Midwest Masters Sprints

  • Hosted By Greater Columbus Rowing Association
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

Events / # 8: Womens Ltwt 4+

Bow/Lane Blade   Club AliasesAliases Line-up Avg Age Handicap* Age Category
  Greater Columbus Rowing Association
Greater Columbus
H. Smith ...
0.7 sec.
  Three Rivers Rowing Association
Three Rivers
L. Suplick ...
4.0 sec.
Blades courtesy of OarSpotter. Contact OarSpotter if your club's blade is mising or out of date
  • This event uses the USRA handicap formula.  A course length or multiplier of 0.95 is used.
  • Handicaps shown are raw. Actual handicaps are based on the final entry pool (compared with the youngest competitor) as well the category spread of theentry pool.
  • Handicap's are not final. Birthdates and handicaps are subject to verification by regatta personnel.
  • Bow # or lanes are assigned after registration is closed and are subject to change.
  • Read about how bow numbers/lanes are typically assigned.
  • INT indicates an International Crew (the crew represents more than one country)
  • Entries with a strike-through have been scratched