Head of the Genesee

  • Hosted By Rochester Community inclusive Rowing
  • 2016 Registered Regatta

We will be racing on the river Sunday October 4th.

This is Tim Giarrusso, regatta director, head of the Genesee. I am contacting all college coaches to inform that we will on Saturday October 3rd. We will be racing on the Erie Canal east of Winton Road to the river. due to high river flow. We are executing our contingency plan below...

CC mtg 825
Plan of events...all times estimated

M1x, W2x, W1x 

launch 850, race 940

Men's 8 women's 8 wave launch bow number order
Launch 1035, race 1125, women follow men

Men's women's 4s wave launch
Launch 1224 race 114pm

Novi 8s wave launch
Launch 217 race 307

All boats race and land before next wave launches
 Please plan on being here as scheduled. We will deliver a safe rowing venue for you questions call 585-465-2634 thank you


URGENT INFO ---- for crews, families and those wonderful people that FEED ROWERS.

1) This year on OCtober 3rd Saturday the McQuaid Cross COuntry Invitational is being held across from the regatta venue - PARKING will be a challenge and other than college crews and limited regatta STAFF parking, volunteers should plan on being dropped off and walking into the venue.

2) On Sunday, we always see parents of local crews creating a mini traffic jam by turning into the venue entrance -- PLEASE leave early and drop your rowers off and let them walk in from the bus loop - DO NOT try and drive into the back parking lots.

3) Crews will be allowed to set up tents for food ON HTE INFIELD area of the baseball diamond.  THe outfield is for trailers ONLY. NO TENTS in the trailer area.

4) Access to drop off food will be part way into the parking lot where you will LOOP DOWN to the infield back stop near home plate and then your vehicle must move off site --- especially on Sunday as we have more crews on Sunday than Saturday -

Thank you ---



Hotel Options for visiting crews include:

Please reference the Head of the Genesee Rochester River Romance and Monroe County Sports Commission when negotiating rates!


Head of the Genesee Hotel Proposals 2015

Holiday Inn Rochester Plaza Hotel - $89

Hyatt Regency Rochester - $115 for 20 rooms

Radisson Rochester Riverside - $129

Delmonte Hotels - $144, might have 30 rooms available