Sarasota Invitational

  • Hosted By: Sarasota County Rowing Club, Inc/dba Sarasota Masters
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

LAST  UPDATED:  02 - 02 - 12

Unless otherwise noted herein, US Rowing rules for eligibility will apply


Club Registration with USRowing:

For our insurance to cover you, each club entering must be a current member of USRwoing.  Unaffiliated individuals must be individual memebers of USRowing.  Please make sure your membership is current.



It is anticipated that some events may see significant entries, usually in singles.  In the event we have more than entries than can reasonably be accommodated, we will have a head-style time trial at the start of the regatta on Saturday, and possibly even on Sunday.  In order to complete racing at a reasonable time, we will probably have to limit the number of flights per event to three, which would mean a maximum of 24 entries per event for the actual races.  If some events are under-subscribed, we may be able to add additional flights.
We reserve the right to close some events before the deadline if necessary.



Will be  1000 m  and start via  the Anchored Starting Dock.

Masters events will use  US Rowing Handicaps.

We will NOT be using a staggered start; all handicaps will be calculated at the finish.

In order to increase potential for participation, for this regatta only please note:

>    Masters Women  may participate in  Masters Mens  boats

>    Masters Mixed  boats must have a minimum participation of  50% Women rowers.
However, you are allowed to seat the boat with more than 50% Women,
i.e.  5  or more Women in an  Eight+,  or  3  or more Women in a  Four+. 


On Saturday, we will have two special, fun races for Masters: a Mixed 2x and a Mixed 8 - the Tervis Cup races.  Winners of this race will get a free entry to the Masters Party on Saturday evening, and  will each receive a souvenir Tervis Tumbler.  See the News tab for more details on the Party.  If you sign up during registration, you can save $5.



Youth events will be  1500 m  and start via  Anchored Starting Dock.

>    Youth  Mixed  boats must have a  minimum  participation of  50%  Female rowers
However, you are allowed to seat the boat with greater than  50% Female rowers;
i.e.  5  or more  Females  in an  Eight+, or  3  or more  Females  in a  Quad. 

SPECIAL  RULE  FOR  YOUTH   1 V,  Lightweight,  2V  classifications:
>    As per FSRA rules, in order to enter a 2V 8+  race, you must enter a  1V 8+.
In order to enter a  3V 8+,  you must enter a  2V 8+.
>    The  1V  should always be faster than the  2V; the  2V  should always be faster than the  3V.
>     A Lightweight 8+  may  take the place of a  1V  if the non-Lightweight 8+ uses
your Varsity rowers.  Therefore, if the remaining 8+ is truly not your Varsity 8+,
you can skip the  1V 8+  and enter directly to the  2V 8+.
>    This rule is to be applied if entering the Ltwt 8+ negatively impacts your remaining 8+.
>    It is designed to place your crews in the appropriate classification, so that true  1V8+
crews will race other  1V8+  crews.  If you have any doubt as to whether or not you should skip the 1V8+ classification, please do not.
>    This rule is designed to make the competition more even and fair throughout the levels. 

>    If your school is just starting competition, contact the director for exceptions to the above rules.
>    The Sarasota Invitational Organizing Committee reserves the right to examine
race times and  may  disqualify a team which is found to abuse this rule.

>    These are Scrimmage  time trials and as such no medals will be awarded --
       These are not considered the first race of a rower's novice year
>    These time trials will be  1000 m  and utilize the
Anchored Starting Dock.
>    Per US Rowing requirements, US Rowing Officials will supervise.

In order to provide added safety for Middle School rowers, coxswains of these events may be Novices in an HS age program (i.e. NOT in Middle School).

There shall be no minimum weights for Coxswains.

ALL  ROWERS  must have valid a  US Rowing waiver  for  2012.
WAIVERS should be done on-line at RC for maximum convenience and efficiency!
There will be a separate (read: slower) line for papers waivers at Registration.

Scratches made after Sun, Feb 19 at 11:59 pm Eastern time will not be entitled to refunds. 

All boats must have adequate  Bow Balls,  Bow Numbers,  and  Quick Release shoes  as per US Rowing rules.  These will be checked prior to launching.

Please provide your own Bow Numbers.

Each rower in a Junior Men's lightweight crew shall weigh no more than 160 lbs.

Each rower in a Junior Women's lightweight crew shall weigh no more than 130 lbs.

There shall be no boat averaging.

Lightweight crews must weigh-in together, including the coxswain, if applicable.  Competitors shall be weighed in racing uniform, without shoes or other footgear.

The weigh-in tent will be open for lightweight crews starting at 7:00am on Saturday.  All lightweight rowers must have weighed-in at least one hour before their race.


Although we will be awarding  1st,  2nd,  and  3rd  place medals  by Heat,  the points calculation for the All Points Cup will be based on the Event as a whole.  Therefore, all boat finish times for each event, i.e. Mens HS 1X, will be ordered as though they are in a single heat and points awarded based on overall finish time placement.  Points will be awarded to 6th place based on the US Rowing points system.