34th Long Beach Junior Invitational

  • Hosted By: Long Beach Junior Crew
  • USRowing Sanctioned Regatta

34th Annual Long Beach Junior Invitational Regatta 

March 9 & 10 2024

This Regatta is registered with USRowing


Please Contact Regatta to open registration:

 [email protected] 



Registration closes………….. 3/1/24 at 11:59pm

Payment Due…………………. 3/1/24 at 11:59pm

Scratch window closes……..3/1/24 at 11:59pm

Lineups due…………………….3/6/24 at 11:59pm

Waiver due……………………..3/6/24 at 11:59pm


**Coaches/Coxswain Meeting**

Starting at 7:00am Saturday on the beach side, north end of Marine Stadium adjacent to the Clerk-of-the-Course.


**Admission fee for adult spectators**

In lieu of a parking fee, there will be a $15 cash admission fee per day for adult spectators..  Athletes, coaches, and kids are free.


Race Course

The racecourse is partially-buoyed course that is located in Long Beach’s historic Marine Stadium. The 1400m sprint course runs from the 2nd St Bridge to the finish line at the north end of Marine Stadium.



The current edition of the U.S.R.A. Racing Rules of Rowing applies except as modified herein. This event is a USRowing registered regatta therefore all participating organizations must be USRowing Organizational Members.



All attending rowers and coxswains must have completed the online USRowing waiver.



E-mail [email protected] with scratches or changes.  Once the Final Schedule has been sent out on Friday, all changes or scratches must go through the Clerk of the Course at the Regatta.


Event Eligibility Definitions

Youth: A Youth is a Competitor who in the current calendar year does not attain the age of 19, or who in the current calendar year does not attain the age of 20 and has been continuously enrolled in secondary school as a full-time student seeking a diploma. A Competitor thus ceases to be a Youth after December 31 of the year of their 18th birthday (U19), or upon completion of the 12th grade of secondary school, having been a full-time student within the year of their 19th birthday (U20). Athletes older than U20 are never eligible to compete as Youth


U17: A competitor may compete in the U17 category until December 31 of the year of his or her 16th birthday.

U16: A Competitor may compete in the U16 category until December 31 of the year of their 15th birthday.

U15: A Competitor may compete in the U15 category until December 31 of the year of their 14th birthday.

4x B and 4+ B:  Clubs must have entered a boat in the 4x or 4+ category to be eligible for the B category.



Race schedule and Results:

The final schedule will be e-mailed to coaches Friday PM. The schedule will be accessible on Regattacentral.com. 



For events with 7 or less entries, there will be a Final only during the morning. 

For events with more than 7 entries, there will be Finals for All Crews in the afternoon.  The A Finals will follow the seeding process mentioned in this document.  For B Finals and lower, crews will be seeded by their time in the heats.


Boat Inspection

All Boats will be inspected before launching and a marker will be placed on the boat upon passing the inspection. The marker must remain on the boat for the duration of the regatta.


  • Bow Markers

Each crew shall provide their own bow markers.


  • Bow Balls

No racing shell will be allowed to practice or race without a bow ball.


  • Foot-stretchers

Rowing shoe heels shall be tied no more than three inches from the footplate. 



Marine Stadium site information:



Boat Storage and Parking

Trailers and busses shall enter the Marine Stadium parking area via the Appian Way gate at the southwest end of Marine Stadium, located at the intersection of Appian Way and Bayshore.  Entrance to Marine Stadium is on Paoli Way. 


Marine Stadium

5225 Paoli Way

Long Beach, CA, 90803


Parking lot gates are scheduled to be open at 7:00 AM on Friday, March 8th and at 6:00 AM on race days. On Friday, one way traffic flowing West to East will be enforced. Please inform your boat trailer driver to enter Marine Stadium via Paoli Way. Stadium gates will be locked Friday and Saturday night at 7:30pm.


On Saturday and Sunday, no early arrivals will be admitted into Stadium before 6:00AM. Please be considerate of our neighbors. ALL VEHICLES ARRIVING EARLY MUST TURN ENGINES OFF. The road along the beach area will be closed to all through traffic on race days. Bicycles are permitted.


All visiting teams and their hospitality shall set up and row from the beach side of Marine Stadium and not on the Pete Archer Rowing Center side.  All visitor parking shall be on the beach side of Marine Stadium and not on the Pete Archer Rowing Center side. 


There will be a per adult entry fee for spectators.  Kids are free.



Trailer Parking

Trailer parking is first come first serve.


Trash Clean-up

Please clean up your teams area thoroughly before leaving the venue each day.  There will be a $500 fine if a team's area has trash left on the surrounding ground.


