John Hunter Regatta

  • Hosted By: Georgia Tech Rowing Club, St. Andrew Rowing Club
  • 2016 Registered Regatta


Bus Parking

On Friday, April 6th buses may pull into the main parking area, drive through the parking lot to the stop sign near the river, make a left hand turn, and park diagonally in the (B/C) lot.  It would be helpful if buses not stay in the marina parking lot for long durations.  Fewer buses in the lot will greatly improve parking for everyone. 


Buses will not be allowed in the lot on Saturday and passengers should be dropped off at the second driveway for the main marina lot.  Large vans and buses are asked to park away from the venue. Drivers should enter the venue from the Emory Valley Road side of venue and drop their passengers at the second entrance to the marina. If several buses arrive at the same time, volunteers may ask your driver to pull further down the road before disembarking.  Buses and large vans are asked to park their vehicles off site in the designated lots or return to the hotel until passenger pickup is required.


Boat Storage

Trailers can be parked in the area in the immediate vicinity of the launching docks. ( Trailer pulling vehicles must park in the parking area to the North of the boathouse or along Melton Hill Drive.  Boat trees will not be available and storage of boats is at your own risk.  The LOC cannot be responsible for improper storage.

Public Parking

Parking in the spaces serving the New China Palace restaurant and the boathouse are limited to volunteer workers and restaurant patrons.  There is ample parking on the both sides of Melton Drive.  Note that there are marked areas at the turn into the boathouse area.


Therefore, access to parking directly in front of the New China Palace restaurant (A) will be restricted to patrons of the restaurant at all times. As you are looking at the front of the boathouse, North side, the restaurant and restaurant parking are on your left. Also, four parking positions directly in front of each of the houseboat docks (E) on the peninsula must remain available for the houseboat residents.


Traffic along Melton Hill Drive from the intersection of Emory Valley Road all the way to Warehouse Road near the Oak Ridge Turnpike will be restricted to regatta participants, spectators, and local home owners.  Traffic will move in both directions, but slowed to15 mph for pedestrian's safety. Vehicles will be allowed to park along the roadside from 100 ft off of Emory Valley Road to 100 ft away from the railroad track near Warehouse Road.  The City will ticket and tow vehicles that are parked within 100ft of any intersection. 


Volunteer Parking

All John Hunter Regatta organizing committee, volunteers, vendors, crew trucks, security personnel, etc. must have a parking pass to park in the main marina lot on Saturday.  Passes will be checked and unauthorized vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense.  Entrance to the parking lot will only be allowed through the main driveway next to the restaurant sign.  The second driveway near the marina park will be blocked off until just after the final event.