Midwest Championship Erg Sprint

  • Hosted By: Ohio State University Crew

March 1 Update

Team Points:

Points will be awarded to teams as follows for 2000m Events:

1st: 6 Points

2nd: 5 Points

3rd: 4 Points

4th: 3 Points

5th: 2 Points

6th: 1 Point

Points will be awarded to teams as follows for Coxswain 1000m Events:

1st: 3 Points

2nd: 2 Points

3rd: 1 Point 




Thur, Feb 28th Update

Heat Sheet and Schedule is posted in the Heat Sheet/Draw section


Masters Events:

We will no longer offer events for specific age categories. All Master's events will now use standard USRowing handicapping to determine competitors' final times. Medals will be awarded based on these adjusted times. Please direct any questions to Katie Salvator at [email protected]


Midwest Championship Erg Sprints will be held at the RPAC at The Ohio State University.


337 W 17th Ave

Columbus, OH 43210


Doors open at 6:30AM and weigh ins will be open from 6:30AM to 1:00PM.

Lightweight Specifications:

Men: 165lb max

Women: 135lb max

Coxswain: 130lb max

Please weigh in no less than one hour prior to your scheduled race.