Island Summer Regatta 2022

  • Hosted By: Victoria City Rowing Club
  • Sanctioned by RCA and Rowing BC (2022)


Family Double (Saturday at lunch) signup:

Dynasty Quad (Sunday at lunch) signup:



Draw is LIVE! Head on over to for the most up to date draw. Please contact Greg at [email protected] if you have any questions, concerns.

And yes...there are some heats for what could be straight finals. 






Important Dates

Registration Open: June 9th

Registration Closes June 30th.

Scratches without penalty: June 30th

Preliminary Draw July 1st

Final Draw: July 7th


Racing Dates

July 8 - 10, 2022


Regatta Site

Elk Lake Boathouse, 5100 Patricia Bay Highway, Victoria BC



This regatta is hosted by the Victoria City Rowing Club with support by other Victoria Rowing Society Members.



There will be a well-stocked concession available from lunch on Friday July 8 to Sunday July 10 afternoon when racing concludes. The concession menu is posted at     Pre-ordering is recommended for clubs to ensure availability of menu items and to receive a 5% discount.  One or more coaches per club can register for an account at and place group orders for their athletes.  Orders will be fulfilled in one large order for each service time. Invoices will be emailed to the ordering coach for payment at the regatta concession.   Pre-ordering closes on Monday July 4th at 5pm.


Whatsapp Group

Sign up for the Elk Lake Summer Whatsapp Group. It will be active starting on Thursday, July 7 for distribution of information. Please see Regatta Central for information.  



All athletes must be registered members of their provincial sports organization and Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA). American entries must be registered with USRowing.



All entries must be made on Regatta Central. 



Scratches without penalty fees will be accepted until Jun 30, 2022


After this date, the scratch fee is your entry fee. An additional fee for scratches of $10 per seat will be incurred. The LOC reserves the right to waive the additional fee in the event of a medical scratch or extenuating circumstances. Proof of medical injury and or injury may be requested by the LOC. If it cannot be provided, the scratch fee will apply. 


Please send scratches to Greg Sedun via [email protected] 


Entry Fees

Entry fees need to be submitted to complete a registration. Rowing BC and Rowing Canada Aviron seat fees will be added to the prices below. 



Standard Cost

Late Cost




Double / Pair



Quad / Four / Coxed Four/ Coxed Quad







There will be no refund of entry fees should weather conditions cause cancellations of races as all expenses for the regatta are incurred prior to the event.








Open to all competitors

Mixed Junior

Crews crews must have at minimum 50% women in the crew.

Junior A

A rower or coxswain may compete as an Under 19 competitor until the 31st of December of the year in which they reach the age of 18.

Junior B

A rower or coxswain may compete as an Under 17 competitor until the 31st of December of the year in which they reach the age of 16.

Junior C

Classified as a U15 competitor until the 31st of December of the year in which they reach the age of 14


A novice is a competitor who started rowing in September 2021


Masters will be racing in appropriate categories as per RCA Rules of Racing

Mixed Masters

Mixed Masters crews must have at minimum

50% women in the crew.


Maximum weight of any one crew member is

72.5k for men, 63kg for women.


Para athletes will race in appropriate categories as per RCA Rules of Racing





Non Grouped Events (Capped at 18 entrants)



Boat Class

M/W Open

4x, 4-, 8+

M/W Adult Novice

2x, 4x

Mixed Junior

2x, 4x

M/W Junior U19

4x, 4+, 8+

M/W Junior U17

4x, 4+, 8+

M/W Junior U15

2x, 4x

M/W Junior Novice

1x, 2x, 4x

M/W Masters

1x, 2x, 4x, 8+

Mixed Masters

2x, 4x 

M/W Para 

PR1 1x, PR2 1x


Group Events (combined into TT and Semi/Finals)*

For ease of registration, all of the Groups are listed at the top of the event list. 

Saturday Final 

Group 1 Womens 2x  (U17, U19, Open)

Group 2 Mens 2- (U19, Open)

Group 3 Men 1x (U17, U19,Open Lwt, Open)


Sunday Finals

Group 4 Mens  2x (U17, U19, Open)

Group 5 Womens 2- (U19, Open)

Group 6 Womens 1x (U17, U19,Open Lwt, Open)

*See below for more information

Special Events (On the Saturday and Sunday at Lunch)


Registration for the following events will be accepted at the Registration table only up until noon on the day of the event. Cash only.


