Purcerverance - Mike Purcer

Purcerverance provides athlete and coach development services to schools/clubs or individual athletes in a variety of areas. Mike Purcer has over forty years of coaching experience and focuses on finding opportunities for new speed through efficiencies in rigging and rowing technique.

St. Catharines, Ontario

Camps & Clinics

Oct '18
  • Sunday 9:00 AM -12:00 PM
  • Purcerverance Analysis Camp

    The Camp provides video analysis and boat speed curves for single scullers or crews to identify opportunities for new speed through rigging and technique efficiencies. Participants will receive their Purcerverance Boat Speed, Rigging and Technique Analysis curve, videos and a one-hour presentation on reading the analysis sheet and drills to improve speed. Location: Henley Island, St. Catharines 9:00 Camp Intro 9:30 On-water video session 11:00 Curves Presentation (meeting room)
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    Program Size 6 (6 spots remaining)
    Registration Opens September 21, 2018
    Registration Deadline October 5, 2018

    Coaching Analysis

    Sep '18
    Oct '18

    Coaching Analysis Services: Brock Invitational Regatta

    Your crew will be videoed racing at the regatta on October 6 to develop a Purcerverance Boat Speed, Rigging and Technique Analysis curve. You will receive a copy of the curve that includes a detailed analysis of the rigging and rowing technique along with comments and recommendations to improve efficiency and performance.
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    Registration Opens September 8, 2018
    Registration Deadline October 14, 2018