Indianapolis Indoor Rowing Championships

  • Hosted By: Indianapolis Rowing Center


Indianapolis Indoor Rowing Championships, a CRASH-B qualifier

Sponsored by Fitness Concepts and Concept 2

Hosted by the Indianapolis Rowing Center

January 29, 2011


Dear Competitor,




Your participation in the erg race is appreciated. Remember that race spectators are welcomed and encouraged. While at the race please enjoy a wonderful array of refreshments! There will

be race related foods (bagels, Powerbars, Gatorade) as well food to partake in while watching the competitors or after your race. The only thing you need to bring is yourself. Enjoy the day! Pull hard!



The Indianapolis Indoor Rowing Championships is sponsored by Concept 2 and is a satellite regatta of the Crash-B Sprints World Indoor Rowing Championships. Concept 2 will provide round trip tickets to Boston for up to four (4) qualifiers who win their event at the Indianapolis Indoor Rowing Championships and have a time at or below the Crash-B Time Standards.

Should more than four (4) competitors qualify the four (4) whose times are most below the time standard in their age group will be designated. More information on qualifying times can be found on the race website.

Registration is on Regatta Central. Al participants must have a waiver on file.  Waivers are found at the back of this packet and can be submitted at sign in, or mailed to IRC/ PO Box 53223/ Indianapolis, IN 46253 in advance.  Competitors under age 18 must have a parent or guardian's signature.


Directions to the venue can be found  at  Google Maps

International School of Indiana
4330 North Michigan Road
Indianapolis, Indiana 46208


Thank you for your participation, see you on the 29th!




Bernadette Teeley                               Eric Stoll

IRC Executive Director                      Indoor Regatta Director



Deadline for registration: 9am Saturday, January 29, 2011.

All competitors are required to submit their best time (or best estimate) for 2000 meters. The race organizers will set up flights that are evenly matched using the times submitted. All competitors must check-in & pay any balance owed at the registration desk prior to their event. Registration will take place at the gymnasium.


Registration for the 2K RELAY RACES is extended to RACE DAY. For the chance to win a new Concept 2 Model D erg, a relay must comprise at least 2 women. Each member of the team must complete 500 meters event register by 11:00AM  at the registration table.  Relay teams without the correct gender balance are encouraged to race, but will not qualify for the erg.

Registering your team early ensures they will have a spot!


Registration for the 2K CROSSFIT RELAY is extended to RACE DAY. CROSSFIT teams may also enter the Mixed event and to try to win the new erg.  The winning CROSSFIT Team (which must also have 2 women and 2 men) will win 4 90-minute rowing lessons at IRC for the whole group. Each member of the team must complete 500 meters event register by 1PM at the registration table.  Relay teams without the correct gender balance are encouraged to race, but will not qualify for the erg.

Registering your team early ensures they will have a spot!


Entry Fees

Each registrant will receive a race T-shirt --please note your size on RegattaCentral. 

Entry fees are per person, and entitle the registrant to race as many times as she/ he wants. 

$25/ person


Entry fees and payment:

♦ We encourage payments be made online via Regatta Central using MC/Visa

♦ Payments may be made directly to IRC by cash or check at the door.



♦ Per standard practice at other regattas, no refunds will be made after the registration deadline for events cancelled due to conditions beyond the control of IRC. Legitimate refunds will be processed & mailed out after the regatta.


♦ NO REFUNDS for changes/scratches after entry deadline.

♦ Scratches after entry deadline forfeit fees.



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MOST RACES are 2000 meters in length except for the

Masters Novice Races at 1000 meters.

Adaptive Races at 1000m

Attucks/ Shortridge exhibition race at 1000m

Youth/ Open Coxswain events at 1000 meters.


All competitors must have a signed waiver on file.  Competitors under age 18 must have a parent or guardian's signature.  All races are finals. Events with more than 10 entrants will be run in flights. The fastest overall time from these flights will determine the event champion. No heats will be run.

All races will be held on Concept 2 Model D ergs. Concept 2 provides the electronic timing system used for this satellite regatta. 

Racers and spectators can watch their performance on a screen during all races. Competitors may set their ergometer to the fan setting of their choice, but may not alter these settings after the race has started.



The race organizers reserve the right to:

♦ Change the tentative schedule of events.

♦ Combine events that have less than 20 registered participants.

♦ Limit the number of events or flights.

♦ Suspend the use of the Concept 2 electronic timing system and replace it with a manually timed system.

♦ Adjust final race time and schedule based on total number of athletes entered.

♦ Accelerate the schedule of events by up to 15 minutes.


Check In

All competitors or coaches must check-in at the registration desk located in the gymnasium lobby under the red tent prior to their event.

Competitors should plan to be at the International School of Indiana at least 1½ hours before their scheduled race.


Lightweight Weigh-Ins

All weigh-ins must be completed at least one hour before the scheduled event. Weigh-in opens at 8:00 am and closes at 11 am.  As this is a CRASH-B qualifier, the guidelines for the CRASH-Bs will be in effect.

            Men                 165 pounds

            Women                        135 pounds

Note: For those who may potentially not make weight, be aware of the schedule for an alternate

event. It is the responsibility of the competitor to change into an event for which he or she is

qualified. Race organizers will attempt to accommodate in another event any lightweight

competitor who fails to make weight.



