USRowing Southwest Masters Regional Championship

  • Hosted By: USRowing
  • 2016 Owned Regatta

Parking for Master's Regionals

There will be permit parking only on Sunday, June 29th in the lot near the launch site. All permits ($20) need to be
purchased in advance through RegattaCentral (see registration at bottom of page). There will be a limit to the
permits, we cannot oversell the lots, so please plan ahead and try to carpool. Permits will be available for pick-up on
Saturday at the control commission, or for pick-up on Sunday in the drop off area (the East Bay Mud Watershed
Parking Lot, 500 Old San Pablo Dam Road, Orinda). You will be directed into this parking lot to pick up your permit
before you proceed the mile down the road to the boat launch area.

If you do not purchase a permit to park, you will be directed to the overflow lot at the north end of the lake ($10
parking) and then shuttled back to the boats by buses. The buses will run continuous loops from 6am to 6pm. Please
allow time for parking.

There are three types of permits available for purchase:

  1. Tow Rigs - covers parking and boat inspections for all boats on the trailer
  2. Car Topper - covers parking and boat inspections for all boats on the car
  3. Car Parking - parking in lot near regatta; limited availibility