Novice Regatta

  • Hosted By: Lake Brantley Rowing Association
Lake Brantley Rowing Association is once again hosting the Novice Regatta @ Turkey Lake on February 1st, 2020 . The deadline for entries is January  25th, 2020. 
As most of you know, this is a great first regatta for your novices to gain the experience of spring racing. Medals will be awarded per flight; the merits of doing so will provide great excitement for a young rower in their first regatta of the season. Like always , middle school events.
                                      PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE PAGE AND ALL RULES
***In the Novice Regatta, Novice athletes are defined as rowers who began rowing after April 1st of the preceeding calendar year, Freshman rowers are any athlete in the 9th grade or lower***
Middle school rowers will be awarded 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place medals. 
We will try our best to cater to everyone's specific situations with regards to scheduling, so to help with that please try to submit entries before the deadline. 
             **********THERE WILL BE NO USE OF DRONES DURING THE EVENT***************  
While the regatta organizers understand the use of drones during a regatta. The Novice Regatta is one that we just
can not allow drones at all. The rowers are brand new to this sport, and can be easily distracted. We appreciate your
                                                                  **** CREWS****
                                                  We need launches and drivers for this event!!
DISCOUNT ENTRY FOR BRING A LAUNCH!  Competing teams that can provide a fully stocked Launch (full gas tank for the start of regatta ,paddle and safety vests) and 2 drivers for the whole day will receive a $150.00 credit on your entries!
                                            ****** Please respond to:*****

                        **************** ***NEW THIS YEAR FROM TURKEY LAKE PARK************************                               

TURKEY LAKE IS LOOKING TO RELIEVE THE ENTRY BACK UP ON REGATTA  MORNING.  WE HAVE BEEN ASKED TO TRY A NEW PRE-PAID ENTRY SYSTEM FOR INDIVIDUALS OR YOUR ENTIRE TEAM. CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW. Remeber to print out or have your phone available for proof of entry. Thank you                                                                                                                             


Contact Linda Larson
Phone 321-277-4484
Chief Referee Not yet posted
Juniors Yes
HS/Scholastic Yes
Collegiate No
Open No
Masters No
Elite No
Para No
Inclusive No
Entry Fees (USD)
Fee cap: $1,500.00 per club

Note: to receive the fee cap all entries must be submitted under one account per club