Essex Indoor Sprints

  • Hosted By: Essex Rowing Club, Inc.


The 2010 Essex Rowing Sprints will be held Sunday, February 28 at the Essex Indoor Facility (Pirates Cove Marina) in Metuen, MA at 656 Lowell Street.

note:  This has been shifted from our previous venus of Merrimack College due to low registration volume in the youth events.



Parking is available at in front of the marina building and across the street in the TD Insurance lot.


Online Registration

Registrations will be accepted at RegattaCentral through February 21, 2010 at midnight PST.  Please direct all specific inquiries about the online registration process to RegattaCentral.  For general Indoor Sprints inquiries, please contact the Regatta Director.


Entry Fee

$10 for all athletes contesting 80 meters and/or 300 meters.  $20 for all other athletes.  No Refunds.   Full payment required before raceday, otherwise your entry will not be recognized.


Athlete Classification

Junior participants must have been born on or after January 1, 1992 or are currently enrolled in a secondary school.

Open participants may not include Junior athletes but are otherwise unrestricted.

Masters participants should enter the appropriate event based on age as of race day.


Entry Confirmation and Race Schedule

Entry confirmation will be posted on RegattaCentral in real-time.  A final race schedule will be provided to coaches no later than 10 pm on Friday, February 26.


Warm up

Separate warm up ergs will be on the gymnasium floor in a designated area.  Priority should be given to competitors whose event is next on the schedule.  It is recommended that you complete your warm up no later than 5 minutes prior to your race's start time.  Proceed directly to the race area and your assigned machine when your race is called.  It is your responsibility to be on time for your race.  Please follow the instructions of the regatta volunteers.  Athletes should check in with the nearest regatta volunteer once seated at your erg to confirm your name, event, and erg number. 



Results will be posted as quickly as possible following your event.  Complete results will be up on the Essex Rowing, RegattaCentral, and Row2k websites after the races.



Concept 2 Slides are available for athletes to use with their competition ergometer.  Athletes wishing to use slides must notify the Regatta Director by email no later than midnight PST February 21, 2010.  Athletes should arrive at their competition ergometer early to ensure the slides are working properly and make any adjustments if necessary.  Once races have begun, slide functionality is the responsibility of the competing athlete and will not be considered by the Regatta Director in the event of protest or grievance.


Erg settings/coxswains

You may not change the damper setting on the ergometer during the race; set it wherever you like BEFORE the race.  Note that athletes should set their resistance based on drag, not damper number.  Each athlete may have a single individual act as coxswain for their event.  This individual may stand, or will be provided with a seat to sit, slightly behind and to the side of the athlete racing.  Coxswains may stand but are not permitted to walk around the athlete when the race is in progress. 

Regatta volunteers will record scores manually following the event.   DO NOT TOUCH YOUR MONITOR UNTIL YOUR SCORE HAS BEEN RECORDED.  Athletes or coxswains that touch their monitor without receiving permission from a regatta volunteer may be disqualified.



The (gym) has the following facilities: bathrooms, locker rooms, and water fountains.  There will be a food vendor outside the gym.  Athletes are not allowed to bring food into the arena.  Food consumption is NOT allowed on the gym floor.


Concept 2 Model C and D ergometers will be used.


ERG Scores (Seeding)

Athletes or coaches must submit their most recent 2000 meter ergometer score or a best guess prediction of what that would be if an actual score is not available.  These scores will be used to seed athletes beside competitors of similar ability  Be honest!  2000 meter scores will be used for seeding regardless of the distance of the race you are entering.


No Pseudonymns or False Names

The use of Pseudonymns or False Names is strictly prohibited.  Athletes found in violation of this rule will be banned, along with their team, from competition at the regatta for two years and all associated athletes in the 2009 event will be disqualified.  In the event of an emergency it is imperative that regatta volunteers and safety personal can accurately identify athletes.  Athletes may not row for someone else, under their entry.



Substitutions are allowed but must be cleared by the regatta director at least 2 hours prior to the race being contested.



Team entrants must wear a uniform clearly identifying them with the team under which they are entered.  Competitors will not be permitted to race shirtless (bottoms are requried too but we hope that is obvious!)


Finals Only

We have a finals only format in ALL events.  Participants will be seeded, based upon 2000 meter erg scores submitted at the time of entry, so that each rower will compete beside other rowers of comparable (reported) speed.  The best time will win each event.


Interpretation of Rules

The meaning and application of these rules will be determined solely by the Regatta Director.  All decisions and deliberations will be secret, arbitrary, and final.