Minimum 2 entries per event; Regatta Committee reserves the right to cap the number of entries. In the event of more than 6 entries, it will be a timed final to determine winners. 


Saturday-FAMILY 2x 2X (500m) (2 members of same family, or coaches from the same club) 

-$20 entry fee


Sunday-DYNASTY QUAD 4x (500m) (at least 3 rowers from one family, or all 4 coaches must be from the same club).

-$40 entry fee


Master’s Categories

Crew boats use average age. No current members of any nation's National Team may compete as a Master. Coxswains are excluded from the age restriction and from calculation of average crew age. Master athletes (age 21 and over) may compete in both OPEN and MASTER events.




























The race schedule is subject to change depending on entries.


Progression System


Non Grouped Events

Events with fewer than 6 entries may be combined into one race and still awarded separately if no conflict of racing occurs. Coaches will be contacted if that is the case. 


Less than 7 entries: straight final 


Greater than 6, less than 19 entries: heats → finals 

Winner of each heat plus next 3 fastest times into Final A; 

Final B: 7th-12th fastest times

Final C: 13th-18th fastest times


Where Master events have to be combined (i.e. when there are fewer than 3 entries per age category), handicaps will be applied.


TIME TRIALS (TT) For Grouped Events


Please enter a seeding time (2k water time) in the space provided on the entry form. We

understand that not all crews will have an accurate 2k water time. Please provide your best estimate. The seeding will be reviewed by a panel to correct any obvious misseedings and to ensure fair racing for all. The decision of the seeding review panel is final.


The intent of the time trial progression system is to create high quality, meaningful races for all competitors, based on boat speed rather than age. Awards are presented for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category (e.g., U19 W1x) depending on your placing in the finals. 


For example, if the top U19 woman places 3rd in Group 2 (W1x), she would be awarded 1st place in the U19 1x.


Final placing by event is based on ranking not on times. For example, if U19 athlete “Jones” places 6th in Final A in a time of 7:30 and U19 athlete “Smith” places 1st in Final B in a time of 7:25, Jones is ranked higher and so is declared the winner of the U19 1x .


The Time Trial will be run on the day prior to the scheduled finals for that group.

If there are more than 12 entries in a group, the top 12 boats in each time trial will progress to 2 Semi-Finals, and thus to Finals A and B. The other boats will progress to Finals C, D, E etc. The regatta committee reserves the right to cap the number of finals and to make 7 boat finals if necessary (e.g., to avoid 2 boat finals). If you are not able to stay for the event finals, you can race exhibition and your time will be recorded, however you will not be seeded into a final. 


Athletes may only enter ONE time trial event each day.

Instructions on how time trials will be run will be posted on RegattaCentral.


HEATS → Finals (Non Grouped Events)

For all other events, heats will be used to progress to Finals.

Race Schedule (Expected)

Friday 2pm – 7 pm

Saturday 6:30 am – 7 pm

Sunday 6:30 am – 3 pm

Exact race times will be published in the race schedules and the draw, once the draw is complete. We recommend checking the 2018 race schedule for approximate race times. 




Coaches Meetings (no athletes)

There will be a coaches safety meeting one and a half (1.5) hours before racing commences each day between the docks. Bow Markers for Time Trials will be distributed at each coaches meeting for that day’s time trial. 


Weigh-In Notes 


All coxswains and lightweight competitors only need to weigh in once for the duration of the regatta. Upon successful weigh-in, athletes will wear a wristband (that can be worn around the ankle)


The official weigh in periods will be as follows:

Friday: Two hours before the first race to 30 minutes after the first race;

Saturday: Two hours before the first race until 30 minutes after the first race;

Sunday: If needed for any straight finals, 1.5 hours before the first race.


Priority Weigh in 

Athletes must weigh in as a crew and be accompanied by a coach during weigh in.


All competitors including coxswains, will weigh in wearing their racing gear. No one will be weighed in wearing more or less clothing. 


Re-weighs will not be permitted; athletes are only allowed to step on the scale once per event they enter. 


All weights for coxswains requiring extra weight will be supplied at the scales and will be the only weights recognized by the officials. 


During the official weigh in periods testing of scales or checking weights will not be permitted. 

All changes must be made with the registrar prior to racing. 


The minimum weight for coxswains in U17 and U19 is 45kg for both male and female. All other categories is 55kg. The maximum deadweight carried will be 15kg. 


