Head Up The Creek

  • Hosted By: False Creek Rowing Club
  • Sanctioned by RCA and Rowing BC (2023)

Welcome to the False Creek Rowing Club's 10th Head Up The Creek regatta.

Staging from Vancouver's Vanier Park on land that was originally the Squamish Nation's Senakw village we welcome you to our Head Race on False Creek to will determine which crew will be this year's City of Vancouver Rowing Champion.

The following link will connect you to to YouTube and our streaming RegattaCam: https://camstreamer.com/redirect/bff361952ad01be/S-28436

Prize Groupings are as follows:

  1. Best performing Novice Crew: 8+, 4x, 4+
  2. Men 8+, Men 4x, Men 4+ - average boat age under 19 - fastest boat
  3. Men 8+, Men 4x, Men 4+ - average boat age 19 and over - fastest boat
  4. Women 8+, Women 4x, Women 4+ - average boat age under 19 - fastest boat
  5. Women 8+, Women 4x, Women 4+ - average boat age 19 and over - fastest boat
  6. Mixed 8+, Mixed 4x, Mixed 4+ - average boat age under 19 - fastest boat
  7. Mixed 8+, Mixed 4x, Mixed 4+ - average boat age 19 and over - fastest boat
  8. Men 2x, Men 1x - average boat age under 19 - fastest boat
  9. Men 2x, Men 1x - average boat age 19 and over - fastest boat
  10. Women 2x, Women 1x - average boat age under 19 - fastest boat
  11. Women 2x, Women 1x - average boat age 19 and over - fastest boat
  12. Mixed 2x - average boat age under 19 - fastest boat
  13. Mixed 2x - average boat age 19 and over - fastest boat
  14. Best performing Para entries
  15. Best performing Coastal entries

There are no age handicaps within each prize group. Prizes for Groups 1, 14 and 15 will be awarded based on having the best performance compared to their expected time in their category. Winners of Groups 1 through 7 receive a cake, Winners of groups 8 through 15 receive cupcakes. Everyone wins a sense of a job well done. 

The City of Vancouver Rowing Champion will be selected from all crews competing based on the best performance versus each crew's predicted time. They will receive a cake and have their name affixed the annual trophy.

Actual cake may not look like cake pictured and is subject to change.

Sermon From The Mount - Cox and Bow Meeting Script

Thank you for attending our regatta - your support makes it possible. And thank you to our volunteers and the many organizations that help us host this event:

  • Vancouver College School
  • Kitsilano Yacht Club
  • Jericho Sailing Centre Association Rescue Team
  • False Creek & Aquabus Ferries
  • Vancouver Lower Mainland First Responder program
  • City of Vancouver
  • Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation
  • Vancouver Police Department
  1. Please purchase a parking pass from the vending machine, unless you are transporting boats with a trailer and vehicle: please see our parking lot marshal for a pass.
  2. Staying warm is more important than wearing the right uniform.
  3. Portopotties are at the top of the ramp, and flush toilets are available by the marina office closer to the Burrard Bridge. Drinking water is available there or at the volunteer food area.
  4. Before approaching control commission, check that your bow balls are securely fastened to your boat and that your heels cannot be lifted more than 7 cm from the footplate. Your shoes also need to be able to release your feet with one hand. Para entries need to comply with RCA strapping requirements.
  5. If launching from the dock, please take your blades down before you bring your boat. If you wet launch, you can do what you want but we are all going to watch you.
  6. First aid is available beside the Control Commission.
  7. You will receive your bow number as you pass through control. Please know how your boat is registered before you get there: what your bow number should be, your club and who's name it is registered in.
  8. The dock is small – there is no time to dawdle.
  9. Boats should launch in approximatly bow number order (the first flight starts with bow number 100 and the second flight with bow number 200). Para rowers please launch before the able bodied rowers. 
  10. Boats arriving late to the marshalling area may be started out of sequence and likely behind crews/boat types that are slower then they are.
  11. Boats presenting themselves to the start marshal after their start time and more that 1 minute after the start of the last boat of those assembled in advance of their flight may be subject to being excluded from racing at the discretion of the starter.
  12. Anybody rescued during the regatta may not continue to race in the event.
  13. The large Yellow course markers should all be passed on the port side of your boat.
  14. Green and red channel markers: it might be best to row in the channel as there are a lot of anchored boats outside the channel defined by those markers. These markers indicate the legal limits of where transient vessels are typically moored in False Creek.
  15. Ferries, bridges, anxious birds nesting under bridges and their actions, aquatic mammals, weather and water conditions, wake, waves, vessels anchored/moored/under way not competing, paddlers, items floating or submerged, shorelines or other obstacles shall not be a reason to protest or appeal the outcome of a race.
  16. Ferries, commercial vessels, barges under tow all have right of way and you must give way to all vessels in the event of an impending collision. Transport Canada’s Vessel Operating Restriction Regulations outline your responsibilities.
  17. The Cambie Street Bridge is the narrowest place on the course and a poor place to pass other crews. Pass them before or after, but in either case just do it and don’t sit side by side for too long and nowhere should people be three boats across.
  18. The Science World turn is a thing of the past although the regatta begins with a turn. If you are going to obstruct someone due to your boat’s turning characteristics, take a wider course and let them pass by inside you.
  19. Boats being overtaken must take the longer route. Typically this is the side of False Creek away from downtown, or the southern side.
  20. Upon completing the race, do not row past the white 10 km/hour speed markers (east of the Inukshuk) unless you are in the band Take That. Our permits cease to be in effect at the entrance to False Creek and a different authority prevails.
  21. Please assist inbound boats with landing as the tide and wind conditions can make it difficult to maneuver.
  22. Please watch your team mates for signs of hypothermia and assist them in obtaining first aid.
  23. Results and awards will be presented at 1:30 pm, or earlier if available.