Ontario Ergometer Championships

  • Hosted By: Ridley Graduate Boat Club

High School events

Entries are to be made in the name of the High School, unless a Work-to-Rule situation requires racing as Unaffiliated (not club).  Please make sure to spell names correctly, and have correct birthdates.  Junior High School age is born in 1998 or later, and Senior H.S. age is born in 1995 or later.  High School weight limits for girls are 135lbs, 145lbs and open; and for boys the weight limits are 150 lbs, 165 lbs and Open.  Weigh-ins are from 7:30 am until race time.

Open & Masters events

Entries can show the name of the club, fitness facility or even unaffiliated.  Weight limits for Lightweight events are 135 lbs for women and 165 lbs for men.  For Masters medals are given to each Age Group Winner (30-42, 43-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69), plus a lightweight medal.

Late Entries

Anyone wanting to register AFTER the deadline, must come to registration with the late entry fee of $25.00 (no credit card, only cash or cheques), and be placed into an available lane (IF AVAILABLE).   A signed waiver form is required, which can be signed at registration.  Entries paid AFTER the deadline re also charged the late entry fee.