Boulder Sprints

  • Hosted By: Boulder Community Rowing, Inc.


   2017 Boulder Sprints

Race Day Information

Directions: The 8th Annual Boulder Sprints will be held at the Boulder Reservoir. The reservoir is located just to the west of US 119 (Diagonal Highway). From US 119, turn west at Jay Road. Immediately after turning onto Jay Road, turn right onto 51st Street, which is just past the fire station. Follow 51st Street North for about 1.5 miles. Just before the paved road ends, the entrance to the reservoir will on the right. Let the gate attendant know that you are here for the regatta and the entrance fee will be waived before 7 AM. A map is included in this packet.

Admission to Boulder Reservoir: Boulder Reservoir is a recreation facility managed by the City of Boulder and they normally charge a daily admission rate to enter the facility. All competitors and spectators who arrive before 7am will be admitted to the Reservoir free-of-charge. Please let the front gate attendant know that you are here for the Boulder Sprints. After 7AM, the regular admission rate will be charged for all who enter (Adults: $7, Children under 18: $4, Seniors 60+: $5).

Parking: Parking is available for all competitors and spectators in the large parking lot adjacent to the Beach House. There is limited parking in the lot next to the equipment staging area. This area is reserved for car-top carriers only. All others may drop their equipment off near the staging area but please park your car in the main lot next to the Beach House.

Registration: All competitors are required to check-in at the registration table located in the registration tent near the dock. Competitors will receive their purchased food tickets at this time. Any rowers who have not paid their registration fee will be required to pay by cash or check at the time of registration. No boat registrations will be accepted after 7AM on the day of the event.

Events: All boat registrations will be managed by Regatta Central. There are event categories at this race: Masters, Open and Juniors. Masters events will be handicapped based on USRowing’s standards for 1000m races. Open and Junior races are not handicapped. We also have a parent-child 2x race. These boats can have any combination of male and female rowers as long as the “child” is 18 years old or younger. This event will not be handicapped.

Only the Masters 1x and Mixed 2x races will have heats and finals as indicated on the schedule. All other events will only have a final. If there is sufficient interest in any “final only” race, an additional flight will be added. Each flight will be treated as a final. Boats will be divided between flights based on handicap to make them as competitive as possible. Awards will be given to the winning boat in each flight.

Waivers: All competitors are required to sign waivers for Boulder Community Rowing and The City of Boulder. Please use the 'Waiver' link under Registration to complete and submit waivers online. If need be, you can Click here to download the two BCR & City of Boulder Waivers. If you have any questions or the waiver portal is not working, please reach out to '[email protected]'.

Competitors under the age of 18 will need a parent’s signature on the waiver.

Boat Inspections: The City of Boulder requires all boats entering Boulder Reservoir to be inspected for Aquatic Nuisance Species, such as the zebra mussels. Reservoir staff will inspect all incoming boats participating in the regatta between 5:30 and 6:00am. The inspection cost is $25 per trailer, and $10 per individual boat/vehicle. The inspection area is located to the left just past the reservoir entrance gate. This includes boats on trailers and car-top carriers. Vehicles with boats will have to pay the staff member at the time of the inspection. Reservoir staff and BCR coaching staff will be available on Friday the 18th from 5:00pm - 8:00pm for boat inspections of anyone arriving the evening before the regatta.

Trailers: After inspection, trailers should continue down the main road to the trailer parking area. Trailers should approach the parking area from the west side. See the attached map.

Car-top Carriers: Cars transporting boats should park in the parking area located below the trailer parking area, closer to the reservoir shore. To cut down on the traffic in areas where equipment is being unloaded and transported to the equipment staging area, please enter the parking area from the east side of the lot. See the attached map.

Staging Area: There is an area to the west of the launching dock for equipment staging. Visiting teams are welcome to bring canopies and set them up next to the staging area. Please be mindful of the other crews and consolidate your team’s equipment as much as possible. The space is limited.

Launching and Docking: There is only one dock available to boats for launching and docking. In an effort to keep the events on schedule, singles, doubles and pairs will be beach launching on the east side of the dock and taking out on the west side. Fours, quads and eights will launch from the dock. Please come prepared to the dock and launch as quickly as possible.

Coxswain’s Meeting: A coxswains meeting will be held at 6:00am at the Registration Tent. The meeting is required for any coxswains, 1x rowers and 2x/4x bow rowers. Course layout, traffic pattern and safety protocols will be covered at the meeting. A map of the traffic pattern and course is included in this packet.

Timing: Timing will be provided by coaches of the Boulder Community Rowing, Colorado Junior Crew and Colorado Crew programs. All Masters races will be handicapped based on the average age of rowers according to the USRowing Handicap Chart. The Open races are not handicapped. Official results will be posted in the Registration area.

Awards: Medals will awarded to the winning boat of all events. There will be an awards ceremony at the end of the day.

Pets: Boulder Reservoir does not permit any pets along the south shore facilities during the summer (even in cars). As a result, please respect their policy and leave any pets at home.

BBQ: There will be a food truck onsite from 11am - 3pm during the event. Participants will receive tickets for a free sandwich, others can purchase food directly from the truck.  

Refunds and Scratches: No refunds will be issued for cancellations, inclement weather or scratched boats.

First Aid: First aid kits will be located on the chase boat, stake boat, finish area and at the registration area.

Water: Water stations will be available by the registration tent. Please bring your own water bottle to refill.

Apparel and Vendors: Regatta t-shirts, commemorative pint glasses and other Boulder Community Rowing apparel will be available for sale in the Registration Tent. Proceeds will be contributed towards future Boulder Sprint regattas.

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