Tail of the Fox

  • Hosted By: La Baie Verte Rowing Club, Inc.
  • 2016 Registered Regatta
  • Entries and Entry Fees

Singles -- $15
Doubles -- $25
Fours/Quads --  $35
Eights -- $50

To be complete, entries must include payment, completed entry form for each event and a waiver form signed by each competitor (parent/guardian must sign for competitor under 18), or for members of US Rowing Association, a waiver on file with US Rowing.  You may pay for entry fees through Regatta Central.  If you prefer to pay by check, make the check out to La Baie Verte Rowing Club

Mail waivers and checks to:
Steve Engelhardt, LBVRC
5951 Allen Road
Little Suamico, Wisconsin  54141

Please note that a $5.00 fee will be charged for each bow marker not returned to the dock master.  There will be no refunds for scratches or due to acts of God (after all, he does have a sense of humor).

  • Schedule

6:15 am  Start check-in
7:30 am  Coaches and Coxswains meeting 

9:00 am  Mixed 8 

9:10 am  Novice/Junior Woman's 4+ 
9:30 am  Open Men's 1X (under 27 years)
                Masters Men's 1X (27 to 49 years)
                Senior Men's 1X (50 years and older)

9:35 am Open Women's 1X (under 27 years)
                Masters Women's 1X (27 to 49 years)
                Senior Women's 1X (50 years and older)

9:45 am  Open/Ltwt. Women's 8 
10:00 am Open Men's 4+
10:10 am Open/Masters Women's 2X
10:30 am Novice/Junior Men's 8
10:50 am Open/Masters Women's 4+
11:10 am Open/Masters Men's 2X
11:30 pm Ltwt. Men's 4+

12:00 pm Lunch (will be used to bring us back on schedule if we should fall behind)

1:00 pm  Master Men's 4+
1:30 pm  Novice/Junior Men's 4+
1:50 pm  Open/Masters Mixed 2X
2:10 pm  Open/Ltwt. Men's 8
2:30 pm  Ltwt. Women's 4+
2:50 pm  Novice/Junior Women's 8
3:10 pm  Junior/Novice/Open/Masters Mixed 4+

  • Registration
    Teams must check in the morning of the regatta at the boathouse in the basement of the Vanden Heuval Campus Center between 6:15 and 7:30 a.m. to pick up regatta packets, which will include food tickets and bow markers.  Coaches or single team representatives must check in for the entire team.  No crew can launch or compete without the bow number provided in the packet.  PLEASE, ONLY ONE PERSON CHECKING IN PER TEAM!!!


  • Multiple Entries   
    Individuals are encouraged to enter multiple events.  However, each rower does so at his or her own risk!  Plan at least one hour between rowers and equipment.  Notify the dock master of hot seat boats or rowers.  We will allow hot seating within reason, but be aware that if you can not make it up to the start for your race, you may not be allowed to launch.  This is only fair to all competitors in a race.  Please be considerate of them.
 Coaches/Coxswains/Scullers Meeting
The meeting will begin promptly at 7:30 a.m.  Any changes to the regatta schedule will be announced at the meeting.


  • Awards    
    Medals will be awarded in each event based on the number of entries.  Medals will be awarded through three places on events with four or more entries.  Events with less than three entries may be consolidated or canceled.


  • Practice Times
    The course will be open from 12:00-5:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 6, 2012.  The dock will close at 4:30 p.m.  All boats must be off the water by 5:00 p.m.


  • Definitions
    Junior: A junior is a competitor who in the current calendar year does not attain the age of 19, or who is currently and been continuously enrolled in secondary school as a full time student seeking a diploma.
    Novice: Any rower who has been competing for less than one year as of October 7, 2012.  Experience as a sculler does not count as experience in sweep events and vice versa.  This definition holds whether you are a junior, open, or master.   
    Master: All boats in the masters events must have an average age of 35 years, with no one under 27 years, and the races will be handicapped.
    Mixed crew: Must have an equal number of female and male rowers, excluding the coxswain.
    Open: Open to all rowers of any class except for the single, where the rower may compete in only one class, open or masters.
    Lightweight: Men - maximum weight of 163 lbs., no average.  Women - maximum weight of 133 lbs., no average.


  • Lightweight Crews
    Lightweight crews are expected to comply with current US Rowing Association weight limits, but there will be no actual weigh-in.  Coxswains will not be weighed.


  • The Start
    Each boat will be responsible for arriving at the start five minutes prior to the scheduled start time.  Launching will be permitted 40 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.  The start will be in the order of race numbers.  Race numbers will be provided for each boat entered in a race.  PLEASE take the time to explain the concept of a head race to your crew. 


  • Passing Rules
    Please be aware of faster crews approaching.  Yield to the outside of turns so that the faster crew may have the shorter course through the turn.  Marshals will be stationed on the course to ensure fair racing practices.


  • Equipment Storage
    There will be secure boat storage available on the SNC campus, if you plan to come up on Saturday.  If you are interested, please contact Roger Shellman, (920-499-7475).  However, neither LBVRC nor St. Norbert College will assume any liability for any damage to equipment