USRowing Northeast Junior District Championships

  • Hosted By: USRowing
  • 2016 Owned Regatta

USRowing Northeast Junior District Championships

May 15-16, 2010

Merrimack River, Lowell, Mass.

Entries will soon be accepted for the 2010 USRowing Northeast District Championships.  Races will be held on the Merrimack River in Lowell, Mass., on a 2,000-meter buoyed course with a starting platform and stake boats.  The USRowing Northeast Junior District Championships is a qualifying event for the USRowing Youth National Championships and will provide racing opportunities in the following men's and women's boat classes:

                                                Youth 1x              Youth 2x              Youth 2-
                                                Youth 4x              Youth  4+             Youth 8+
                                                Youth Ltwt 2x    Youth Ltwt 4+    Youth Ltwt 8+

First-, second- and third-place crews in the eligible events shall qualify for the Youth National Championships.

In the event that the first-, second- or third-place crews choose not to attend the Youth Championships, the entry opportunity will not roll down to the fourth-place boat.


Eligibility:  The USRowing Northeast Junior District Championships is an event for junior rowers from Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont.

USRowing Membership:

USRowing Membership:  The USRowing Northeast Junior District Championships is a USRowing-owned event.  Each participant is required to be a current individual member of USRowing and each program must be an organizational member of USRowing.  The regatta will be a USRowing Registered Regatta and will abide by the USRowing Rules of Racing.

USRowing Member Numbers:  To expedite the process of submitting entries through RegattaCentral, you should have USRowing member numbers for all of the athletes you plan to enter.  If you do not have all member numbers at hand, you can go back later and enter the numbers you are missing.  If you would like a list of members that are in the USRowing database affiliated with your organization, please contact our membership department at (800) 314-4769 or
[email protected].  We will be happy to provide a list of members and their member numbers, expiration dates and verified waivers.

Online Waivers:

USRowing offers web-based waivers, and we encourage organizations to utilize this convenient service.  The waiver is good for the entire 2010 calendar year.  Please ask your members to have their USRowing individual membership numbers and zip codes ready and direct them to:

http://www.usrowing .org/join_renew/membershipoptions/waivers.aspx

Please use RegattaCentral to submit your roster and the USRowing website to submit your waivers.

General Information: 

The Regatta will be officiated by USRowing Referees.  The USRowing 2010 Rules of Rowing govern this event.  Crews must be able to back in to stake boats  crews must be able to scull themselves in to alignment at the starting line.  Crews that cannot lock on to the stake boat will be excluded.  Races will run on time.  Events will not be postponed for hot seating or equipment.

Coaches, Coxswains and Officials Meeting:  A meeting will be held on Saturday, May 15, at 11:00 a.m. at the racecourse to review the regatta procedures and final schedule.  All teams need to send representatives to this meeting.

The following rules will be waived or amended as follows:

1. Rule 3-104 Minimum Weight of Boats  Waived

2. Rule 4-110 Weighing of Competitors  Amended  - Please See Weigh In Procedures


Credentials will be issued to athletes once registration has been completed.

All athletes must check in to verify their USRowing membership and ensure that all paperwork is
completed. Credentials will only be issued to athletes that comply with the USRowing membership and
waiver requirements for this regatta.

Athletes will be required to show credentials in order to pass through Control Commission and launch
their boats to race.

Bow Balls, Heel Ties and Bow Numbers: 

Bow balls and bow numbers are required for any boat preparing to race.  Boats without bow balls will not be allowed on the racecourse.  If you do not have the appropriate bow number at the start, you may be prohibited from racing.  These items will not be provided by the regatta organizers.  Bow balls and bow numbers must be supplied by the participants. Each shell must be equipped with quick release footgear or heels attached with heel ties to allow quick release.  All bow coxed shells must meet the USRowing Rules of Rowing requirements regarding the size of the opening through which the coxswain enters the shell.

Weigh-Ins Procedures:

Lightweights:  Lightweights and coxswains need to weigh, once each day and no less than one hour and no more than two hours before the scheduled time of the first race in which the weight is relevant.  All lightweights will receive a wristband after weigh-ins.  Wristbands must be worn during racing of light weight events. Scales will be available for test weighing starting at 2:00pm on Friday, May 14th.

