New York State Collegiate Championships

  • May 5, 2012 To May 6, 2012
  • sprint
  • Lake Whitney
  • Whitney Point, NY (USA)
  • Hosted By: New York State Collegiate Championships
  • USRowing Registered (Self-Insured regatta)


  1. NOTE: Click here to register for the Institution Registration Fee before you submit your regatta entries. The fee will be available between January 27,2012 and April 20, 2012.
  2. All registration, roosters, housing request and fees must be completed and/or received if you need to mail materials by Friday April 15, 2012. Entries after this date must be approved by NYSCRC Chairperson. A $50 late fee will be assessed. New heats will not be created for late entries,
  3. Each coach and competitor must execute a waiver release form. The form is located on this web site under the "Waiver" selection. A complete package of your team's waivers can be mailed to the Regatta Director or brought to the Friday, May 4 Coaches Meeting. Hardcopy waivers must to be received by the Regatta Director prior your teams events.


Scratches received in writing on or before the closing date of Friday, April 15, 2012 will have their entry fee refunded.  Institutions submitting scratches after the closing date will not be eligible to receive a refund for the event.


In the case of an emergency, an institution may determine a change is necessary within a crew.   A revised line-up sheet must be filed with the Regatta Director prior to launch.


1. No individual may compete in more than one event in the regatta EXCEPT for the following: Lightweight rowers may enter one additional non-lightweight event. Rowers and coxes may double into the Men's and Women's Open Fours or Pairs.  Further exceptions will be considered contact the Regatta Director.
2.  Lightweight Requirements are as follows:
Men's Events: Crew must average 155 lbs. and cannot exceed 160 lbs. each.  Women's Events: Crew members cannot exceed 130 lbs. each.
3.  Minimum coxswain weight requirements are as follows:
Men's Events: 120 lbs.Women's Events: 110 lbs.
4.   2nd Varsity crews must have an entry in the corresponding V8+ event.  2nd Novice  8+ crews must have an entry in the corresponding frosh/novice event.
5.  All participants must be matriculated at the institution for which they are rowing.  NCAA guidelines will be followed.  Any concerns about these guidelines should be brought to the attention of the NYSCRC Chairman.
6.  Novice: Must either be a freshman or have not rowed in any collegiate institution prior to 5/4/12.  An athlete who coxed a novice event may row as a novice the following year provided s/he meets the aforementioned requirements.

Any violation to eligibility requirements will result in an institutional sanction as determined by the NYSCRC Chairperson.



Coxes ONLY may weigh-in on Friday afternoon from 4:30 to 6:30 PM.  Coxes are required to weigh in once: Friday OR Saturday.  Weigh-ins will begin at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday, April 30th.  All lightweights must weigh-in on each day of racing.  Any crew member wishing to check their weight prior to scheduled times may do so.  Lightweight crew members who exceed the maximum allowable weight by more than 2 lbs. during official weigh-in will be ineligible to participate in the lightweight events.


Seeding will be completed by the Seeding Committee. Questions should be directed to George Repicky at  [email protected] or Dan Robinson at [email protected] .   


The race course will be available for practice during daylight hours on Friday.  The course will also be open for practice from 1PM (or after racing is concluded if racing has been delayed) until 5PM on Saturday.  Crews are expected to be under the supervision of their coaching staff.  Crews may NOT practice on Saturday if the weather is inclement and racing has been suspended. 


All racing shells must be equipped with bow balls, bow number clips, and heel tie downs and will be subject to safety inspection prior to launching on both Saturday and Sunday.   Crews not meeting these requirements will not be permitted to launch.

Inclement Weather:  The Chief Official and the NYSCRC Chairperson will be responsible for decisions regarding the delay and/or cancellation of racing due to inclement weather.