The Grand Regatta (State Games of Michigan)

  • Jun 21, 2014
  • sprint
  • Grand River
  • Grand Rapids, MI (USA)
  • Hosted By: Grand Rapids Rowing Club
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

The regatta will be hosted at Riverside Park.

Please see the "Directions and Parking" tab for more detail as far as getting to the park. In general: Approach the park via 3 Mile Rd., since much of Monroe Avenue is closed at the south half of the park.

Athletes, spectators, and volunteers: Turn right to go to the double-drive "Ballfields" parking area, or the next "Boat Launch #3" entrance for parking. Please do NOT go to the left... only shell & team trailers can park there! We will have a limited number of golf cart shuttles available, but it is a ~1 mile walk from the parking areas to get to the regatta. We suggest bringing a bike! Once parked, go towards the river and head south (left), crossing the footbridge. Keep walking... you'll get there. HANDICAP PERMITTED VEHICLES, follow the instructions for shell & team trailers.

Shell & team trailers (& coaches): Turn left from 3 Mile Rd. and proceed to the furthest south accessible entrance, near Guild Street. There is a high likelihood that you will have to enter the park via a temporary driveway, as the Guild St. traffic circle may be closed (we are working closely with the City to open the traffic circle for traffic on Saturday, but they will most likely still be paving on Friday). Upon entering the park, proceed towards the river where the road will split at another small traffic circle. Please leave the parking spaces alone for handicapped access (there is more parking ahead).

Trailers turn left. Coaches and any vehicles not towing trailers turn right. We are not requiring parking passes for this regatta, on your honor. Please be honest and send your athletes & spectators to the northerly areas of the park. A little walk is OK.  Please leave the parking.

Trailers: Pass the gate, you are about 100m down from the course start at this point. The docks are at roughly the 500m mark, and the finish is ahead of you. Park shell trailers to the LEFT and lay shells down on the grass. We have 24 clubs taking part in this regatta so please be sensitive to space needs! Park team trailers and set up team tents to the RIGHT, along the river.