Head of the Hidden Dragon

  • Hosted By: Clermont High School Crew, Clermont Crew
  • 2016 Registered Regatta


2011 Head of the Hidden Dragon

October 29, 2011

Harsha Lake at East Fork State Park


Registration Information and Entry Packet


The Cincinnati Rowing Club and the Clermont Crew are pleased to host the Head of the Hidden Dragon Regatta.  The course will be 5000M and will start in the eastern part of Harsha Lake at East Fork State Park and end at the beach on the southern Amelia/Bethel side of the lake.   Events are offered in singles, doubles, quads, coxed fours and eights for Junior, Collegiate, Open and Masters Categories.   The course is fully buoyed and patrolled by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) and the Coast Guard Reserve.


The Head of the Hidden Dragon is an USRowing registered regatta. All races are conducted under USRowing rules of racing.  Teams must become organizational members of USRowing.


Regatta Information: Regatta information packet is available online through regattacentral.com

Entries and line ups: The entry window on regattacentral.com will close @ 11:59pm October 24, 2011.


Entry Fee Payment: Crews are strongly encouraged to pay online through regattacentral.com. If this is not practical, a check may be sent with a regattacentral.com generated invoice to the Clermont Crew registrar at the following address:  Leila Spriggs,          1413 Lake Allyn Road, Batavia, OH  45103

Whether writing a physical check or paying online via regattacentral.com, payments must be received by October 27, 2011.

Entry Fees: $20 per athlete (rower and coxswain) 

Entry Errors: The coach of any entry that contains an error will be notified by phone or email and given 24 hours to correct the error. If the time limit passes without resolution satisfactory to the registrar and the regatta committee, the crew's entry for that particular event will be dropped, and will become subject to the late entry rule should the coach subsequently correct the error and reenter the crew.

Late Entries: Any entry made after the deadline, October 24, 2011, will be accepted at the discretion of the regatta committee with a $25 late boat entry fee.

Scratch Fees: Any team that scratches an entry after October 28, 2011 will forfeit its entry fee. Those scratching after the start of the regatta (including those not showing up at the start or that are late to start)  will forfeit their entry fee and be assessed a $25 per boat scratch fee to be paid prior to completion by any other boat from that team in subsequent races.

Hot Seating: Neither rowers, coxswains nor equipment may hot seat in events less that 90 minutes apart on the schedule.

Head Race numbers: Crews may review their head race sequence and bow numbers on regattacentral.com late on Wednesday, October 26th, 2011.

On Site Registration: The onsite registration desk will be open Friday, October 28, 2011, from 5-8pm, and Saturday, October 29, 2011, from 6-10am.

Coaches and Coxswains Meeting: A coaches and coxswains meeting will be held under the Maupin Pavilion near the registration desk at 8:30am Saturday, October 29, 2011.

Competitor Age:

Junior: A Junior is a competitor who in the current calendar year does not attain the age of 19, or who is and has been continuously enrolled in secondary school as a full-time student seeking a diploma.

(1) Masters crews shall be classified by age accord­ing to the following categories: (AA) 21 to 26 years, (A) 27 to 35 years, (B) 36 to 42 years, (C) 43 to 49 years, (D) 50 to 54 years, (E) 55 to 59 years, (F) 60 to 64 years, (G) 65 to 69 years, (H) 70 to 74 years, (I) 75 to 79 years, (J) 80 and over. The age category of a Masters crew shall be determined by the average age of the rowers in the crew, rounded down to the nearest whole number.

Gender: Only males may row in Mens events. Only females may row in Womens events.

Definition of Terms:

Novice:  Rower whose initial competition within that same discipline has been in the previous 12 months of the date of the regatta.

Coxswains: May be of either sex and of any age. No weight restrictions apply

Masters Age Handicap: All masters events will be handicapped according to USRowing standards. Open events containing three or more masters entries will constitute separate masters events.


