Head of the Martindale

  • Hosted By: Ridley Graduate Boat Club

The object of the race is that the sculler attempts to improve on his starting position each year, until the sculler is at the head of the race, or the first starter of a particular event.  2 lap entries will start in the overall finishing order of the previous year, with new entries being seeded by the Regatta Committee. 

The race is held in 2 sections, with the Veteran Men & Women and High School Women (one lap only) satarting at 10:10 am and the other events starting at 11:00 am.  Scullers may enter only one of the 4 events and must show their age/birthdate if entered in the Veteran event.  Awards will be made to the top 3 finishers of each event, with a separate award for the fastest sculler overall.  3 entries must be received to frn an event.


Lightweight - Max weight 163lbs for Ltwt Men and 133lbs for Ltwt Women. All competitors in the Lightweight race must weigh-in between 8:15 and 9:30am on Regatta Day at the back of the Ridley Bay, on Henley Island.  Lightweights not making weight will be allowed to row in the Open events, for which tyre qualify.


Registration - Every entry must register and sign in for their designated bow marker and shirt number, at the Registration Desk in the Ridley Bay, on Henley Island.  Registration is open Saturday, from 8:30 am to 9:50 am.  No substitutions will be accepted for entries made ahead of closing date.  Post entries will be accepted but with a $30.00 entry fee - if space is available.  Entries paying AT registration also must pay the $30.00 late fee.



OPEN -  Men & Women

Lightweight - Men & Women, Max weight of 163lbs or 133 lbs.

High School - All High School Scullers must be full time students, attending a High School or Secondary School.  (HS Women - 1 lap only)

Veteran - All Veteran Scullers must be 30 years of age or over (FISA age).  Scullers over 30 who are planning to compete in Senior events during the coming year myust enter one of the other events for which they qualify.  Veterans will receive a handical for each year over 30.  Veterans race 1 lap only.  Starting order is based on finish TIMES from last year (and not on finish order), with new entries following the 2012 finishers.