The 19th Annual Don Lubbers Cup Regatta

  • Apr 12, 2014 To Apr 13, 2014
  • sprint
  • Spring Lake, MI (USA)
  • Hosted By: Grand Valley State University Rowing Club
  • 2016 Registered Regatta
                            19th Annual Lubbers Cup Regatta  
        Final Revision on April 10, 2014      
                                                           Saturday and Sunday, April 12 and 13, 2014    
                                                          on Spring Lake, MI - 2000 meters (buoyed)    
      Spring Lake Yacht Club    
Format: Double Dual format. 2 and 3 lane racing with outside open lanes for added crews and/or B boats   
Two albano buoy lines.              
All varsity races will be announced and broadcast on livestream.        
Men:                                             Women:       High Schools:  
Illinois                                           Illinois       Detroit Boat Club  
Grand Valley                               Eastern Michigan     Rockford H.S.  
Michigan                                      Grand Valley     Saline H.S.    
Michigan State                            Purdue            
Purdue                                          Cincinnati          
Cincinnati                                    Drake U.            
Colorado State   Colorado State          
Friday, April 12, 2014              
3:00 - 7:00pm Open Docks for practice on the race course        
4:00 - 6:00pm  Community "Learn to Row" at the 1 South Harbor Drive (Bleachers)    
6:30pm The christening of the  "Arend D. Lubbers"          
  Eights at the Hospitality Tent.            
NOTE: TRANSIT TIME = Transit Break are required by the US Coast Guard for lake traffic to pass between races.
7:00am Referees, Coaches and Coxswains Meeting in the Hospitality Tent    
Saturday AM College Races     Saturday PM College Races    
Lane 3 Lane 2 Lane 1     Lane 3 Lane 2 Lane 1    
8:30am 1 – Men’s 1V Eights      2:50pm 1-  Women’s Open Four  
8:40am 2 - Men's 1V Eights     3:00pm 2-  Women’s Open Four  
8:50am 1 – Women’s 1V Eights   3:10pm 3– Women’s Open Four   
PU DU UI       PU"B" EMU    
9:00am 2 – Women’s 1V Eights   3:20pm 1-  Men’s Open Four    
  EMU GVSU     UC UM"A" MSU    
9:10am  – Women's Open Four   3:30pm 2– Men’s Open Four     
UC CSU PU - "A"     UM "B" PU GVSU    
9:20am 1-  Women’s Open Four   3:40pm  – Men's Open Four    
PU"B" DU GVSU "B"   UC"B" UM "C" CSU    
9:30am 2– Women’s Open Four    3:50pm - Transit Time      
  EMU GVSU "A"            
9:40am - Transit Time       4:00pm 1 – Women’s F/N Eight  
          PU "B" EMU UC    
9:50am 1 – Men’s F/N Eight     4:10pm 2– Women’s F/N Eight  
10:00am 2 – Men’s F/N Eight     4:20pm 1 – Men’s F/N Eight    
UI PU"B" UM "B"     PU"B" GVSU PU"A"    
10:10am 3 – Men’s F/N Eight (B)   4:30pm 2 – Men’s F/N Eight    
  UM"A" PU"A"     MSU UI UM "A"    
10:20am  – Men's Open Four     4:40pm 3 – Men’s F/N Eight    
UM - C" PU UM "A"       PU "C" UM "B"    
10:30am 1-  Men’s Open Four   4:50pm  – Transit Time    
CSU GVSU MSU              
10:40am 2– Men’s Open Four    5:00pm 1 – Women’s 2V and 3V Eights  
UC"B" UM'B" UC     UI EMU PU    
10:50am 1 – Women’s F/N Eight   5:10pm 2 – Women’s 2V and 3V Eights  