Quick Release: Check your equipment for race readiness, including the proper tying of heels (3 inches). Releases will be checked at the dock as the boats approach the launch area.

Weighing Boats: Boats will not be weighed.

Bow Balls: Bow balls must be secured to shells before launch. Shells without bow balls will not be allowed to race.

Head Race Numbers: Head race numbers will be supplied at the launch area and must be returned to the dock master on return to the beach following a race.

Boat Storage: Boats are to be stored in marked areas only. Please provide your own boat stands and secure all boats not in use. Trailers will not be allowed on the lawns or beaches. Once your equipment is unloaded, please move your trailers and tow units to the areas marked.   All equipment must be removed from the regatta site by sunset Saturday evening.

Practice Sessions: Crews will be allowed to practice at their own risk on Friday. October 28, 2011, from 2pm to sunset. All crews must follow the traffic pattern noted on the course map. 

Late to Start: All crews must be on time to the start area. Crews late to the starting line marshalling area will be assessed one warning.

Protests: Protests will follow the USRowing rules of racing. Any crew wishing to protest should raise their hands after completing their race. Coaches should formally register their written protest with the registrar and pay the protest fee. Protests will be adjudicated by USRowing officials.

Race Results: All results will be posted near the registration desk.


  • Medals will be awarded for FIRST, SECOND, and THIRD place finishes in each event.
  • An event must have at least three entries from different teams to constitute a race.

On Site Concessions:

  • Food will be available at the park concession stand under the portico.
  • Regatta shirts will be available for purchase.

Pre Registration Information Available:

  • Regatta brief (this document). Download this brief as a PDF.
  • Release waiver form from regattacentral.com.
  • Entry invoice from www.regattacentral.com.
  • Heat sheets available from www.clermontcrew.net (after October 27, 2011).

On Site Information Packets:

  • Starting order (one packet per team).
  • Competitor roster/updated race schedule
  • Bow numbers  


Race Schedule


? ' junior ' means both JR & HS participants

? some novice events also have a 'collegiate only ' version



1.      10:00   Mens Masters 1x

2.      10:05   Mens Open 1x

3.      10:15   Womens Open 1x

4.      10:20   Womens Masters 1x

5.      10:25   Mens Junior 1x

6.      10:30   Womens Junior 1x

7.      10:35   Mens Open 4+

8.      10:40   Mens Junior 4+

9.      10:45   Mens Masters 2x

10. 10:50   Mens Open 2x

11. 10:55   Womens Junior 4x


12. 11:20   Womens Open 8+

13. 11:30   Mens Collegiate Novice 8+

14. 11:35   Womens Collegiate Novice 4+

15. 11:45   Mens Junior 2x

16. 11:50   Womens Junior 2x

17. 11:55   Womens  Open/Junior/Collegiate 2-

18. 12:10   Womens Novice Jr 8+

19. 12:20   Mens Masters 4x

20. 12:25   Mens Open 4x


21. 1:30   Mens Collegiate 4+

22. 1:35   Womens Collegiate 8+

23. 1:45   Womens Masters 4+

24. 1:55   Womens Open 2x

25. 2:00   Womens Masters 2x

26. 2:10   Mixed Masters 4x

27. 2:20   Womens Open 4+

28. 2:30  Womens Junior 8+


29. 2:50   Mens Open 8+

30. 3:10   Mens Junior 4x

31. 3:20   Mens Collegiate Novice 4+

32. 3:30   Womens Collegiate  Novice 8+

33. 3:40   Womens Open 4x

34. 3:40   Womens Masters 4x


35. 4:00   Mens Novice Jr 8+

36. 4:10   Mixed Masters 2x

37. 4:15   Mens Open/Junior/Collegiate 2-

38. 4:25   Womens Junior 4+

39. 4:30   Mens Masters 4+

40. 4:40   Womens Collegiate 4+

41. 4:50   Mens Junior 8+

42. 5:00  Mens Collegiate 8+