Lift Bridge Regatta

  • Hosted By: Fairport Crew Club Inc.
  • 2022 Registered Regatta

There is currently construction equipment in the area that we park trailers. 

Please make sure someone check with Doug McGee or Lee Frost before leaving any trailers off.

Cox and coaches meeting at the boathouse - 7:00 AM  

Welcome to Fairport Crew Club! Information for 2022 Lift Bridge Regatta Coaches & Coxswains and Scullers meeting is at 7:00am in front of the boathouse. First Launch will be 7:30am and the first race starts at 8:00am. Parking – There will be volunteers at the entrance to each parking area to guide you where to park. Only vehicles with boats will be allowed in the AMF Bowling area parking lot labelled Boat Parking, Rowers should be Dropped off and Picked up at the South End of the Rower Parking area in the designated Rower Drop Off/Pick Up area. Rowers will proceed East up the foot path behind Qualitrol and the AMF Bowling Alley to the boathouse. The Rower Parking lot is designated for Rowers, Families, Spectators and Volunteers so please park there with Additional Parking across the road. Handicapped Parking is available in Perinton Park near the Finish Line. Food Trailers Will be parked at the far West side of the Park nearest the AMF Bowling Alley. Tow Vehicles CAN NOT STAY in this area. The trailer must be dropped and the tow vehicle moved to the Rower Parking lot. With recent Weather the ground is soft and we need to keep all traffic off the middle of the lawn in the Park to avoid any damage that we (YOU) will be responsible for. TEAM Tents will be in the middle of the lawn of the park between the AMF Bowling Alley and the Docks. Oars to Water – When you arrive on site, please bring your Oars to the Brown Dock and place them in your designated team area. When your rowers approach the dock, the Coxswain will announce which team they are and which set of oars they need, and our team will bring those oars to you on the dock. Boats to Water - When brining your boat to the dock for your race, please follow the RED PATH from the Boat Trailer Parking Area. The boat will need to come up BOW FIRST. At the top of the hill, directly in front of the Boathouse Doors will be the Safety Inspection Zone. Please stay to the right to keep room for Boats coming off the water. Boats Coming off the water please follow the map