Schuylkill Navy Run

  • Hosted By: Schuylkill Navy of Philadelphia

New Start Route

The City of Philadelphia Managing Director's office has been pushing us for the past 3 years about rerouting the race course to avoid crossing Girard Avenue. In the interest of safety of all our runners, we've agreed to run outbound on Kelly Drive and then right and up Brewery Hill Road. That will put us on the up-river side of the Girard Avenue bridge and avoid a crossing. The remainder of the race course remains unchanged.

It's the biggest change to the course in many years, but not without precedent. Up until about 10 years ago, we ran around Belmont Mansion until a fence prevented it, so now we run to the top of the hill. Fred Duling has competed every year for 54 years and remembers going down a small ravine and back up the other side, near the gate at the Japanese House. So, the course has not gone unchanged in its 117 years.