Summer Festival of Rowing

  • Hosted By: The Bolles School
  • Sanctioned by Florida Scholastic Rowing Assoc.
  • Registration Closed


NO TIME TRIALS - we believe youth rowers need to race in the summer. Too many boats (over HALF at many races!) are going to summer races and are done after they race a 1,900 meter time trial. 

Schedule - we are building the schedule to allow for more racing of total events and types of events as we believe summer racing should allow for as much experience as you can or want to get. We are offering 4 days of racing which will get broken up into different events for 2 days each. The racing will take place in the morning hours to allow us to offer college showcase events in the afternoon and allow athletes to replenish themselves to maximize the racing they are involved in.

College Showcase - why do other sports offer true showcases for their high school athletes to show off in front of college coaches yet we offer the same old races where college coaches don’t know what seat anyone is in and never really get a chance for meaningful conversation or viewing. On Wednesday, June 12th we will allow college coaches into launches for a row in the afternoon to watch rowers and also host a gathering on land for conversation and presentations. College coaches get to see the racing and practice sessions!

Composite Clash - we are offering an event this year that will bring programs together through our “Composite Clash”, an event that starts with 1x’s and 2-’s the first day. The results of those build 2x’s and 4+’s which then build 4x’s and 8+’s. You could end up sitting with athletes from all different programs on the final day. A fun and new way to show how you move boats with different people.

Fun - we believe summer rowing (and racing) should be fun. We want to offer a schedule, events and experience that kids are talking about when they go home! The races will be real, but we also recognize that all of the rowers are coming from a spring season that is the culmination of a long year of training and this summer event is just another step to help them get ready for the following year.

10 Boat Races - It doesn’t get much more fun than racing against 9 other boats at the same time! We offer the ability to race 10 at a time and plan to fill up as many grand finals into 10 boat races. We also plan to offer petite finals and do heats with no time trials!

Entry Fees - We are committed to continuing to make the entry fees less than other summer races in an effort to increase access to racing opportunities.


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Chief Referee Not yet posted
Juniors Yes
High School Yes
Middle School Yes
Collegiate No
Open No
Masters No
Elite No
Para No
Inclusion No
Entry Fees (USD)
Standard Cost
1x $70.00
2x/- $120.00
4x/+/- $160.00
8+ $220.00
Plus taxes if applicable