49th Head Of The Charles

  • Hosted By Head of the Charles
  • 2016 Registered Regatta


Event# Time* Code Event Competitors
Saturday, October 19, 2013
1 8:00 AM M SR-VET 1X Men's Senior Veteran Singles I and II [70+]
    Marin Rowing Association
L. Carter
    Cambridge Boat Club
H. Hamilton
    Cambridge Boat Club
C. Zezza
    Maine Rowing Association
G. Gratwick
    Pettipaug YC Rowing
j. laundon
    Cambridge Boat Club
B. Jones
    Rivanna Rowing Club, Inc.
C. Collins
    Saugatuck Rowing Club, LLC
B. Pasternak
    Unaffiliated (USA)
R. Heacox
    College Boat Club
R. Kendall
    Weld Scullers
A. Holcombe
    Upper Valley Rowing Foundation
T. Swayze
    San Diego Rowing Club
S. Kemper
    New Haven Rowing Club
S. Gurney
    Unaffiliated (USA)
M. McGill
    Cambridge Boat Club
F. Porter
    Carnegie Lake Rowing Association
P. Goodbody
    Wilmington Rowing Center (WRC)
H. Mueller
    Riverside Boat Club
N. Daniloff
    Maritime Rowing Club
K. Iscol
    Union Boat Club
N. O'Connor
    Union Boat Club
L. Coolidge
    Cambridge Boat Club
R. Ackerman
    Cambridge Boat Club
R. Neufville
    Lake Leelanau Rowing Club
A. Lande'
    Hanlan Boat Club
S. Singh
    Colorado Rowing
H. Wurster
    Ever Green Boat Club, Inc
m. welch
    Union Boat Club
h. Sears
    Unaffiliated (USA)
J. Wescott
    New York Athletic Club
J. McGowan
    Unaffiliated (USA)
R. Gabel
    Nereid Boat Club, Inc.
R. Hoguet
    Potomac Boat Club
J. Hatch
    Tideway Scullers School
R. Tollman
    Baltimore Rowing Club
W. Cesewski
    New Haven Rowing Club
B. Walsh
    Cambridge Boat Club
W. Barrett
    Unaffiliated (USA)
R. Pitman
    Northfield Mount Hermon School
A. Burnett
    Narragansett Boat Club
R. Green
    Ever Green Boat Club, Inc
B. Baggaley
    New York Athletic Club
L. Klecatsky
2 8:22 AM W SR-VET 1X Women's Veteran I/II and Senior Veteran I/II [60 - 69, 70+]
3 8:53 AM M VET 1X Men's Veteran Singles I and II [60+]
    Orleans Sweeps and Sculls
A. Flanders
    Cambridge Boat Club
G. Stone
    Rockford Crew
R. Anderson
    Occoquan Boat Club
R. Spousta
    Merrimac River Rowing Association
R. Sengstaken
    Unaffiliated (USA)
J. Meyer
    Toronto Sculling Club
P. Monckton
    Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc.
B. Schumacher
    St. Catharines Rowing Club
B. Thorne
M. Tebay
    Cambridge Boat Club
P. Rioux
    Unaffiliated (USA)
A. Nelson
    St. Louis Rowing Club
C. Cook
    Cambridge Boat Club
R. Lee
    Koninklijke Roei- en Zeilvereniging De Maas
F. Verhulst
    Delta Deas Rowing Club
m. bates
    Berkeley Paddling & Rowing Club
D. Bort
    Cambridge Boat Club
C. Fountain
    Maine Rowing Association
J. Foltz
    Unaffiliated (USA)
M. Pope
    Unaffiliated (USA)
D. Lee
    Western Rowing Club
j. dwyer/
    Maritime Rowing Club
E. Zerdy
    Pocock Rowing Center
H. Koerner
    Potomac Boat Club
N. Young
    Maine Rowing Association
D. Seales
    Hanlan Boat Club
H. Vanderlugt
    Orleans Sweeps and Sculls
D. Ledkovsky
    Oregon Association of Rowers
J. Stacey
    Salisbury Boat Club
W. Kirber
    Quinsigamond Rowing Association, Inc.
R. Simitis
    Community Rowing, Inc.
H. Scott
    Unaffiliated (USA)
D. Wassail
    University of Massachusetts Crew
J. Dietz
    Unaffiliated (USA)
J. Clary
    Rivanna Rowing Club, Inc.
