Lift Bridge Regatta

  • Hosted By: Fairport Crew Club Inc.
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

RULES:  other info follows

The Lift Bridge Regatta is rowed over a 5400meter course beginning at the guard gate east of the Interstate 490 bridge andfinishing in the Village of Fairport, just west of the historic LiftBridge.There will be a no passing zoneunder the route 31F bridge, directly east of the Fairport Crew Club boathouse.  Novice events will start at the power lines part way through the normal course.  The finish line will be the same for all events.

Launch Site:
Boats are to launch fromthe docks at the FCC Boathouse. Priority will be given to boats launching foran event. All boats should launch no later than 45 minutes prior to the startof their event. A Dockmaster will be present to expedite boat traffic. ALWAYSlaunch and dock with the bow pointed away from the village(upstream). There is a 60 second limit for time on the dock,  the dockmaster can and will impose penalties for excessive time on the dock. Proceed upstream to the Start , keeping the orange buoys that mark the racecourse toyour port side, and enter the right guard gate, marked with a yellow arrow.After passing through the gate, boats should proceed to the end of the flightand turn towards the start, staying in the proper bow number order.Proceed to the start when told to do so bythe race officals.

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Itis your responsibility to make sure that you do not interfere with any boatsracing upstream. Interfering with any boat racing down the course will resultin a major 30 second penalty.

Orange buoys mark the course. Keep the orangebuoys to port at all times, both going up the canal to the Start and on the course. Green buoys mark hazards. Do not try to put your oars over a green buoyas it might have drifted and you could hit the hazard it is marking. Do not attempt to go between a green buoy and the shore, even on your way up to the starting line!!!! The wide area commonly know as the oxbow area will have a large buoy marking the course.DO NOT cut this buoy, 10 second penalty.

Each entrant is responsiblefor arriving at the marshalling area ten minutes prior to the start of theirevent. Boats will be started in order by bow number at approximately 10 second intervals (~15-20 second for Novice). Late-arriving boats may lose their starting position or be excludedfrom the race at the discretion of the Starter. Boats must pass through thestarting buoys to be officially recognized.

Todo your warm-ups, move past the orange buoys marking the marshalling area atthe Start. Make sure you do not continue upstream out of earshot of themarshals.

No Passing Zone:
Participants will not be allowed to pass or attempt to overtake another boat while under the Route 31F Bridge.You must yield into a single file line inthis zone with the boat in the lead position having priority in the queue.Violation of this rule will constitute amajor (30 second) violation.

Participants not passing between the two finishing buoys with bow marker intact are subject to exclusion from the race. Once beyond the finish line, boats MUST continue rowing to theParker Street bridge before turning. This is so you do not block the other crews as they cross the line. Impeding boats that are still racing constitutesa major (30 second) violation.

To return to the docks move to the north side of the canal dock carefully withsafety in mind and LISTEN for the Dockmaster's instructions. Interference at this point could result in a 30 second penalty. You may be held, prior to the finish so not to interfere with racing boats.Once again, proceed to the dock with orange buoys on your portside.Pay extra caution as you row under the Route 31F bridge.There will be no hot seating of boats.Therace will not be held to accommodate hot seating of rowers.


Lightweight:  Girls 135#, Boys 165#

No weight-in -- stick to the honor rule.

Competitors must register by Thursday, September 20th.  If you do not register during the designated registration times, you will not be allowed to race. Any rare exceptions, are at the discretion of the Local Organizing Committee, confirmed by the USRA Chief Referee.

Bowmarkers must be picked up at the Registration desk (one per boat perrace). All boats launching must have their bowmarkers secured. Bowmarkers will be collected at the launch site.

All boats must have a bow clip to which a bowmarker can be secured. Bowclips will be available at the Registration desk for a nominal charge.

All shells MUST be equipped with a bowball.

All boats MUST have heel straps securely in place at launch time per USRA rules.

Penalties & Protests:

  1. Any boat being overtaken mustgrant the right-of-way to the upcoming boat. An overtaken boat shouldbegin to yield NO LATER THAN the point at which the overtaking crew iswithin one boat length of their stern.
  2. Boats must proceed upstream within the restraints of course buoys.
  3. Boatsnot observing course rules and/or impeding other crews shall bepenalized at the discretion of Regatta officials.

Minor Violations: 10 second penalty (e.g., cutting a buoy)

Major Violations: 30 second penalty (e.g., not granting right of way)

  1. Protestsmust be reported to the Dockmaster immediately upon docking and thensubmitted in writing to a USRA official at the Lift Bridge Regattaheadquarters containing a concise statement describing the facts thatunderlie the protest (including a visual description of the incident inquestion, bow numbers of protesting and protested crews, and names ofwitnesses, if any) and the relief that the crew seeks. The protest willinclude the individual signature of a protesting crew member (usuallythe cox on a sweep boat) and will be accompanied by a check for $25made out to the Fairport Crew Club or $25 in cash. The written protestwill be submitted to a USRA official at the regatta not more thanthirty minutes after finishing that event.


There will be a Food Vendor at the race.  Anyone who wishes may bring money to purchase food from the vendor.

We request that ALL spectators park their cars in Perinton Park which is located on the North Side of Fairport Rd.  When heading East on Fairport Rd, make a left on O'Conner Road immediately before heading up the hill and crossing the Erie Canal.

Restrooms are available in Perinton Park and in the boathouse.   We ask that all spectators use the Perinton Park restrooms and reserve the boathouse restrooms for athletes.

The events and their order during race day:

1A     Open Mens 1x
1B     Masters Mens 1x

1C     Open Womens 1x
1D     Masters Womens 1x

2       Girls Varsity 8+

3       Boys Varsity 4+

4A     Mens Rec 1x
4B     Womens Rec 1x

5       Girls Novice 8+

6A     Open Mens 2x
6B     Masters Mens 2x

7       Boys Novice 8+

8A     Open Womens 2x
8B     Masters Womens 2x

9       Girls Varsity 4+

10     Mixed 2x

11     Boys Varsity 8+

Entry Fees:

Single (1x):  $25

Double (2x):  $30

Four w/ Cox (4+):  $40

Eight w/ Cox (8+):  $60