Head of the Hudson

  • Sep 30, 2006
  • head
  • Albany, NY (USA)
  • Hosted By: O.A.R.S., Inc. dba Albany Rowing Center
  • 2016 Registered Regatta


Rules and Traffic Pattern

The Head of the Hudson Regatta is a USRA sanctioned event and will be conducted in accordance with the 2006 USRA Rules of Racing.

Competitor's Meeting: An abbreviated coaches and coxswains meeting will be held at 7:00 AM on the day of the race.  Course information, rules and last minute schedule changes will be discussed. Please make sure that the appropriate rowers/representatives from your club are present (coxswains, single scullers, and bow seats of doubles and quads).

Bow Balls and Heel Ties: Please do not approach the dock without first checking your boat to ensure that it has a bow ball and heel ties. These important safety rules will be strictly enforced, and there will not be time for you to make repairs on the dock.

Launching Procedures: Each crew must launch 45 minutes before the start of their event.  If your crew needs extra time to get to the start please talk to the dockmaster about launching early. The dock master will direct you to an open spot on the dock.  There is a sharp turn on the dock - to clear the turn without going swimming, rowers should bunch at the ends of boat.  Go down the ramp stern first and swing to the right. 

Traffic Pattern:  There are no longer any crossings of the course.  Travel north up the river along the west bank (Albany side), keeping the buoys marking the race course to your starboard.  The warm-up area has clockwise circulation pattern.  Do not go north of the second white wall on the east side of the river - the officials will not be able to see you or provide safety support.  Crews should be lined up in bow number order at least 5 minutes before your event is scheduled to begin; officials at the start line will direct you when to enter the starting chute.  The start and finish lines are marked by large buoys on both sides of the course; the remainder of the course is marked by a single line of buoys.  The finish line is slightly before the railroad bridge - ALL CREWS MUST CONTINUE ROWING THROUGH THE RAILROAD BRIDGE AND CONTINUE SOUTH FOR APPROXIMATELY 250 METERS UNTIL YOU PASS THE FINAL BUOY.  STOPPING SHORT OF THE FINAL BUOY CREATES A SERIOUS COLLISION HAZARD.  Once you clear the final buoy, turn to Starboard and return to the dock along the Albany shore. The on-water Docking Marshall and the Dockmaster will direct you when and where to land.

PLEASE NOTE: any crew arriving at the start after the last boat in their event has started, but before such boat crosses the finish line, will be timed at the discretion of the officials. Any crew arriving at the start after the last boat in their event has crossed the finish line will not be timed.

Rules During the Race: Crews may be passed on either side. Crews being overtaken must not impede the overtaking crew. Passing crews must stay well clear of the shell being overtaken and must maintain their lane until they are at least two boat lengths ahead. Overtaking crews are encouraged to communicate to the boat they are passing which direction they would like the slower crew to move. Failure to yield right-of-way may result in a 60-second penalty.

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