Head of the Ohio

  • Hosted By: Three Rivers Rowing Association
  • 2016 Registered Regatta


* The Head of the Ohio schedule has changed slightly. The changes are in the estimated event times and the sequence of events beginning with event number 27 - Mens Masters Eights. (Mike Lambert 9/12/06)

* Please see three new features detailed below: 1) The Lottie McAlice Stake Race, 2) New NCAA rules prohibiting college and high school competitors rowing in the same events, 3) Going to an age handicapping for masters events in which there are less than three entries.

NEW For 2006: Lottie McAlice Stake Race

Lottie Mc Alice Rules (tentative rules - final rules to be published by 9/20/06)

Eligibility is open to experienced women's junior singles.

Registration for the Lottie McAlice stake race will be directly through the Head of the Ohio website http://www.headoftheohio.org/competitors.html.

Entries for the race will be limited to not more than twelve boats to be selected by the LOC with consideration on a first come basis.

Entries will be seeded according to a best time reported over 1500 meters.

Total race distance will be 1000 meters. From a floating start, not more than four boats will row 500 meters, each turn a separate stake (buoy) with at starboard turn, and row 500 meters back to a finish line.

All competitors must attend a pre-race meeting at the Heinz Field docks at 12:30PM. Competitors will receive a wrist band indicating their attendance and eligibility to race.

All boats must have a bow marker (1 through 12) as assigned.

All competitors must be in the designated marshaling area at the start 10 minute before the start of the race.

There will be not more than three flights of four boats.

The winner will be the fastest time.

This is an 'exhibition race' and no protests will be allowed.


NEW for 2006: Collegiate and High School Competitors Must Not Row in the Same Event

In accordance with NCAA rules, the HOTO LOC determines that no event within the Head of the Ohio regatta may have Collegiate competitors rowing against high school competitors (including high school coxswains).

  • High School competitors must row in High School and Youth events only. (for example, not in Club or Open events. High School coxswains man not cox  boat in any event where Collegiate crews are competing)
  • Collegiate competitors must row in Collegiate events only (for example, College, Club; Collegiate Freshman and Novice; and Open)

Failure to comply will cause the results of the competitor(s) to be excluded.


NEW for 2006: Masters handicapping when less than 3 entries in an age category

Where, for Masters events, there are less than three entries in an age category for any event, the race organizers may combine one or more categories to create a competitive environment.  Where age categories are combined, age handicaps will be applied using published USRA 1000 m handicaps for the type of boat involved, multiplied by a head race factor of 2.25.  Thus if the standard USRA chart would show an age handicap of 14.2 seconds for a specific type of boat, the HOTO handicap would be 2.25 times that, or 32.0 seconds.  That handicap would be used to compare the race time against other similarly handicapped boats to determine finish placement.

Please note the following combining of masters events.

Event 5b and c: Women's Masters 8+ (50-59) to combine with (40-49), and apply age handicaps to the 6 boats.

Event 23c and d: Women's Masters 4+ (50 – 59) to combine with event with the 40- 49 age group, and apply age handicaps to the 7 boats.

Event 26b and c: Mixed Masters 2x (50-59) combine with 40-49 category, and apply age handicaps to the 5 boats.

Event 27a, b, and c: Men's Masters 8+ (60-69), combine with the 40-49 and 30-39 groups, and apply age handicaps to the 5 boats (all boats in this event).