C. Wolfe
    Whistler Rowing Club
G. Groff
    Unaffiliated (USA)
J. Hirsch
    Norwalk River Rowing Association
D. Loomis
    Partez Rowing Club
A. Adachi
    All American Rowing Camp, LLC
R. Franks
    Pettipaug YC Rowing
P. Flory
    Upper Valley Rowing Foundation
M. Van Beuren
    Narragansett Boat Club
P. Gross
    Unaffiliated (USA)
P. Bully
    Hanlan Boat Club
J. Sherrick
    Mid Hudson Rowing Association
M. Griffin
    Amoskeag Rowing Club
M. Shields
    Upper Valley Rowing Foundation
G. Isley
    Minneapolis Rowing Club
J. Cheesebro
    Connecticut College
R. Ricci
4 9:22 AM M GM 1X Men's Grand Master Singles [50+]
5 9:51 AM W GM 1X Women's Grand Master Singles [50+]
6 10:17 AM M SM 8+ Men's Senior Master Eights [50+]
7 10:34 AM W SM 8+ Women's Senior Master Eights [50+]
8 10:49 AM M SM 4+ Men's Senior Master Fours [50+]
9 11:04 AM W SM 4+ Women's Senior Master Fours [50+]
10 11:32 AM M SM 2X Men's Senior Master Doubles [50+]
11 11:51 AM W SM 2X Women's Senior Master Doubles [50+]
    Lincoln Park Boat Club
I. Stekl/F. Tuite
    Great River Rowing
P. Raila/S. Padilla/
    Riverside Boat Club
L. Osborn/P. Belden
    Upper Valley Rowing Foundation
T. Glover/C. Reynolds
    Mile High Rowing Club
J. Snyder/G. Malacrida
    Maritime Rowing Club
C. Galloway/L. Devitt
    Ridley Graduate Boat Club
N. Storrs/L. Dundas
    Community Rowing, Inc.
d. grinnell/R. Hasenfeld
    Whitemarsh Boat Club
J. Waterbury/D. Parenti/
    Indianapolis Rowing Center
G. Vance/W. Vik
    Cambridge Boat Club
    Rockland Rowing Association, Inc.
L. Horn/K. Kearney/
    Riverside Boat Club
P. Trzcinski/J. Wroten
    Carnegie Lake Rowing Association
D. Olivier/B. Heck
    Vesper Boat Club
A. Jonik/C. Holdsworth
    Composite: Capital, GMS Rowing
M. Nielsen/P. Meyer
    Unaffiliated (USA)
B. Kronick/P. Jackson
    Rivanna Rowing Club, Inc.
A. Cann/G. DeAngelis
    Central Pennsylvania Rowing Association
A. Shapiro/S. Thomas/
    Composite: Cambridge, Riverside
L. Smythe/P. Hoffnung
    Pelham Community Rowing Association
I. Ghitelman/L. Stirton Aust/
    Avalon Rowing Club
N. Crome/C. Miller
    Minneapolis Rowing Club
    Carnegie Lake Rowing Association
K. Ellis/L. McCarthy
    Hanlan Boat Club
D. Mara/B. Prevedello
    Lake Oswego Community Rowing
J. Wallis/S. Wood
    Swan Creek Rowing Club
J. Wilson/P. Glover
    Lake Union Crew
L. Schwefel/K. Sabo
12 12:11 PM M SM 1X Men's Senior Master Singles [40+]
13 12:23 PM W SM 1X Women's Senior Masters Singles [40+]
14 12:40 PM M ALUM 8+ Men's Alumni Eights
15 12:57 PM W ALUM 8+ Women's Alumni Eights
16 1:14 PM M CLUB 4+ Men's Club Fours
17 1:39 PM W CLUB 4+ Women's Club Fours
18 2:04 PM M CLUB 8+ Men's Club Eights
19 2:20 PM W CLUB 8+ Women's Club Eights
20 2:37 PM M MSTR 4+ Men's Master Fours [40+]
21 2:50 PM W MSTR 4+ Women's Master Fours [40+]
22 3:09 PM M MSTR 8+ Men's Master Eights [40+]
23 3:22 PM W MSTR 8+ Women's Master Eights [40+]
24 3:35 PM M CHAMP 2X Men's Championship Doubles
25 3:46 PM W CHAMP 2X Women's Championship Doubles
26 4:00 PM M COLLEGE 4+ Men's Collegiate Fours
27 4:14 PM W COLLEGE 4+ Women's Collegiate Fours
28 4:31 PM M CHAMP 1X Men's Championship Singles
