Tampa Mayors Cup

  • Hosted By: The Stewards Foundation, Inc.
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

March 8, 2012:

Added the first draft of the proposed heat sheet/draw information.  PLEASE, review and inform us of any issues your crews would have with this schedule.

January 25, 2012:

Added links to launch loan, equipment request and information about lunches.

January 14, 2012:


Loan a launch and race for free

As with any regatta of this size we need launches for the various on-water operations. In order to have sufficient launches we will waive one entry fee for each launch supplied. The launch must have all the normal equipment including a driver, life jackets, operating motor and full fuel tank. Click here to volunteer a launch or for more information.

Masters to finish at the finish line this year

By popular demand we plan to start the Masters events at the 500 meter point using a floating start unless the weather makes a floating start a problem.

Team Tent locations to be reserved

As a part of our long standing approach of providing southern hospitality and making the Tampa Mayor’s Cup Regatta fun and easy for all participants we are allowing teams to reserve their tent location after they have registered their entries.  We are doing this to be good hosts for the teams that do not arrive until Saturday – it is the courteous way to treat our out of town teams.  The sooner you register the sooner you get your choice of tent location.

Please email the regatta/event host with any related questions