NYS Section 2 Fall Modified Rowing Championships

  • Hosted By: Saratoga Rowing Association, Inc./ Saratoga Springs High School



  New York State Section 2 Modified Rowing League

Agreed to March 27, 2014

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General understandings:


1.  Section 2 Modified Sculling is a member driven league whose decisions are binding on all who participate in or host the Championship (Fall and Spring) races that it sponsors.


Rules and expectations related to racing:


(Though most of the following rules are specifically binding on the racing at the championships, it is understood that individual teams are free to conduct their practices and dual races in any manner they see fit)


1.   The distance for the championship races will be 1000m (spring) and a minimum of 2500m (fall).


2.  The course for each spring championship will be at least 5 lanes wide.


3.   Each team hosting races will make available to all participating teams maps of the courses they will use for that season, which include full traffic patterns and land marks, by Sept 1 for the fall, and April 1 for the spring. Teams will refresh, re-establish all physical land marks (start/finish lines). LOC will provide the league a Race safety Plan (including traffic patterns) 30 days prior to the race.


4.  Modified rowers will be divided into events by grade (7th/8th grade) and by gender.   Event priorities will be: 1st coxed quad, 2nd coxed quad, 3rd coxed quad, 4th coxed quad. Efficiency Trophies by gender will be awarded based on a league approved formula based on Coxed Quads only.


5.   Doubles and singles will be raced as exhibition based on events by grade (7th/8th grade) and by gender. Medals will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishes in each category.


6.  Regarding novices:  No novice events will be rowed at the Champs. Novices will be defined as those rowers (not coxswains) who are in their first season of rowing (summers included).   *Coaches who have novices in their Coxed Quads have the option of rowing them down a level at the champs. Crews with one novice rower may row down one level (Say from 1st to 2nd), those with two novices may row down two levels (say from 2nd to 4th).  Coxed Quads with three novices may row down three levels (say from 1st to 3rd), and crews made up completely of novice rowers may row down four levels. Special situations should be announced via email to the league prior to race day and repeated at the coaches meeting prior to the start of the regatta.  


*Alternate understanding:   Teams, who because of their small number of rowers are forced to row novices in their first Coxed Quad, may opt to row their crew down to lower levels of competition.  They may row down one event (from 1st to 2nd) for one novice in the boat, two levels (from 1st to 3rd) for two novices in the boat, etc.  This rule does not apply to lower boats (non-first boats) or to teams that have multiple boats and are choosing to row novices in their upper boats (either to because they are strong, or because they hope to row down for an advantage).






  New York State Section 2 Modified Rowing League

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7.  Re-rows:  Re-rowing in Coxed Quads at the champs is only permitted in the following situations:


  1. Coaches may re-row up to three rowers in order to give 1-3 rowers not boated a chance to race.The re-rowed athletes should come from the first full boat above the re-rowed crew.I.e. if a crew has 5 7th grade girls Coxed Quads with 2 girls left over, two of the athletes from the 5th boat would be permitted to re-row with the two remaining girls in order to form 6th boat. Such re-rowing should be announced via email to the league prior to race day and repeated at the coaches meeting prior to the start of the regatta.

  2. Coxswains may re-row as much as is needed and may re-row as rowers once.

  3. Rowers may also re-row as coxswains as often as needed.


    8.  Understanding regarding LOCs


  4. The LOC runs the championships on behalf of the League; they are to comply with all of the rules of the League.

  5. While the LOC may use the event to earn income from the sale of T-shirts and other food, they are not to earn any income off of the entry fees.Fees are to cover operating costs of:Porta john rentals, dumpster dumps, the league picnic, and awards.

  6. Race fees are set at $15 per athlete for each Championship (fall/spring)

  7. Medals (separate for fall and spring) are to be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each event regardless of entries.LOC should use the agreed upon design medal, indicating place with blue, red, and white lanyards and placing labels on the back of each medal indicating the event, place, and date (e.g. “2nd 7th Grade Girls 4x+, 3rd place, spring 2010). In regard to Singles and Doubles medals will be awards as above.

  8. League expectations for the LOC 1) Obtain all necessary permits/permissions for race2) Submit Safety Plan 30 days prior to race and when approved by teams followed by all participants.


.  Please email the regatta/event host with any related questions