Head of the Henderson

  • Hosted By: ROCCS, Rowing Organization Of Citrus County Students

Are gas generators permitted?   No, unfortunately, because this event is held on City Parks, gas generators are prohibited pursuant to City Code/Regulations.


Are propane grills permitted?    Yes, propane grills are permitted.


How much of the race course can spectators see?  From the unencumbered shores of Lake Henderson, spectators can watch all boats launch, and they also have an amazing vanatage point to watch the last 750 meters of this Head Race as the boats finish the 5K course and cross the finish line.


Will there be food vendors?  Yes, within 1 minute walking distance of the venue, from 9 AM - 1 PM, there will be a City of Inverness Market at the open-air downtown pavilion, in the Depot District.  The market hosts 50 local vendors selling fresh produce, food, drinks, artisanal products, etc.  Market at the Depot


Are tents permitted?    Yes, tents are permitted.  If you need larger space than a 10X10, please email the Regatta Director to advise.   Please note that tents CANNOT be staked, due to City of Inverness rules and regulations related to underground utilities located in this City park.