29 4:41 PM W CHAMP 1X Women's Championship Singles
DCPC2x 4:52 PM DC PC 2X Directors' Challenge Parent/Child Doubles
DCMX2x 5:12 PM DC MX 2X Directors Challenge Mixed Doubles
    Space Coast Crew (A)
    Rockford Crew (A)
M. Raisky/C. Raisky
    Greenwich Crew (A)
M. McCormack/R. Slocum
    Composite: North End, Otago (A)
H. Bond/E. Travis
    Baltimore Rowing Club (A)
B. McMahon/C. McMahon
    Community Rowing, Inc. (A)
K. Dutt/Y. Marts
    Rivanna Rowing Club, Inc. (A)
C. Collins/G. DeAngelis
    Pettipaug YC Rowing (A)
K. Elfstrom/j. laundon
    Baltimore Rowing Club (B)
e. geyh/H. Hutton
    Laval Rowing Club/Club D'Aviron de Laval (A)
M. Lacroix/F. Moortgat
    Minneapolis Rowing Club (A)
B. Gustafson/J. Cooper
    Kennebecasis (A)
J. Reid/N. Voutour
    Community Rowing, Inc. (B)
M. Dorna/R. Ezzell
    Composite: Cascadilla, Mt. Baker (A)
J. Walker/T. Willsallen
    Austin Rowing Club (A)
R. Weiss/J. Wassenaar
    Composite: Cambridge, Ridley Graduate (C)
P. Macgowan/E. Kennelly
    Lake Washington Rowing Club (A)
D. Peschel/S. Kinne
    Composite: Lincoln Park Boat Club, Recovery on Water (B)
T. Opferman/M. Willmott
    Revolution Rowing (A)
J. Pickens/L. Pickens
    Greenwich Crew (A)
M. Lonski/M. Slabbert
    Cambridge Boat Club (A)
k. glasgow/R. Schouten
    Saratoga Rowing Association, Inc./ Saratoga Springs High School (A)
R. Kercull/L. D'Aniello
    New Haven Rowing Club (A)
D. Davies/S. Davies
    GMS Rowing Center (A)
M. Collins/S. Collins
    V-Sculls (A)
E. Roosendahl/L. Hedstrom/
    Cincinnati Rowing Club (A)
M. Brundage/T. Dryer
    Baltimore Rowing Club (C)
E. Anderson/J. Anderson
    Sammamish Rowing Association (A)
T. Andrews/H. Floss
    Composite: Cambridge, Lake Union (B)
J. Gardner/C. Zezza
    Walbrook Rowing Club (A)
P. Lukes/I. Chiappino
    Undine Barge Club of Philadelphia (A)
E. Welsh/J. Haines
    All American Rowing Camp, LLC (A)
L. Theiss/R. Franks
    Cambridge Boat Club (D)
E. Sweet/L. Sweet
    Miami Beach Watersports Center/Miami Beach Rowing Club (E)
G. Fields/E. Dickson
    Miami Beach Watersports Center/Miami Beach Rowing Club (A)
L. RETELNY/F. Viacava
    Willamette Rowing Club (A)
J. Streur/J. Withycombe
    McGill University Rowing Club (A)
M. York/M. Anand/
Sunday, October 20, 2013
30 8:00 AM MX ADAPT 4+ Mixed Legs/Trunk/Arms Fours
31 8:17 AM TA 2X Mixed/Same Gender Trunk/Arms Doubles
32a 8:39 AM M CLUB 1X Men's Club Singles
32b 8:39 AM M YOUTH 1X Men's Youth Singles
33a 9:04 AM W CLUB 1X Womens Club Singles
    Ridley Graduate Boat Club
M. Prince
    Unaffiliated (USA)
K. Krengel
    Potomac Boat Club
E. Stieve-Caldwell
    Dolphin Club
A. Hiniker
    Oklahoma City University
K. Yraceburu
    Oklahoma City University
L. Mathews
    Unaffiliated (CAN)
S. Machin
    Rocky Mountain Rowing Club
E. Diamond
    Riverside Boat Club
C. Mance
    Unaffiliated (USA)
A. Totta
    GMS Rowing Center
Z. Fleischmann
    Sagamore Rowing Association
L. Healy
    Unaffiliated (USA)
K. McGillis
    Community Rowing, Inc.
M. Dow
    Unaffiliated (USA)
C. Connell
    University of Michigan Alumni
M. Ongun
    Ridley Graduate Boat Club
C. Pauls
    Rivanna Rowing Club, Inc.