Warm-up and Race Preparation Information

A fleet of ergs will be available for warm-ups. They will be separate from the racing ergs. Please come to the on-deck area, dressed (you must wear shirt/ shorts or unisuit) properly warmed up and ready to race. Please limit your warm-up to a maximum of 15 minutes in order to give everyone a chance to warm up. Rowers may not use the ergs designated for racing as warm up ergs. Rowers may set the drag (fan setting) and the heel height of their assigned racing ergometer, but may not otherwise alter the machine.

Rowers may set the damper wherever they choose, but may not move the damper during the race.


On Deck (Mandatory Pre-Race Instructions)

Competitors must allow sufficient time to weigh-in (if lightweight), warm-up and be in the on-deck area at least five (5) minutes before their event. Failure to be in this area five (5) minutes before the start of your race may

″              Result in you missing important last minute information

″              Potentially cause a delay in the race schedule

″              Result in you not being able to compete

″              Make you look bad in front of your teammates



A city paramedic will be set up to deal with on-site emergencies. They will in the main competition area. Anyone who feels ill or thinks they may need EMS attention should go to the paramedic. Coaches are asked to be mindful about the following:

″              Athletes who are fighting a flu or a cold should not compete

″              Athletes should eat two or three hours before competing, but generally not less than two hours before competing

″              Athletes should stay hydrated, but do not forget to eat!



Open Any age, any weight. High school competitors are not allowed.

Open Novice Any age, any weight. A novice is considered anyone in their first year of rowing and shall not have rowed in any organized regatta (indoor or on water) prior to last year's race. High school competitors are not allowed.

Juniors:   A competitor enrolled in grade 6-12. High school students in lower grades

allowed to compete in this division if they wish.

Juniors Novice A Youth Novice is a high school competitor in their first year of rowing and shall not have rowed

in any organized regatta (indoor or on water) prior to last year's race.

Masters Ages 30 to 49  No handicaps will be applied

Veterans A Ages 50 +  This category will only be handicapped if we receive any 70+ entries. If handicaps are used, medals will be awarded to the best handicapped scores (men and women). Handicaps will be as follows:

Age 91-99: 7 seconds per year over 90, plus

Age 81-90 6 seconds per year over 80, plus

Age 71-80: 5 seconds per year over 70, plus

Age 61-70: 4 seconds per year over 60


AGES Masters ages are calculated as of race day. This is standard with Crash B's.

Cox:  Must be primarily a coxswain have coxed in past year.

Relay:  see rules below

Lightweight:  see weigh-in procedures





The erg relay race is offered to Indoor Sprints participants as a chance to win a NEW CONCEPT 2 MODEL D erg as well as bragging rights for their school or organization.


2009 Champions:  Indianapolis Rowing Center Masters

2010 Champions:  Indianapolis Rowing Center Masters


″               Erg relay teams wishing to win the erg must be made up of 2 male and 2 female participants. This group must represent a single high school, college, club, or corporate organization. An organization may enter up to three separate teams.

″               Composite entries are allowed, as are teams with an unequal number of male and female participants, but these teams are ineligible for the erg.

″               Championships bricks will be offered to the fastest high school, collegiate, and club/corporate teams, where at least three separate organizations compete for the title.


The CROSSFIT Relay is also a co-ed race, with the prize of two ninety minute rowing lessons for the entire crossfit gym.  These lessons will be scheduled in warmer weather and on the water. 


2009 Champions:  SHOK Fitness



Rules of Racing for Relay

The erg relay race will follow the established erg race championship format, with the following obvious exceptions:

″               Each participant will race 500 meters for a total of 2000 meters.

″               Each team may choose the order of participants.

″               The lead off rower begins seated on the machine.

″               Each rower must complete his or her 500 meter piece before the next teammate may approach the handle.


″               When finished with the 500 meters, each rower must secure the handle against the machine,

  • or hand the handle to the next rower directly.

″               ONLY THIS TEAMMATE may touch, pull, or advance the handle during his or her allotted 500 meter section.

″               The coxswain may sit or stand alongside the rower, and offer any strategy or encouragement, but may not otherwise assist, except to secure the foot stretchers of the transitioning athletes.

″               Teammates may hold onto the rower's feet, but may not touch the handle.

  • Teams may adjust the damper during the transition period
  • Teams do not have to be in matching uniforms (though it would be fun if they were)



There will be plenty of good food available. Please support these booths! Menus and prices will be posted at the event.

There are also locker rooms for changing into your uniforms and storing bags.



♦ A Brick will be award to the 1st place in all events with more than 3 people.

♦ Points are awarded to all high school, open and collegiate events.

♦ For each organization, only the top finisher in an event will receive points.

♦ Points are awarded as follows:

Place Points

1 12

2 10

To replace this placeholder, please upload the original image (C:\Users\BERNAD~1\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\01\clip_image005.jpg) on server and insert it in the document.3 9


4 8

5 7

6 6

7 5

8 4



Indianapolis Rowing Center

Eric Stoll ? Race Director

Jackie Kleinhans ? Assistant Race Director


317-327-7100  IRC office

317-840-8305  Eric mobile

E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected]

Your post-regatta comments are appreciated.


International School of Indiana.
4330 North Michigan Road
Indianapolis, Indiana 46208

The gym is the building on your left as you enter.



To Concept 2, for sponsoring this great race. We believe it is one of the best indoor races in the nation. Concept 2 provides many resources that allows us to host such a wonderful event.


To the International School of Indiana, for generously donating the use of their space.


To the Volunteers of the Indianapolis Rowing Center who consistently demonstrate their love for the sport and commitment to the mission of IRC. This event, and many other IRC events and programs, would not be possible without the help of  volunteers.