Eastern Rowing Association Championships

  • Hosted By Club d'aviron de Montreal - Montreal Rowing Club

The Montreal Regatta Organizing Committee (MROC) is pleased to announce that the ERA Championships will be held on July 7th and 8th, 2012.


The ERA Championships is held over two days, with the following program:

  • Saturday morning: Qualification for 1x, 2- and 2x (Time-Trial);
  • Saturday afternoon: Semi-finals and finals C to E for 1x, 2- and 2x (Side-by-side);
  • Sunday morning: Heats for 4-, 4x and 8+ and for Masters categories (Side-by-side);
  • Sunday afternoon: Final A & B for all categories (Side-by-side).

You will find below the program of the sunday afternoon (Final A & B):

Course Number Finale A or B Category
C01 Finale B W / F 1x
C02 Finale A W / F 1x
C03 Finale B M / H 2-
C04 Finale A M / H 2-
C05 Finale A Master W / F 4+
C06 Finale B M / H 1x
C07 Finale A M / H 1x
C08 Finale B W / F 2x
C09 Finale A W / F 2x
C10 Finale A Master M / H 4+
C11 Finale B W / F 2-
C12 Finale A W / F 2-
C13 Finale B M / H 2x
C14 Finale A M / H 2x
C15 Finale A Master W / F 1x
C16 Finale C W / F 4x
C17 Finale B W / F 4x
C18 Finale A W / F 4x
C19 Finale A M / H 4-
C20 Finale C Master M / H 1x
C21 Finale B Master M / H 1x
C22 Finale A Master M / H 1x
C23 Finale A W / F 8+
C24 Finale A M / H 4+
C25 Finale A Master W / F 2x et 2-
C26 Finale A W / F 4+
C27 Finale A M / H 4x
C28 Finale A Master M / H 2x
C29 Finale A W / F 4-
C30 Finale A M / H 8+


The two ERA regattas, organized annually by the Eastern Rowing Association (ERA) and its Organizing Committee, are major events in the world of rowing in Canada. Each race allows different categories of rowers to compete:

  • May 12th, 2012: The ERA High School regatta gathers group of students under 19 from twenty schools in Quebec and Ontario. Nearly 200 rowers are found in the basin; most of them race their first competitive regatta. You can click here to access directly to the regatta page for more information.
  • July 7th and 8th, 2012: The ERA Championships is a major regatta in Canada. The competition is open to juniors, seniors and masters and drew 500 participants from different clubs in Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes but also from United States. Because of the magnitude of the event, ERA decided in 2010 to organize the championships over two days. You can clickhere to access directly to the regatta page for more information.

In total, the ERA regattas gather nearly 1,000 participants and from 1,500 to 2,000 people around the Olympic Basin. Year after year, competitors and spectators return, thus renewing their confidence in the Organizing Committee.

Website http://www.eraregatta.org
Host/LOC Club d'aviron de Montreal - Montreal Rowing Club
Contact Pierre-Rémi Fourès
Email info@eraregatta.org
Phone +1 (514) 861-8959
Chief Umpire Not yet posted
Juniors Yes
HS/Scholastic No
Collegiate No
Open Yes
Masters Yes
Elite Yes
Adaptive No
Inclusion No
Entry Fees (CAD)