A. Deal
    Unaffiliated (USA)
T. Mann
    All American Rowing Camp, LLC
A. Dimatteo
    Penn A.C. Rowing Association
M. Mosier
    Unaffiliated (USA)
M. Gough
    Unaffiliated (USA)
E. Tadiri
    Peterborough Rowing Club
A. Holmes Heron
33b 9:04 AM WYOUTH 1X Women's Youth Singles
34 9:26 AM M YOUTH 4+ Men's Youth Fours
DCW4x 10:03 AM DC W 4X Directors' Challenge Women's Quads
35 10:24 AM M YOUTH 8+ Men's Youth Eights
36 10:53 AM M MSTR 1X Men's Master Singles
37 11:05 AM W MSTR 1X Women's Master Singles
38 11:24 AM M YOUTH 2X Men's Youth Doubles
39 11:40 AM W YOUTH 2X Women's Youth Doubles
40 11:59 AM M LW 1X Men's Lightweight Singles
41 12:10 PM W LW 1X Women's Lightweight Singles
42 12:25 PM W YOUTH 4+ Women's Youth Fours
DCM4x 1:05 PM DC M 4X Directors' Challenge Men's Quads
43 1:22 PM W YOUTH 8+ Women's Youth Eights
44 2:01 PM M MSTR 2X Men's Master Doubles [40+]
45 2:13 PM W MSTR 2X Women's Master Doubles [40+]
46 2:31 PM M CHAMP 4+ Men's Championship Fours
47 2:39 PM W CHAMP 4+ Women's Championship Fours
48 2:54 PM M CHAMP 8+ Men's Championship Eights
49 3:06 PM W CHAMP 8+ Women's Championship Eights
DCMX4x 3:23 PM DC MX 4X Directors' Challenge Mixed Quads
    Composite: Riverside, Union (B)
0.0 (32)
    Union Boat Club (A)
0.0 (38)
    Saugatuck Rowing Club, LLC (A)
S. Majd/S. Bub/D. Tudor/S. Schmidt
0.0 (48)
    Composite: Cambridge, Los Gatos (B)
J. Snook/A. Balogh/A. Sanders-Fleming/P. Rioux
0.0 (56)
    Los Gatos Rowing Club (A)
M. Nielsen/M. Sivigny/M. O'Leary/B. Tryon
0.0 (36)
    Composite: CWRU, Long Lake Rowing Crew (A)
P. DelBarba/N. Miller/C. Bowerman/M. Miller
0.0 (23)
    Cloanthus RC (A)
S. Minc/J. Marx/E. Mitchell/M. Butsch/
0.0 (36)
    Narragansett Boat Club (B)
W. Prichett/A. Fleet/J. Brush/A. Washburn
0.0 (58)
    Composite: Virginia RA, Rivanna (A)
A. Cann/F. Biller/B. Carr/G. DeAngelis
0.0 (44)
    Unaffiliated (USA) (A)
B. Mulvey/E. Diamond/K. Broderick/C. Dyke
0.0 (27)
    Baltimore Rowing Club (A)
S. Bausch/A. Schayowitz/J. Jones/C. McMahon
0.0 (40)
    Narragansett Boat Club (A)
G. Simmons/J. Ryan/L. Evans/P. Evans/
0.0 (50)
    Texas Rowing Center (A)
Z. Ellison/R. Stanley/K. Brewer/F. Thrash
0.0 (24)
    Upper Valley Rowing Foundation (A)
P. Gross/P. Sadler/M. van Beuren/M. Van Beuren
0.0 (63)
    Willamette Rowing Club (A)
J. Withycombe/J. Streur/B. Kronick/B. Byrd
0.0 (50)
    Composite: CRI, Pettipaug (A)
C. Widgery/P. Flory/P. Hambrick/B. Eldridge
0.0 (59)
    Whitemarsh Boat Club (C)
G. Kerr/E. Horvat/D. Parenti/D. Baugh/
0.0 (53)
    Old Lyme Rowing Association/ Blood Street Sculls (A)
L. Carter/K. Elfstrom/B. Faurot/j. laundon
0.0 (61)
    Composite: Penn AC, Gorge, Maple Bay, Unaff. (CAN) (A)
D. Morris/M. Fountain/R. Rutledge/P. Desjardins
0.0 (60)
    Avalon Rowing Club (A)
T. Campbell/R. Gillis/M. Merritt/C. Stockly
0.0 (34)
    Cambridge Boat Club (A)
N. Streeter/T. Pounds/K. Bryant/P. Hoffman
0.0 (51)
    Composite: Long Beach, Long Beach Junior Crew (A)
P. Adkins/D. Felix/J. Felix/M. Felix
0.0 (35)
    San Diego Rowing Club (A)
G. Barnes/C. Morrison/C. Hollings/R. Yocum
0.0 (53)
    Baltimore Rowing Club (B)
S. Perry/E. Erbelding/H. Hutton/R. Singewald
0.0 (58)
    Composite: Saugatuck, Martha's Moms, Potomac (A)
K. Kislevitz/B. Pasternak/N. Andreadis/B. Cox
0.0 (66)
50 3:41 PM M COLLEGE 8+ Men's Collegiate Eights
51 3:59 PM W COLLEGE 8+ Women's Collegiate Eights
52 4:14 PM M LW 4+ Men's Lightweight Fours
53 4:22 PM W LW 4+ Women's Lightweight Fours
54 4:38 PM M LW 8+ Men's Lightweight Eights
55 4:46 PM W LW 8+ Women's Lightweight Eights
*-Event times, if listed, are tentative and subject to change