****No Drones allowed at the venue***


Alcohol is strictly not allowed at the venue



Please Respect Our Neighbors’ Requests

Teams shall avoid stepping on the neighbors’ flowers along the back wall. It is ok to rest your oars on the back wall as long as they are placed at a 30 degree angle into the street towards the beach and do not extend out beyond the back of the wall to avoid blocking the neighbors road behind the wall.



Please store your boats on an angle and as high up on the beach as possible due to very high tides.


Progression Lane Assignments for Finals:


Finals lane draw for two heats

Lane 1

Lane 2

Lane 3

Lane 4

Lane 5

Lane 6

Heat A - 3rd

Heat B - 2nd

Heat A - 1st

Heat B - 1st

Heat A - 2nd

Heat B - 3rd







Finals lane draw for three heats

Lane 1

Lane 2

Lane 3

Lane 4

Lane 5

Lane 6

Heat A - 2nd

Heat B - 1st

Heat C - 1st

Heat A - 1st

Heat B - 2nd

Heat C - 2nd







Finals lane draw for four heats

All first place boats advance as well as the Next fastest time and 2nd next fastest time regardless of finish order


Lane 1

Lane 2

Lane 3

Lane 4

Lane 5

Lane 6

Next fastest

Heat C - 1st

Heat A - 1st

Heat B - 1st

Heat D - 1st

2nd Fastest


For events with 7 more entries, there will be Finals for all crews.  The A Finals will follow the above seeding process.  For B Finals and lower, crews will be seeded by their time in the heats.



**There will not be Coxswain Weigh-Ins**



Practicing and warm-up

Practice in Marine Stadium is allowed during daylight hours (7:00am to sunset) Friday.  Practice is not allowed on Saturday or Sunday. The regatta will not be held responsible for crews practicing or warming-up outside of this time frame or in waterways outside the designated areas. Practice times will be strictly enforced. Launching prior to the announced practice times will result in disqualification of the crew. Crews will need to stay free and clear of course workers on Friday.


Traffic Pattern

Boats shall observe the counter-clockwise traffic patterns by keeping starboard oars close to the shore. The traffic pattern and course rules will be posted at the Clerk of the Course. All coaches and coxswains must study the traffic pattern prior to launch.  As the practice and race patterns may differ, please study the pattern each day. COACHES: INSTRUCT YOUR COXSWAINS AND BOWS TO CAREFULLY STUDY THE TRAFFIC PATTERN FOR PRACTICE.


Hot Seating

Hot seating must be reported to the beach master for approval. Hot seating will be at your risk. Under no circumstances will the start of the race be held up for late boats.



Medals will be awarded to the top 3 finishers in each event. If there are three entries in an event, two medals will be awarded.  If there are two entries in an event, one medal will be awarded.


Team Trophy Point System

Men's and Women's High Point trophies will be awarded according to the point structure below and attached to race schedule.








U16 8+






U17 4x





U17 8+

U17 4+

U16 4+

U15 4x+



Y8+ B

Y4x B

U16 4x+

U16 2x





U17 2X

U16 1x






U17 1x













# Boats in Final

% of points




































> 6










B boats do not score. Only the highest placing boat from each team scores points. A “B” entry can prevent another team from scoring, but they do not score themselves. If a team has two entries in a race and finish 1st and 3rd, for example, the 1st place boat gets 1st place points, but the 3rd place boat does not get any points. No 3rd place points are awarded in this instance: the 4th place boat does not move up to score the 3rd place points.




Results shall be posted during the regatta on Regattacentral.com and at the Clerk of the Course, and finish line. Final results shall be posted on Row2k.


Long Beach Junior Invitational T-shirts

T-shirts will be for sale at the concession area



In support of USRowing SafeSport requirements, it is a condition of regatta participation that the visiting team located closest to the beach side restrooms or porta potties assumes the responsibility of monitoring those facilities during and after the regatta until participants have left the area.


Thank you for your participation.   We're looking forward to another great regatta and to seeing everyone at the Long Beach Marine Stadium!  Best of luck in your racing!








Website http://www.longbeachjuniorcrew.org
Contact Peter Graves
Email [email protected]
Phone 513-257-4350
Sanctioned by  
Chief Referee Deborah Nowinski
This regatta is an invitational. [email protected] Contact the regatta to inquire about eligibility and/or authorization
Juniors Yes
High School Yes
Middle School No
Collegiate No
Open No
Masters No
Elite No
Para No
Inclusion No
Entry Fees (USD)
Standard Cost
1x $80.00
2x/2- $110.00
4x/4+/4x+ $160.00
8+ $190.00
Plus taxes if applicable