11:00am 2– Women’s F/N Eight   5:20pm 1 – Men’s 2V and 3V Eights   
UC PU"A" EMU     PU "B" PU "A" UI    
11:10am  – TRANSIT TIME     5:30pm 2 – Men’s 2V and 3V Eights  
          UM "B" UM "A" GVSU    
11:20am 1 – Men’s 2 and 3V Eights    5:40pm – TRANSIT TIME    
UI UM "A" PU "A"              
11:30am 2 – Men’s 2 and 3V Eights   5:50pm 1 – Women’s 1V Eights  
UM "B" GVSU PU "B"     UI GVSU DU    
11:40am 1 – Women’s 2 and 3V Eights   6:00pm 2 – Women’s 1V Eights  
UI GVSU EMU       PU EMU    
11:50am 2 – Women’s 2 and 3V Eights   6:10pm 2 - Men's 1V Eights    
GVSU -3 DU PU     MSU UM UC    
          6:20pm 3 - Men's 1V Eights    
12:10pm -12:30pm - TRANSIT TIME   PU GVSU UI    
*****LUNCH BREAK              
2:00pm The Christening of the "John C. Schintzel" Eight Oared Shell at the Hospitality Tent  
7:00 - ? pm - Alumni and Special Guest Reception at Old Boys Brewhouse located at 971 Savidge Street in Spring Lake.
Sponsored by GV Rowing Alum James Muir            
Saturday High School Races - 4 lane format          
10:30am H.S. Coaches and Coxswains Meeting          
      Lane 4 Lane 3 Lane 2 Lane 1      
12:30pm Boys 4+     DBC Rockford        
12:40pm Girls 4+     Rockford DBC        
12:50pm Girls 2x   Saline  Rockford Northvill DBC      
1:00pm Boys 2x   Rockford Northvill DBC Saline      
1:10pm Girls 8+ (B)     DBC Saline        
1:20pm Boys 8+ (B)   Saline  Rockford DBC Nothville      
1:30pm  Transit Time                
1:40pm Boys 8+ (A)   DBC Northville Saline  Rockford      
1:50pm Girls 8+ (A) Northvill Saline Rockford DBC      
2:00pm Awards for High School Races and Christening at the Hospitality Tent Stage                
Lane 3 Lane 2 Lane 1              
Sunday AM College Races              
8:10am 2 – Women’s 1V Eights            
UI EMU DU              
8:20am 2 – Women’s 1V Eights            
  PU GVSU              
8:30am 1 – Women’s 2 and 3V Eights            
GVSU 3V EMU  Drake              
8:40am 2 – Women’s 2 and 3V Eights            
IU GVSU 2V PU              
8:50am 1 – Men’s 2 and 3V Eights             
UM "B" GVSU 2V PU "A"              
9:00am 2 – Men’s 2 and 3V Eights            
PU "B" UM "A" UI              
9:10am – Transit Time              
9:20am 1 – Women’s F/N Eight            
PU "B" EMU PU "A"              
9:30am 2– Women’s F/N Eight            
UC GVSU CSU              
9:20am 1-  Men’s Open Four              
UM "B" CSU UM "A"              
9:30am 2– Men’s Open Four               
UM - "C" GVSU UC              
9:40am  – Men's Open Four              
UC"B" MSU PU              
9:50am Transit Time              
10:00am 1 – Men’s F/N Eight              
UI UM"A" GVSU              
10:10am 2 – Men’s F/N Eight              
PU"B" MSU PU"A"              
10:20am 3 – Men’s F/N Eight              
  UM"B" PU"C"              
10:30am 1-  Women’s Open Four            
PU "B" UC GVSU "A"              
10:40am 2– Women’s Open Four             
GVSU "B" PU"A" EMU              
10:50am  – Women's Open Four            
DU"B" DU CSU              
11:00am 1 – Men’s 1V Eights               
  UI UC              
11:10am 2 - Men's 1V Eights              
  PU MSU              
11:20am 3 - Men's 1V Eights              
  UM GVSU              
12:00pm - Awards