The Grand River Challenge

  • Hosted By: Grand Rapids Rowing Club

9/29/2011 Regatta Update

Coaches & Athletes,

Some points of note regarding the Saturday Regatta:

1) Given that we do not have any College entries there will be a number of gaps in the schedule.  We will make best efforts to condense the schedule given limitations with equipment used in multiple events along with athletes.   As is possible, please bring an extra 8+ to help smooth equipment transitions.

2) Please inform your parents that we will try to condense the schedule as is possible. 

3) Novice boats rowing by 6's...this is an "trial" concept.  Prior to the coaches/coxie meeting I will ask Novice coaches for input on rowing by 6's.   This can be changed by consensus from the novice coaches.

4) The weather forecast for Saturday morning is for light winds and temperatures in the mid 30's.   Great head race weather....but a bit cool for standing & watching the races.

5) Race packages will be available on Saturday morning starting at 7:30am.   Racing starts at 10:00 and first call will be at 9:30am.

9/7/2011 Posting

Novice races (Collegiate and High School) will be rowed by 6's.
Race Distance for High School Novices and Recreational rowers is 3.5k;   ALL other paticipants will race the 5k distance.
Please review the course map prior to racing. 




Medals will be awarded based on the following criteria:  

Events with 3 entries – First place medal  

Events with 4 entries – First and 2nd place medal 

Events with 5 or more entries – First, 2nd and 3rd place medals 

The regatta schedule starts at 10am and is scheduled to conclude by 2:10pm.    The 10am start time should allow sufficient transportation time for the out of area teams.   As of this day (9/5) there are no major construction projects in the Grand Rapids area.