Pull The Plug

  • Hosted By Pittsford Crew
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

Due the increasing popularity of the Pittsford's Pull the Plug regatta, we are excited to announce that we have moved the location of the launch area to the Pittsford Village DPW, the same location for the 'Pittsford Regatta' held in June.  Directions are available at our web site www.pittsfordcrew.org or follow the links below:


This change will allow for much improved parking for rowers and spectators.  The race course will remain the same, but the traffic pattern on the water will change as described below.

Here is the map for the launch site, parking at the launch site, and parking in the village: 2009 map of launch area 1_2_pdf.pdf


The race course will use a clockwise traffic pattern with boats heading to the start along the left shore, and turning right to align for the start.  The race course and distance are the same as previous years. The finish line is at the Pittsford Crew Boathouse.  The crews will then return to the docks staying to the left in the return lane. For further details see the Regatta Packet on the overview page.  Regatta Overview page


Pittsford Crew is pleased to once again a Master's Race in the Pull the Plug Regatta.  This event is for local crews only,and because of the change of venue and limited time available to us (Daylight Savingsbegins 11/1 with sun setting around 5:00pm), we will also be limiting entries to 2 boats per organization in total. There will be two races: a men's 8 and women's 8 competitive races. There will be an exhibition 8 for those crews that do not want to race.  The exhibition 8 will run at a shorter distance of 1.7K.  For further information contact Betsy Twohig-Barrett at:  bbarrett@pittsfordcrew.org


Our race day will end with a Coaches Challenge race.  Participating crews may enter an 8 made up of current active coaches and board members to compete for bragging rights.  This will be the last event of the day, see event list and will be a 1700 meter course from the start line to the Village of Pittsford.  For more information contact Whitt Sprague at: wsprague@pittsfordcrew.org