ROWONTARIO Masters Championships

  • Hosted By: Row Ontario

For Directions to the WIFC Course, please click on this Google Link


 Please read the below information carefully and refer to the map linked above:


1. The venue will be open for parking starting at 3pm Eastern Time on Saturday July 13.  Clubs not attending the CORA regatta being held on the WIFC South course on July 12, are encouraged to arrive as early as possible on Saturday afternoon to unload trailers, and minimizing the possible "trailer log jam" as clubs attending the CORA regatta transfer equipment from South Course to the North Course late Saturday afternoon and evening.  Parking attendants will be on duty to direct trailers starting at 3pm.  (The race course will be open for training from 3pm to 6pm.)

2. Trailers not arriving until Sunday morning MUST BE CLEAR of the boat launch area by 7:45am Sunday morning.

3.  All truck/trailers must enter from Prince Charles Drive onto Shaw Street per the map.  Trucks will be given parking passes if they wish to unhitch from their trailer and park in the lot. ONLY CLUB TRUCKS will be permitted to enter via Shaw Street. Boats are to be racked on the designated racks located directly across from the boat launch area.  Clubs may also choose to place boats on stretchers in the grass area north of the boat launch area.  However, all crews must check in at the control commission and launch from the boat launch are.  With changes to the venue, there will be no wet launching at this year's regatta.

4. Vehicles being used to car-top singles/pairs/doubles must enter the venue from Townline Tunnel Road per the map. These vehicles will be given passes to park in the designated area of the parking lot for car-topper vehicles. Car-topped shells are to be racked on the designated racks as marked on the map (along walking trail between parking lot and Shaw Street.)

5. Parking will be charged on July 13 -  $5.00 per car. Trucks and car-top vehicles that have been issued passes (per above) will not be assessed the parking fee.  All other attendees including spectators, coaches and athletes will be required to park in the parking lot, entering from Townline Tunnel Road, and pay the parking lot fee.

Parking Area 1

Parking Area 2

Full Menu Map

Boat Launch Map