Stonewall Regatta XX

  • Hosted By: D.C. Strokes Rowing Club
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

Registration closes at 11:59PM, Saturday, May 25, 2013 (sorry, the friday was a typo).

Late Registration will be available for any events with open lanes left until Tuesday night, May 28th.  Late Registration fee of $15 will be added.  At that time, events not having at least two entries from at least two different clubs will be canceled and fees for those events refunded. 

Race Course

The regatta will be held on the Anacostia River.  All Open, Masters, Novice, Mixed events are 1000 meters.  A course map will be published when finalized.

**PLEASE NOTE** Masters event entries must have  BIRTHDATE information for ALL rowers in order to be considered 'on-time' and to guarantee a lane and avoid a late fee. INCOMPLETE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE GUARANTEED A LANE.

This is a USRowing Registered Regatta; 2013 Rules of Rowing apply

Specific rules of importance:

Women may not compete in mens events; Men may not compete in womens events (coxswains not included)

Rowers cannot represent more than one club.  Lineups that include members of more than one club must be entered as composite.

All rowers and athletes must be either indivudual members of USRowing or members of organizational members of USRowing (clubs, teams).

Hot-Seating: All competitors are expected at the start line 5 minutes before the scheduled start. Hot-Seating of rowers/coxswains/boats is permitted, however rowers/coxswains/boats should not be registered for heats scheduled within 30 minutes of each other (start times). Race starts will NOT be delayed for late arrivals and a penalty may be given by the officials at the start line for boats arriving late.

Waivers: All rowers will need to sign a waiver of liability prior to competing.  Waiver submission is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to be done online through Regatta Central (please follow link on left). Paper waivers can be submitted on the morning of the race at the registration.

Scratch Policy: An entry to an event may be withdrawn up until the registration deadline, with a full refund of the fees.  After May 25, no refund will be given. Substitutions among the same size boat, however, will be allowed if space permits, i.e.,there will be no penalty for moving an entry among same-sized events (provided a lane is available).

Regatta/Event/Heat Cancellation Policy: In the event that it is necessary to cancel either the entire regatta or a portion of the regatta due to weather or hazardous river conditions, no refunds will be given. The decision to cancel the Regatta, event, or heat will be based on the recommendation of the Chief Referee, but is the final call of the Regatta Director.

If scratches on the day of the regatta result in an event having only one competitor, that event will be scratched and the entry fee refunded for the remaining entry.

Refunds will be made within 30 days of the date of the regatta.

Race Fees

1x      $20.00

1-       No Charge

2x/2-   $30.00

4+/4x  $45.00      

8+      $85.00

Rower Qualifications

While Stonewall Regatta XIX is sponsored by DC Strokes Rowing Club, the nation's oldest Gay and Lesbian rowing club, participation is open to all rowers, regardless of sexual orientation. 

Novice:  The Stonewall Regatta defines a novice rower as one who is within 1 year of his/her first regatta. For example, if a rower rowed his/her first ever race at last year's Stonewall Regatta, he/she would be ineligible to row again as a novice at this year's regatta.  ALL rowers competing in a novice event must be novice, although the coxswain need not be.  In addition, an experienced sweep rower learning to scull may compete as a novice sculler (and vice versa), assuming it is within the first competitive year as noted above.  Novice races will NOT be age handicapped.

Masters:  Masters events are age restricted.  A Masters crew shall be comprised exclusively of Masters rowers, coxswain excepted.  The age of a rower is whatever age he/she will attain by December 31 of this year.  For a crew, the age is determined by averaging the ages of all rowers in the boat (excluding the coxswain), and rounding down to the highest integer (e.g., a crew with an average age of 34.7 is counted as having an average age of 34).  If possible, Masters heats will be set by US Rowing age class, so that handicapping is not necessary.  If it is necessary to combine age classes, we will handicap the event in accordance with USRowing procedures, which can be found in the USRowing manual 'Rules of Rowing.'

Mixed crews must be composed of an equal number of men and women.

AA Masters:  Rowers aged 21-26 are eligible to compete in Masters events, but there will not be any dedicated AA category events.

Race Day Registration

Please have a club representative check-in at the registration table upon arrival on Race Day.

Coaches/Coxswains Meeting

There will be a mandatory meeting for Coaches, Coxswains, and scullers in front of the boathouse at 07:30a.m (subject to change, the HEAT SHEET will show actual time).  At this time, attendance will be taken, regatta protocols and safety procedures will be reviewed, and last minute scratches/changes will be noted to finalize the schedule, if necessary.  This year's C/C meeting will be like no other in history!


All races/heats are considered finals.  Only first-place medals will be awarded for all races.  For races with multiple heats, each heat will receive its own medal.  Medals will be distributed after the event once its results are made official, and will be available at the registration/results desk. 


Bow numbers will be provided by the ROC and will be given to the coxswain or sculler by the dock master at the time of launching.  Scullers are requested to ensure their shells have bow clips to accommodate numbers.  All shells must have a bow ball.  Shoe ties will be checked.

Boat Rental

Racing shells may be available for rental for out of town crews or anyone in need of one.  Any crew requiring shell rental should direct inquiries to [email protected]


As in previous years, food, snacks, and drinks will be available for purchase. There will also be a Stonewall Regatta t-shirt and other DCStrokes merchandise.


Questions regarding registration, race schedule, and the status of your entries may be directed to the Registrar, Joe Henderson, by email at [email protected]

Questions about the regatta, its operation, and policies, may be directed to James Spencer, Regatta Director, by email at [email protected].

Questions regarding boat rental availability for visiting clubs may be directed to [email protected]