American Youth Cup Series I

  • Hosted By: Sarasota Crew


The Circus

As many of you have heard, Nathan Benderson Park is also hosting the circus during the race. We are committed to holding a great race for our youth rowers and we have assurances in place that we will still be able to conduct our regatta while the circus conducts their shows (and uses much of the island to park). But we will need your patience and cooperation to work with them and listen to directions because parking, spectating and some other logistics will be different than many of us have experienced in the past.

Space is going to be limited on the island because of the circus. We will have an area on the island where teams will be able to rent a tent from Benderson. We will let anyone on and off the island.




- Deadline for tent rental has passed.


Team Arrival Logistics

All teams must be off the island by 1700 on Friday February 17th. We will not be able to accommodate parking any trailers after 1700 on Friday. Practice rows can happen between 12:00-4:30 on Friday but you must be off the water by 4:30.

Trailers can begin arriving at 0900 on Friday. Please email us to let us know when to expect you if you have a moment.

- Registration - Registration will be open during the practice window on Friday, from 12:00pm to 4:00pm at the control commission tent nearest the launch docks.


Parking (all days)

There will be no parking on the island. Parking is available at the South end of the course and at the Mote Marine lot.

Teams will be limited to their tow vehicles only.

We are working on an appropriate solution for team buses and athlete drop-off to mitigate any headaches there. We will update when the plan is finalized. We know everyone would rather park on the island but please keep in mind if we want to host this race, we will have to do it without the parking. Racing comes before parking convenience.

- Each team will receive a parking pass for their tow vehicle, and one additional vehicle pass for their support vehicle. If you have an athlete that requires handicap parking please let me know so we can make sure needs are met.


Racing Progression

We want to try and allow as many teams as possible to have athletes race on Saturday and Sunday in each event. This depends somewhat on how many final entries we receive but here is what we are hoping to do:


0-10 entries

Saturday: Heat/Race for lanes (but if Sunday is canceled)

Sunday: Final

(we will allow teams to change their lineups from day one to day two if they want to try different lineups)  


11-20 entries

Saturday: Heats

Sunday: Finals A & B


21+ entries

Saturday: Heats (if three heats are necessary, top 3 from each heat will progress to A Final, next 3 from each heat will progress to B Final, the rest are eliminated)

Sunday: Finals A & B 


Race Times: We are hoping to limit Saturday to 8:30-4:30 and Sunday from 7:30-3:30.


*Events 21/22, 23/24, 27/28, 29/30, 33/34, 35/36

We may combine these events if there are fewer than 20 total entries between the pair.

For example: if there are 12 entries in event 23 - Women's Youth 4x, and there are 6 entries in event 24 - Women's U17 4x, we will combine those events into the same progression.  The U17 boats and Youth boats will race against one another in heats and finals. The categories will still be awarded medals separately.


Boats that progress to the A final can attain positions 1-10, boats that progress to the B final can attain positions 11-20.

- Medals - Medals will be distributed on floor 1 of the finish tower. 





Overall Map


Traffic Pattern Map


Heat Sheet - check the heat sheet tab