Open Ocean Regatta

  • Hosted By: Open Water Rowing Center


Race Day Details

Sunday, April 19, 2015

(Times are prelinimary.  Updates will be posted by February 1.)

Skippers Meeting -- 7:45 am

There will be a brief mandatory meeting of all participants at 7:45 am in front of OWRC.

Pt. Diablo          Course #1:         Start time 9:00 am

Strawberry        Course #2:         Start time 9:10 am

Downtown          Course #3:         Start time 9:20 am



You will be directed to the boat unloading area as you drive up to the marina entrance.  As soon as you have unloaded your shell (bring slings if you have them), you’ll be directed to a parking space.  Please allow plenty of time to drop off your boat, park off-site and check in.

Boat Numbers

Your number should be taped directly onto your boat’s hull (NOT THE DECK) with a dark colored vinyl tape.  Put the number on both sides of the bow as far forward as possible.  The numerals should be approximately 4” high, ½” wide and easy to read.

Rower Check-in

All Rowers must check-in with the Dockmaster at the time you launch.


Personal Floatation Device --  Every race participant must carry a Personal Floatation Device (PFD) .


OWRC has a 50’ dock for launching and plenty of volunteers to assist carrying shells to the dock. Since there will be quite a few boats launching, please do not carry your boat down to the dock unless your oars are already on the dock and you are ready to launch.  Leave your shells on slings until then. Long course racers will launch first.  Please follow the Dockmaster’s instructions. 

Traditional boats can launch from the beach or public boat ramps.  Contact OWRC  for more information.


After the race

Volunteers will help you carry your shell to your car or the boathouse.  If time and space allow, we’ll give your shell a quick wash down before you load it on your car or rack, if you wish.  The BBQ lunch will be held on the boardwalk in front of OWRC, starting at about 11:00.


OWRC will be open at 6:30 am on race morning.  We will start to launch shells about 8:00 am.  The start line is just over a mile from OWRC dock and it takes from 15 to 25 minutes to cover that distance.  Know your speed and plan to launch early enough so that you will be at the start 10 minutes early.


We will not hold the race for latecomers.

Any questions? Call 415 332-1091 or email us at [email protected]

If conditions are unsafe the courses will be modified.


WARNING: Between Strawberry Point and the buoy off Spinnaker, watch for floating hazards and traffic.   When returning to the OWRC dock, please stay outside of the channel (on Belevedere side of channel markers) to avoid outbound traffic.


See our website,, for compass headings for the courses.Content is not yet available for this section.  Please contact  the regatta/event host with any related questions.  Email:  [email protected]