Michigan High School & Jr Rowing Championship

  • Hosted By: Friends of Detroit Rowing


michigan high school and junior rowing championships




welcome to the michigan high school and junior rowing championships!  the 2006 championship races will be held 27 may at stony creek park, shelby township, michigan.  detroit rowing hosts the event.  all races are 2000 meters. events are offered in singles, pairs, doubles, quads, coxed fours and eights for students in novice, lightweight and varsity categories.  the course is marked and will require crews to execute a clean floating start. the course is a no wake area and is patrolled by stony creek metro parks.  all races are conducted under US Rowing  rules of racing handbook.  a weed control management program has been implemented by the Huron-Clinton Metropark Authority.


eligible organizations:  junior club and high school based teams are welcome to participate in this regatta. 


entries and line ups:  boat entries and rower line ups must be registered through regattacentral.com.  coaches may identify alternates for up to half each boat's line up.  the entry window at regattacentral.com will close 11.59pm 22 may 2006.



forms:  waivers must be received by detroit rowing's regatta registrar by the 22 may 2006 deadline for rowers to compete in the michigan high school and junior championships

  • for competitors who are members of USRowing and have signed an on-line waiver, waiver compliance will be verified through Regatta Central
  • non-USRowing members please print, sign, and mail the waivers in alphabetical order, to

                   detroit rowing registrar

                   6 woodland place

                   grosse pointe, michigan  48230.1920


if waivers are sent by overnight carrier, please indicate that the recipient need not sign



entry fee payment:  crews are strongly encouraged to pay on line through regattacentral.com.  if this is not practicable, a cheque may be sent with a regattacentral.com generated invoice to the detroit rowing registrar at the address noted for waivers and eligibility lists.  whether writing a physical cheque, or paying on line via regattacentral.com, payments must be received by 22 may.  forms and fees must be complete for your boats to be entered in scheduled heats.


entry fee structure:  as approved by the regatta committee, $10 will be assessed per competing athlete (rower, coxswain, alternate)


entry errors:  the coach of any entry that contains an error will be notified by phone or email and given 24 hours to correct the error.  if the time limit passes without resolution satisfactory to the registrar and the regatta committee, the crew's entry for that particular event will be dropped, and will become subject to the late entry rule should the coach subsequently correct the error and re-enter the crew.


late entries:  any entry made after the deadline of  22 may 2006 will be accepted at the discretion of the regatta committee based on the availability of a lane, and only with a $25 late boat entry fee.  a late entry will not be accepted if it creates a heat. 


scratch fees:  any team that scratches an entry after 22 may 2006 will forfeit its entry fee. 


hot seating:  neither rowers, coxswains or equipment may hot seat in events less than 50 minutes apart on the schedule. 


lane draws:  crews may review their entries and lane draws on regattacentral.com late on wednesday 24 may.


on site registration:  the on site registration desk will be open friday 26 may from 5-8pm, and saturday 27 may from 6-10am.


coaches and coxes meeting:  a coaches and coxes meeting will be held under the portico near the registration desk at 7.00am saturday 27 may.  please be sure your coxswains and crews have practiced the use of a stake boat start.


competitor age:  a rower must be 19 years of age or younger as of 31 december 2006, and  must not have graduated  high school.


event limits:  rowers and coxswains may be entered in as many events as the event schedule will allow.  please do not schedule rowers, coxswains or equipment in events less than 50 minutes apart.


results:  race results will be posted on the walls under the portico near the registration desk as soon as they are available.


definition of terms: 

  • TEAM  a team is considered to represent the usual way the program practices and competes, a program that represents a single organization, with distinct location, colors and coaches for the entire competitive season is a team
  • NOVICE  a novice rower began rowing after the michigan high school and junior championships in 2005
  • 1st boat (varsity); one entry per team                            
  • 2nd boat (junior varsity); made up of athletes not competing in the 1st boat;  in order to enter a 2nd boat, the team must also be entering a 1st boat in the corresponding event, unless an exception is requested.  coxswains are exempt. there is no limit to the number of 2nd boats entered. 
  • LIGHTWEIGHTS  women 130#, men- two classes:  145# and  155# individual maximum

weigh in rules:

·         all lightweight competitors must weigh in and be banded in order to load into their boat at the dock; bands must be worn throughout the competition

·         members of each crew must weigh in together and be accompanied by their coach or a club official

·         weigh in scales will open two hours before, and remain open until two hours after the first race of the day.  the first race is set to row at  8am.

·         athletes must weigh in and meet the required weight at least one hour before the start of their race

·         no one will be allowed to check weight on the official scale during the official weigh in times

·         priority on the scale will go to those entered in earlier races

·         a trial scale will be available in the weigh in area

·         there is no limit to the number of trial weigh ins

·         only one official weigh in will be allowed


quick release:  check your equipment for race readiness, including proper tying of heels (3 inches).  releases will be checked at the dock as boats load on the beach


bow balls:  bow balls must be secured to shells before launch.  shells without bow balls will not be allowed to race


bow numbers:  bow numbers will be supplied at the launch area and must be returned to the dock master on return to the beach after a race


lane numbers:  lanes are numbered from 1-7, lane 1 is closest to the beach


boat storage:  boats are to be stored in marked areas only.  please provide your own boat stands for and secure all boats not in use.  trailers will not be allowed on the lawns or beaches.  once your equipment is unloaded, please move your trailers and tow units to the areas marked.  security will be provided overnight friday.  all equipment must be removed from the regatta site by sunset saturday evening


practice sessions:  crews will be allowed to practice at their own risk on friday from 2pm to sunset.  all crews must follow the traffic pattern noted on the course map.  crews heading to the start must row in lanes 5-7 or outside the course on the north side (farthest from the beach).  crews heading from the start to finish should be in lanes 1-3 (closest to the beach).  lane 4 is to remain open


starts:  all races will begin with a floating start


late to start:  all crews must be on time to the start area.  crews late to the starting line marshalling area will be assessed one warning 


protests:  protests will follow the USRowing rules of racing.  any crew wishing to protest should raise their hands after completing their race.  coaches should formally register their concern with the registrar and pay the protest fee.  protests will be adjudicated by course officials 

race results:  all results will be posted locally on the wall under the portico near the registration desk.  after the close of the regatta, results will be posted on Regatta Central



  • medals will be awarded for FIRST, SECOND and THIRD place finishes in each event
  • an all points trophy is awarded according to the barnes scoring system


pre registration information available:

  • regatta brief (this document)
  • release waiver form from regattacentral.com
  • entry invoice from regattacentral.com
  • heat list and lane draws from regattacentral.com (wednesday24 may)


on site information packets:

  • event list with lane draws (one packet per team)



  • regatta shirts will be available for purchase
  • food will be available for purchase on site at the park concession stand



1.         women's  2-

2.         women's  novice 8+

3.         men's novice  8+

4.         women's 1x

5.         men's  2x

6.         women's ltwt 4+

7.         women's 1st  4+

8.         men's 155# 4+

9.         men's 1st  4+

10.                men's 145# 4+

11.                women's 4x

12.                men's 1x

13.                men's 2-

14.                women's novice ltwt 4+

15.                women's novice 4+

16.                men's novice ltwt 4+

17.                men's novice 4+

18.                women's  2x

19.                men's  4x

20.                women's 2nd 4+

21.                men's 2nd  4+

22.                women's ltwt 8+

23.                men's ltwt 8+

24.                women's 2nd 8+

25.                women's 1st 8+

26.      men's 2nd 8+

27.      men's 1st 8+