Lightweight Men                             Lightweight Women
Max. 155 lbs. (no average)           Max. 130 lbs. (no average)




  1. Coaches please make sure your coxswains know the events and boats they are weighing in for.
  2. Coxswains must weigh in once each day they race.
  3. Weight classifications are as follows: Women's crews coxswain minimum is 110 lbs/Men's crews coxswain minimum is 120 lbs.
  4. Coxswains will be required to provide their own materials to add weight.  This includes plastic bags and tape for sand. 


Entry Information:

The Regatta will utilize for the entry process.  Entry registration will open March 21, 2010 and close on April 30, 2010.  Entries will not be accepted via any other method.  Entries received without fees, waivers, memberships or names will be considered late entries.  Late entries are subject to the higher entry fee.

Late entries received after May 7, will be admitted on a space availability basis

Entry Fees                           Late Entry Fees
8+           $95.00                   $120.00
4+/4x    $75.00                   $90.00
2-/2x     $45.00                   $70.00
1x           $25.00                   $50.00

A $2 per athlete venue fee will be charged per competing athlete.

Multiple Entries: 

Clubs may enter up to two entries per event. No more than two entries per club will be allowed in any single event. All non-Youth National Championship Qualifier events will be allowed a maximum of 12 entries. Non Youth National Championships qualifying events with less than three entries from different programs will be removed from the regatta schedule.  EXCEPTION: For Youth National Championship Qualifier events, if only two organizations enter the
event, the event will still be run. 

Racing Progression:

The racing progression will follow a modified USRowing Progression System "A" for six lane racing.



Advancing in Each Heat


Advancing in each Semifinal





Final Only



All but last


Five Boat Final
















Only Grand Finals will be raced at the 2010 USRowing Northeast Junior District Championships.


Medals will be awarded to the first-, second- and third-place finishers in each grand final.  A final must contain a minimum of four boats in order for a third-place medal to be awarded.

Composite Boats:

  1. There shall be no composite boats at the USRowing Northeast District Championships.  Composite is defined as one boat with members of more than one USRowing organizational member organization.  


  1. Coxswain:  A coxswain may race at any classification level or in any event with the restriction that a second, third or fourth year coxswain not race down to the novice level and that, the varsity level coxswain not race down to the 2nd or 3rd boats level.  If extenuating circumstances exist, petitions will be heard.
  2. Novice:  A Novice is considered to be in their first season of racing.  Rowers shall have had no racing experience as a rower and coxswains shall have no racing experience as a coxswain or rower prior to the current rowing season.  Coxswains who wish to become rowers may race for one season as novice rowers regardless of their coxing experience.
  3. The 3rd boat classification is not open to any rower competing in a Youth National Championship qualifying event or 2nd boat event.
  4. The 2nd boat classification is not open to any rower competing in the Youth National Championship qualifying events.  In order to enter a 2nd boat, organizations must also enter a boat in the corresponding Youth National Championship qualifying event.
  5. Athletes may row in 2 events at the 2010 USRowing Northeast District Championships.  Coxswains are exempt from this restriction.  Athletes may not row in events that are scheduled one hour from each other

Inclement Weather Schedule:

a.       In the event that inclement weather causes delays in the regatta schedule, schedule changes will take effect in the order:

1. Reduce race centers (all races run/reduced time between race starts)

2. Timed Finals (all heats run using finish times to determine final results)

3. Scratching Races

Race Schedule:

a.       Actual entries and events will be published prior to the USRowing Northeast District Championship after the entries have been received and processed.


b.      Times (Subject to Change):

§  Saturday, May 15: Racing (Heats and Finals) from 3:00 p.m.

§  Sunday, May 16: Racing (Heats, Semifinals and Finals) from 8:00 a.m.

The following events will be contested at the 2010 USRowing Northeast Junior District Championships.  Order of events will be published after the close of entries:



Women's Youth 1x

Women's Youth Ltwt 8+

Men's Youth 1x

Men's Youth Ltwt 8+

Women's Youth 2x

Women's Youth 8+

Men's Youth 2x

Men's Youth 8+

Women's Youth Ltwt 2x

Women's Youth 2nd 8+

Men's Youth Ltwt 2x

Men's Youth 2nd 8+

Women's Youth 2-

Women's Youth 3rd 8+

Men's Youth 2-

Men's Youth 3rd 8+

Women's Youth 4+

Women's Youth Novice 8+

Men's Youth 4+

Men's Youth Novice 8+

Women's Youth Ltwt 4+

Men's Youth 2nd 4+

Men's Youth Ltwt 4+

Men's Youth 2nd 4+

Women's Youth 4x


Men's Youth 4x