City Championships

  • Hosted By: Philadelphia Scholastic Rowing Association
  • USRowing Registered

Parking Information for the 2013 City Championship

Due to the great volume of spectators and the history of traffic and parking problems at City Championships, the Philadelphia Police have requested us to limit the number of passes issued for this regatta. Consequently, teams receive a significantly lower number of passes for City Championships than you did for the Flick series. But there is good news:

  • There is no charge for these passes.
  • Chuck wagons (food trailers) and their tow vehicles will NOT be required to have a pass to enter Kelly Drive as opposed to the two passes needed during the Flicks. These food trailers must be identified with a school name or insignia. Please only one chuck wagon per team
  • We have increased our free trolley shuttle service from the parking lots.
  • A free golf cart shuttle service will continue to run from the entrance gate to assist in transporting elderly, handicapped or those who are carrying food and coolers to team tents.

We ask that you follow these regulations:

  • Traffic is one way on Kelly Drive – north to south beginning at the Strawberry Mansion Bridge entrance and continuing to the Fountain Green exit. Do not attempt to exit at the Strawberry Mansion Bridge.
  • The City Championship passes have a hanging tag. This must be displayed at all times hanging from the rearview mirror. You will be asked to move your vehicle if it does not have a hanging tag.
  • Do not enter the Drive before it is closed and attempt to park on the Drive.
  • Do not park on the grass.
  • Do not park in front of the St. Joe’s Boathouse or in front of the adjacent parking lot. These areas are reserved for officials, staff and boat trailer tow vehicles.
  • Do not double park.
  • Do not park cars on the non-river side of the Drive.
  • School vans and buses do not require a pass, but they must park past the finish line and Columbia Bridge on the non-river side of the drive.
  • Handicapped parking is designated by signage. Please do not park there unless you have a handicapped tag. Handicapped vehicles must also have a PSRA pass to enter. Be sure your families with special needs get your passes.
  • We are trying to keep the grandstand lot devoted to food trailers and officials’ parking.

Police and security staff will be on hand to enforce and direct the above regulations.

We ask that you follow parking regulations and are considerate and respectful of our staff, volunteers, and most importantly, each other. Let’s set a good example for our kids!
Thanks for your cooperation.

Please share this information with your parents. We look forward to seeing you May 5!