Port Angeles Coastal Regatta - Endurance 5k

  • Hosted By: Olympic Peninsula Rowing Association
  • USRowing Sanctioned Regatta
  • Cancelled


Thank you for your interest in our first annual Port Angeles Coastal Endurance 5k. This race is all about providing the most enjoyment to you the competitors, so if you have any questions or you see a way to tweak things a little bit to make it a bit more fun, contact the race director using the contact information at the bottom of this page. Also, this race is 2 days before Halloween. Costumes are optional but encouraged, as long as you can swim and breathe in them and they won’t get stuck in the seat tracks.


Each race will begin just offshore at Hollywood Beach, with the boats pointed east. The first leg is 1.2 km, from the start to Mark A above. Boats should round Mark A to port, make a 55 degree turn and proceed to Mark B. Leg 2 is only 220 meters. Round Mark B to port and proceed to Mark C. Leg 3 is 1.3 km, and is likely to be into the wind. Make a 170 degree turn to port at Mark C and head back to Mark A. Leg 4 is 1.2 km. Round Mark A to starboard this time, and head down the homestretch to the start/finish line.


Racing will be open to open water and coastal boats only, except the flatwater 4x. The age groups will be Junior (Under 19), AA-A, B-C, and D-J (50+) and will be based on the crew’s average age. There will be Mens, Womens, and Mixed divisions in each of those age groups. No handicapping will be used. Depending on the number of entries in each division, all singles will be started together, and likewise for the doubles and quads. Boats will not be started at intervals like in a head race.

Availability of Boats

The Olympic Peninsula Rowing Association (hosts of this regatta) can make the following boats available for this regatta:



Quantity Available


Suggested Donation per race



Literace 1x

Open Water:

Maas 24

Bay 21












Literace 2x






Flat water:
Wintech Competitor





Open Water:

Wintech Odyssey




We intend to do this on a first-come, first-served basis with priority given to crews from off the Olympic Peninsula (east of the Hood Canal). We will try to source boats from other clubs if there is a demand for them.

Requirements for Boats

There will be a Control Commission in place and all Open Water boats should have bow balls attached. The coastal racing boats do not need bow balls. All foot stretcher heel ties should be 2 inches maximum.

Shortened Course/Cancellation of Races

At the discretion of the Chief Referee, there are a few steps that could be taken to ensure safe racing in high winds:

  • Boats without self-draining mechanisms might be prohibited from racing.
  • The course might be shortened to stay in the lee of the Pier.
  • The most vulnerable boat classes could be prohibited from racing (i.e., flatwater 4x, all 1x).


The final schedule will depend on the number of participants in each division and boat class, but we will try to schedule the first race to start at 10:00 am. The second race will start 15 minutes after the final finisher of the first race, or at most 1 hour after the previous race started. This approach will continue throughout the day. Unless the weather dictates otherwise, we will start with the singles and end with the quads.

The Row for Hospice was a recent 5k race on Sequim Bay. If we use those results as a template (https://www.webscorer.com/racedetails?raceid=328786&did=408759), the schedule would be as follows:

Start Time




10:00 am


Mens Jr 1x, Womens Jr 1x, Mens AA-A 1x, Womens AA-A 1x

Mens B-C 1x, Womens B-C 1x, Mens 50+ 1x, Womens 50+ 1x


10:47 am


Mens Jr 2x, Womens Jr 2x, Mixed Jr 2x,

Mens AA-A 2x, Womens AA-A 2x, Mixed AA-A 2x

Mens B-C 2x, Womens B-C 2x, Mixed B-C 2x

Mens 50+ 2x, Womens 50+ 2x, Mixed 50+ 2x


11:42 am


Mens Jr 4x, Womens Jr 4x, Mixed Jr 4x,

Mens AA-A 4x, Womens AA-A 4x, Mixed AA-A 4x

Mens B-C 4x, Womens B-C 4x, Mixed B-C 4x

Mens 50+ 4x, Womens 50+ 4x, Mixed 50+ 4x

Mixed Jr Novice 4x+, Mixed Mstr Novice 4x+

Mens Jr 4x, Womens Jr 4x, Mixed Jr 4x,

Mens AA-A 4x, Womens AA-A 4x, Mixed AA-A 4x

Mens B-C 4x, Womens B-C 4x, Mixed B-C 4x

Mens 50+ 4x, Womens 50+ 4x, Mixed 50+ 4x




The tide will be constantly rising throughout the race day, leaving not much beach by the end of the last race. Tents for referees and registration will be situated as high up the beach as possible.







If you want to bring a trailer, please notify the race director. For car-topping and spectating, there are a number of nearby parking lots. The public parking for the City Pier (A) is the most convenient but fills up quickly and requires some tight maneuvering. We will try to have volunteers available in this area to assist with quick transfers of boats from car-top to slings on the beach. If (A) seems difficult to manage, a roomier option for quick loading and unloading is at (B). Parking along any of the streets is free. Parking at (C) is available for free for 2 hours. Parking at (D) is free all day. Parking at (E) is also free and provides a great view of the racecourse. If spectating conditions are unpleasant, this is a good place to sit in a car in relative comfort to watch the races.

Website http://www.parowing.org/regatta.html
Contact Sean Halberg
Email [email protected]
Phone 360-461-4379
Sanctioned by  
Chief Referee Dee McComb
Juniors Yes
High School No
Middle School No
Collegiate No
Open Yes
Masters Yes
Elite No
Para No
Inclusion No
Entry Fees (USD)
Standard Cost
1x $25.00
2x $50.00
4x/4x+/4+ $100.00
Plus taxes if applicable