Springfield Rockrimmon Regatta

  • Hosted By: Pioneer Valley Riverfront Club

Here are some event descriptions to help when registering:

  • Master's Events: These events are for rowers who are 'experienced' in life and sport. Many of the events are broken into age ranges to better facilitate safe, fun and competitive events. In a Master's event with an open-ended range, a standard USRowing handicapping formula is used. In team boats, the ages are averaged. The rower's age is as of 12/31.
  • Youth Events:  These events are for 'yuts who may be new to the sport or just 'inexperienced' in life by being on the planet for a minimal number of years (so far).  To help manage fair and safe racing, we've separated the events by age ranges with eligibility determined by the same mechanism as Master's above ("rower's age is as of 12/31").  So, if the athlete turns 15 this year, he/she may enter the younger category event.  If he/she turns 16 at any point this year, he/she should enter into the older singles race.  All youth singles with race the shorter (3K) course (see venue for more info).  In addition, the young coxed quads will race the short course.  The older youth team boats will race the full 5K distance (to assist them in being ready for the rest of the Fall season).
  • Open/All-Comer Events:  These events will comprise a wide-range of ages and configurations of boats.  The same handicapping formula will be used for most of these events - where it makes sense.  The only exception to the handicapping of "all-comers" is for Parent-Child.  There will be no gender, age or other handicapping involved.  You're here to enjoy a racing experience with a child, please don't have your hyper-competitive self ruin the experience for your family-oriented self.
  • Newbies:  Our Springfield event has long prided itself on being friendly to people new to racing.  While we don't have specific 'newbie' events this year, you are welcome to join the fun.  Between the ease of viewing/steering the course, the volunteer:participant ratio and the laid-back nature of this early Fall event, newbies have been excited to have made the decision to join us for the experience. It gives great confidence that 'they can do it.'  If it makes you feel even more comfortable, email us (rowing[at]pvrowing.org) to let us know that you'd prefer to be started at the 'back of the pack' in your respective category.  We'll try to honor this wish and take the pressure off of "being passed early and often" (similar to how some of our participants vote).
  • Lightweight:  If you insist upon starving yourself leading up to this event, go ahead.  You might have some sort of weight-to-power ratio advantage.  Your boat might float a little higher out of the water.  You may have a decent chance of winning the race.  And, the Premium Beef Steak 1st Prize might motivate you more than some of the spandex-stretching filled-out competitors you're rowing against. But, mathematically and timing-wise, we won't be making any adjustments for your sveltness.  In fact, we'd rather that you didn't starve yourself before arriving.  You might eat more than your fair share of food which was meant for everyone.

Missed Buoys:  A penalty of 10-20 seconds will be applied to racers who miss a buoy with the exception of the two prominent "stake buoys."  If missed, each of these stake buoys will yield a 60 second penalty.  It's a stake race after all.  If you aren't willing to row the full distance around the stakes, why did you come?

Prizes:  Thanks to wonderful sponsors and supporters, we're pleased to offer the following prizes to the fastest boats in each event.  Big Y has donated steaks and Lyman Orchards' Apple Pies.  And, the Grafton Cheese Company is supplying blocks of cheddar cheese.  We are excited to offer these prizes to the participants who have earned the privilege of bringing home the spoils of victory (or, near victory).  To provide for fair, equitable and satisfactory prize allocations, the following will be awarded based upon number of participants in the event:

  • One prize (1st position) will be presented to the fastest time in the event no matter the number of entries.
  • Two prizes (1st & 2nd) will be presented to the two fastest boats in events with three or more entries in an event.
  • Three prizes (1st, 2nd & 3rd) will be presented to the three fastest boats in events with five or more entries in an event.
  • Among the prizes being provided to participants, we understand that some may not "fit the recipient" (ie. vegetarian winning a steak), therefore the prizes will be distributed with the "top choice" going to the fastest finisher with second dibs being next, etc.
  • The regatta organizers reserve the right to present "special prizes" (while supplies last) to remarkable feats performed racers, supporters or volunteers during the course of the regatta.  Please, be certain to notify organizers if you witness extraordinary efforts (might be a newbie racing for the very first time or a volunteer who went above and beyond, etc).

Please, contact the regatta organizer (rowing[at]pvrowing.org) for questions or to let us know of specific needs and interests.

Coaches and Rowers:

This is not a USRowing event. Please note: all participants must fill out the attached waiver and hand it in during registration on regatta day. Thank you.

Contact Jonathan Moss
Email [email protected]
Phone 413 262 0945
Chief Referee Not yet posted
Juniors Yes
High School Yes
Middle School No
Collegiate Yes
Open Yes
Masters Yes
Elite No
Para No
Inclusion No
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