Cincinnati Regatta

  • Hosted By University of Cincinnati Rowing Club
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

Cincinnati Regatta 2012

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Harsha Lake at East Fork State Park, Ohio



To All Rowers, Coxswains, and Coaches:


Welcome to the Cincinnati Regatta 2012, hosted by the University of Cincinnati Rowing Club and the Clermont Crew.


The Cincinnati Regatta is a USRowing registered regatta, featuring collegiate races and a few open events.  Races will be conducted under USRowing Rules of Racing.  Teams must be organizational members of USRowing.


Regatta Features:

2000m Partially Buoyed 6 Lane Course

Floating start

Race finishes at Beach area- great spectator viewing


Friday, April 6th

Course open for practice until 7:30 pm.

Regatta Information: Regatta information packet is available online through

Entries:  Entries are to be made on  The entry window on will close @ 11:59pm April 2, 2012.

Entry Fees: $10 per athlete (rower or coxswain).  Entry fees are non-refundable after the entry deadline.

Late Entries: Any entry made after the deadline, April 2, 2012, will be accepted at the discretion of the regatta committee with a $25 late boat fee.

Event Categories:

Frosh/Novice must be an academic Freshman or in the first academic year of college rowing.

2nd Varsity includes rowers not in the 1st Varsity four or eight and includes Lightweight boats.

Open includes any age competitor, including college, open, or masters.  If entry numbers warrant, race will be divided into flights/finals by age category.

Mixed events should have an equal number of male and female rowers. 

Gender: Only males may row in Men’s events. Only females may row in Women’s events.

Coxswains: Coxswains may be of either gender, and of any skill or age classification. There is no weight minimum for coxswains.

Waivers:  All participants must have completed a US Rowing Waiver, preferably on-line before the event.

Race Schedule: Heats and lane draws will be available on late on Thursday, April 5, 2012.

Constituting a Race:  If an event does not have at least three entries from different teams, the LOC reserves the right to cancel the race.

Boat Storage:  Boats are to be stored in marked areas only. Please provide your own boat stands and secure all boats not in use. Trailers will not be allowed on the lawns or beaches. Once your equipment is unloaded, please move your trailers and tow units to the areas marked.   All equipment must be removed from the regatta site by sunset Saturday evening.

On Site Registration: The onsite registration desk will be open Friday, April 6, 2012, from 5-7pm, and Saturday, April 7, 2012 from 6-9am.

Coaches and Coxswains Meeting: A coaches and coxswains meeting will be held under at the Maupin Pavilion near the registration desk at 6:30am Saturday, April 7, 2012.

Weighing Boats: Boats will not be weighed

Quick Release: Check your equipment for race readiness, including the proper tying of heels (3 inches). Releases will be checked at the dock as the boats approach the launch area.

Bow Balls: Bow balls must be secured to shells before launch. Shells without bow balls will not be allowed to race.

Bow Numbers: Please bring your own bow numbers.

Hot Seating: Hot seating is at the discretion of the Coach. 

Late to Start: All crews must be on time to the start area. The start will not be delayed for a late crew.

Protests: Protests will follow the USRowing rules of racing. Any crew wishing to protest should raise their hands after completing their race. Coaches should formally register their written protest with the registrar and pay the protest fee. Protests will be adjudicated by USRowing officials.

Race Results: All results will be posted near the registration desk.

On Site Concessions:

  • Food will be available at the park concession stand under the portico.
  • Regatta shirts will be available for purchase.




7:45 am-9:45 am      Heats if needed




Event 1          10:00              Collegiate W N8

Event 2          10:10              Collegiate M N8

Event 3          10:20              Collegiate W 2V8

Event 4          10:30              Collegiate M 2V8

Event 5          10:45              Collegiate W V8

Event 6          10:55              Collegiate M V8


Event 7          11:05              Open M 2x

Event 8          11:15              Open W 2x

Event 9          11:25              Open M1x

Event 10        11:35              Open W 1x


Event 11        11:50              Collegiate W N4

Event 12        12:00              Collegiate M N4

Event 13        12:10              Collegiate W 2V4

Event 14        12:20              Collegiate M 2V4

Event 15        12:30              Collegiate W V4

Event 16        12:40              Collegiate M V4


Event 17        12:50              Open Mixed 4x

Event 18        1:00                Open Mixed 8

Driving Directions to East Fork State Park:

  1. from I-275 Exit #65,
  2. Take Beechmont Avenue (State Rte. 125) East to Amelia.
  3. Drive 11 miles on Rte. 125 to the light at Elklick Road.
  4. Turn left on Elklick Road.
  5. Take next left into East Fork State Park.
  6. follow signs to Beach area.

Parking for Regatta

Please refer to Venue Map at for clarification and locations of the parking lots and the beach area as described.

Due to the limited amount of parking at the Beach regatta site, traffic will be controlled in the following ways:

  1. Friday- Teams will be allowed to unload their boats and set-up their team tents on Friday without any restrictions as to time and parking though the beach road access will be closed by the Park Rangers at 11pm. Teams are to place their boats to the right of the beach as they enter the beach area down the hill from the park entrance. After unloading the boats, trailers will be moved to the parking lot at the top of the hill (as you come down to the beach area). No trailers can remain at the beach due to the limited area and limited parking spaces. Team tents are to be set up in the marked area to the left on the grass between the concession tent and the beach. Tent placement is on a "first come" basis.
  2. Saturday-Teams will be allowed in the parking lot at the beach from 5:00am-7:00am for unloading their boats and dropping off their teams and equipment. Depending on the volume of traffic, the access to the beach area may be curtailed at 7:00 am and you will be asked to park in one of the out-lying parking lots and a shuttle service will be provided from those lots to the beach. Cars with handicap tags will be allowed to park at the beach parking lot at all times.
  3. Teams with buses are asked to unload at the farthest row from the entrance to the parking lot. The curve at the end is a very tight fit for large tour buses and East Fork State Park has limited bus turn around to that row due to damage to the median. Buses will ONLY be allowed to park in the last parking lots. We ask bus drivers to park at an angle as directed by the lot attendant in order to maximize space availability. Once those lots are filled buses will be directed to park at an out-lying lot and shuttle service will be provided for the drivers to and from the beach area.
  4. Teams will be allowed to load boats and equipment at the end of racing on Saturday. At that time, access to the beach will be allowed as parking becomes available.


Accommodations:  Please visit our website ( for accommodation suggestions.


Questions?:  Contact Leila Spriggs-Perzel at  (513) 505-6907 or or Lynne Graves at (513)720-9399 or