with no entry refund and no scratch fee assessed.
  • If we must cancel an event due to insufficient entries, the contact person on the entry form will be notified and the entry fees refunded.



  •   All entries must be submitted using the forms at Regatta Central ( and are considered complete when the form, waiver and fee is received. 
  • Entries must be received by Friday, May 30th to register at the lower fee rate.
  •  Late entries will be accepted through Friday, June 6th on a space-available basis.
  •  No entries will be accepted after Friday, June 6th.
  • Please bring bow numbers.
  •  Races will not be delayed for late arrivals to the start – Please be on time!
  •  Read the RULES TO LIVE BY!



Visit the LMRC web page at

Registrar/Regatta Director:  Candace Swimmer

Email the Regatta Director at

Entry Mailing Address:  1064 Carolina Street, San Francisco 94107

Telephone:  415-550-7983