Bill Braxton Memorial Regatta

  • Hosted By Philadelphia Girls Rowing Club
  • USRowing Registered
R U L E S  &  E L I G I B I L T Y

The BILL BRAXTON MEMORIAL REGATTA is a USRowing sanctioned regatta. Completed waivers
for all competitors, volunteers and potential substitutes for crews are required. Minors (under the
age of 18) must have parent or guardian complete and sign the waiver form.

All races are 1500 meters, except for Masters' races which are 1000 meters.

All events are FINALS, except the following trophy events:
Rafferty Cup                         Men's HS 4+
Braxton Family Cup               Women's HS 4+
Coletta Family Trophy            Men's HS Varsity 8+
Theresa Braxton Trophy        Women's HS Varsity 8+
Bill Braxton Memorial Cup       'Dad Vail' Men's Lightweight 8+

If preliminary heats are needed for these events, they will be scheduled before all other races, at the
start of the regatta.

While we strive to include all who want to race, the Regatta Committee may choose to eliminate
events for various reasons including:
Time constraints
Events with less than three entrants
Events with fewer than three different organizations represented

If events are eliminated, we will notify all entrants signed up for those events.

There will be NO check-in at the boathouse. Representatives will be available at the boathouse
from 6:30 to 8:30 on the morning of the Regatta for last-minute lineup changes.

A brief meeting will be held on the morning of the Regatta at the boathouse. The meeting will begin
one hour before the start of the first heat/race. It will run approximately 30 minutes.
At this meeting, coaches should notify the Regatta Director or Chief Referee of any scratches, crew
changes, potential health problems or boat constraints. All questions about the regatta's Rules of
, traffic patterns and general procedures will be addressed.
Final changes to the race schedule will be announced at this meeting. Changes will also be posted
on the evening before the regatta.