There will be 1 lightweight categories for both Male and Female Events:

MEN:       Lightweight – Maximum 72.5 Kilograms

WOMEN: Lightweight – Maximum 63 Kilograms


An individuals’ weight determines eligibility. There is no averaging of the athletes’ weights in the weight class events.  The stated weight is the maximum an individual may weigh.




When you arrive to weigh in you are to report to one of the marshals at the bottom of the Spracklen Room Stairs (Highway side). Report only when all of your crew members are in attendance. If you are called and your entire crew is not present, you will not be allowed to proceed to the scales. A coach must accompany each crew.


When you reach the scales, please line your crew up from bow to stern and have photo ID ready (School ID is fine).


The first ninety minutes of Friday’s and Saturday’s weigh in schedule is based upon the scheduled times of the races. 


Weigh-in will be prioritized for the crews in scheduled order of racing. 


At all other times, weigh ins will occur on a first come first served basis, based upon when you reported with your crew to the marshal at the bottom of the weigh in room stairs.


Any verbal abuse of weigh in officials will result in disciplinary action as outlined in the Rules of Racing.


Hot Seating – Report Departure 


Umpires will release a bow number in the appropriate situation where hot seats are needed. The expectation is that when the bow marker is switched, the old bow marker be returned to control commission and the time that the crew left the dock be reported to the umpire at control commission. This enhances safety in case of emergency as it enhances knowledge of who is on the water.


Trailer Parking

Please notify us of your estimated arrival time to allow us to meet you and help you park your trailer safely. Should your trailer be stuck, extraction and grass repair are at your club’s cost. Please email  [email protected] to let us know your day and time of arrival.


Registration Packages 

This is a paperless event. Training and racing maps will be posted beside the boathouse on the way to the launch.


Training Flow Pattern

All Elk Lake regattas follow the same training flow pattern once the course is open. Lane 1 is closest to the highway, and lane 6 is farthest from the highway, closest to the boathouse. Crews will use lanes 6 and 5 to row to the start line. Lanes 4 and 3 are neutral for safety boats. Lanes 2 and 1 row to the finish line. Please consult the maps posted on the side of the boathouse. Please read the signage at the top of the dock to determine whether the training course is open. 


See the training flow pattern online here.


Training Times on the course 


Thursday : 7am until 1 hr hour before posted sunset. 

Friday: 7am until a hour before the first race, and for 1 hour following the last race

Saturday: 1 hour following the last race

Sunday: No training


VCRC will provide the safety boats. Please contact Equipment Manager Griffin Thomas ahead of time to sign up for training times so we can coordinate safety boats via [email protected] 


Racing Flow Pattern 

All crews will launch from the docks ensuring they avoid the submerged stumps marked by orange buoys just off the dock. They will head for the warmup flow pattern which is marked by 2 large buoys around which they will row in a clockwise fashion. Racing then proceeds down the lanes under umpire direction. 


See the racing flow pattern online here




All shells must be fitted with heel tie-downs, single hand release of shoe closures, proper bow balls, and bow clips. All equipment will be checked by Control Commission and must be deemed acceptable before launching. 


Rules of Racing

Rowing Canada Aviron’s Rules of Racing shall apply. See the RCA Rules of Racing online here.

Please note that this regatta is following the newest version of the RCA Rules of Racing.


Racing Distance

Adult, Junior, Para: 1890m 

Masters: 1000m 

Time Trials: 1750m



It is expected that members of any one club will have matching uniforms as per the RCA Rules of Racing. Should weather conditions pose a problem, these rules will be relaxed where logical after consultation with the Chief Umpire. 


Medical Services

St. John’s Ambulance will be provided on site for all competitors. For serious medical cases we will dial 9-1-1. 




All results can be found on Regatta Data.



The top 3 in each event will be awarded. Awards will be handed out following the completion of each final. In order to receive an award, you must beat a crew. 


Example: If there are three entries, only first and second awards will be given. 


Contact Greg Sedun
Email [email protected]
Phone Please contact regatta via email
Sanctioned by  
Chief Umpire/Referee Brian Williams
Juniors Yes
High School No
Middle School No
Collegiate No
Open Yes
Masters Yes
Elite No
Para No
Inclusion No
Entry Fees (CAD)
Standard Cost Late Cost
double/pair $50.00 $75.00
Eight $90.00 $135.00
Quad/Four/Coxed Quad/Coxed four $60.00 $90.00
Singles $30.00 $53.00
Rowing British Columbia 2022 Seat Fee $3.50
Rowing Canada 2022 Seat Fee $3.65
Plus taxes if applicable